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  1. I used S04 when I brewed my Family Secret Amber, and it's an excellent brew. It was bottled back in early December. Had a couple of glasses last night and love it...one of the best brews I've done. Very simple, kit + light LME, Medium Crystal, Brown Sugar and hopped with Centennial and Amarillo. Very tasty!
  2. Its actually a very tasty drop! I brewed pretty much the exact same recipe that you have Phoenix back in October. Only difference being, I used 750g of Lactose...and it was still a little sour or tart to taste. Made mine from home grown lemons, which have plenty of punch! We over came the sourness by adding a tiny dash of lemon cordial to each glass...to sweeten it a fraction more. It's really very refreshing with heaps of ice, on a hot day! We loved it. The next crop of lemons are just starting to ripen now...will definitely be doing another batch soon!
  3. Nice one You poor buggers in Adelaide certainly have copped it of late! Here in Port Lincoln it's a blistering 27 today
  4. I would still give it time yet. You said it tasted okay. To me I would just wait. Very easy when starting out to over think things! Also, the least amount of times you take the lid off the better - less chance of infection. Do your readings from a sample via the tap. Not sure what mine looked like during fermentation...once the yeast is pitched, I don't take the lid off my brews until bottling...well, maybe for a dry hop, obviously! As for temp, what temp is it sitting at? Place it in the coolest room, and maybe wrap in wet towels, or sit in water. You won't look back with a temp controller and fridge! Had a look at my brew notes and my Final Gravity was 1.018, bottled mid September. The last bottle i tried it had changed again, definitely sweeter after this many months. Maybe some of the more experienced guys will help out with their knowledge. Put your mind at ease
  5. Hi Cosmo I have also brewed the Red Rattler, but will have to get back to you tomorrow when I can look up my brew notes. I also remember using the full 500g of grain as suggested in the recipe. (Definitely gave a sweeter finish.) From my experience I do believe that using a larger quantity of grain can affect the final gravity reading. I wouldn't worry too much. Only been a week, you can leave it for another week yet for the yeast to clean itself up. Are you using temp control when fermenting? You mentioned the summer heat. I brewed mine back in the cooler months, though now I have a temperature controlled fridge. Around the 18 degree mark is ideal. Certainly a challenge to try and keep the temp down this time of year! Cheers for now.
  6. Hey Farls...I'm currently drinking a batch of Family Secret Amber Ale I bottled 8 weeks ago. It's really just starting to hit it's straps! Very tasty. I used 1.5kg Light LME, Steeped 200g Medium crystal grain, 25gCentennial and 25g Amarillo Hops @5mins, Dry hopped 15g Centennial, S04 yeast (would have preferred US05, but being in the country I can't always get t locally). Really enjoying it...will definitely brew again! Cheers.
  7. Hey Morrie...he used it in a Sour American Pale Ale (AG brew). Aged with Brettanomyces for 6months, then dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria Hops for a few days before bottling. That's all I know at this stage. Cheers!
  8. Pretty sure it was Mandarina hops my nephew used in a brew recently. Can't remember exactly what style of beer it was in, maybe a Flemish Red...tried a number of different brews of his that day! But I remember liking the distinct mandarin/tangarine flavour. Have just messaged him, could by a while though, he's currently at sea...prawn boat skipper.
  9. The difference with #30 Milk Stout Booster is that it's actually 1.25kg So something doesn't quite add up there Maybe the extra 250g is Dextrose??
  10. I'm about to use one now that is not on your list: #30 - Milk Stout Booster (1.25kg) Says it is the same as #25 Stout Booster, but with added Lactose, for a sweeter stout. Trying it in a Chocolate Stout. Thought before it would be handy to know the ingredient percentages for adding to the spreadsheet. Cheers!
  11. I've brewed this recipe twice now, and both times have just sprinkled the kit yeast dry on top, as per the recipe. Haven't had a problem.
  12. I've done a few of the Craft Recipes now, with mostly good results. l prefer amber and darker beers, so "Rockets Red Glare" is probably my favourite Craft Recipe so far. Have also done the "Oval Office Honey Amber", it's not too bad, definitely benefits from being left longer before drinking. Had good success also with the "Pumpkin Rising" recipe. Understand that it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it. Obviously we all have different tastes, but these are my findings so far. Mind you, i'm currently drinking the full size ale recipe, "Red Rattler Ale".....it's great! "Rockets Red Glare" pales in comparison to this. Although it is a little more involved to brew. Cheers Andy
  13. Hi Jeff Firstly, welcome to the world of home brewing! I'm fairly new to this myself, but will try and help out. It does tend to clear out a fair bit by just settling in the bottles. But, if you have access to a fridge with enough room for the fermenter, maybe a second fridge tucked away in the shed, it does help a lot to cold crash it for best part of a week to really clear things up! Getting the temp down, even just for a few days can really help. I'm sure some of the more experienced guys will add their knowledge and help you out too! Cheers Andy
  14. Opened my first bottle of "scaled down Cascarillo Amber Ale" last night. Still green, only been two weeks, but I have little or no patience when it comes to trying new brews! Really like this one. Only deviation from the recipe was a dry hop addition of an extra 10g Amarillo. Gee, these two hops work well together. Such a hit of citrus and melon. I do like Amber Ale's, but this is so different...in a good way. It's like someone has squeezed a melon into your beer. Only been brewing since early this year and my eyes are just starting to open to what hops can bring to a brew!!
  15. Brilliant! Welcome Jonah. What a special and amazing time. Congrats to you both.
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