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  1. Back on the WC Trail with a very late Brunchy thing w my own Basic Bacon and then also a Greek-ish salad : )
  2. Haha I cannot remember - the original post was from about a year ago and I could find the photo in my files...... Whoops also found the Answer back in the ancient files... Both nice beers : ) Cheers Brewers!
  3. And the brew of the PMB Visual Beer Challenge
  4. Did the Mowing so thought I deserved a POPPA Plain Old Pezzza Pale Ale: Glass could be a bit cleaner my apologies... but Wey Carapils very much helping with the creamy top and texture : ) A cleaner glass and some condensation to assist hiding the any dirty glass impacts for viewers
  5. Nice looking brew @Classic Brewing Co CBC Chief Brewer : ) I beg to differ on the Bottle Carb vs Keg force Carb with CO2.... that kegging produces results bottles cannot replicate. I think the final product regarding creamy top it is much more related to what is in solution in the Bottle or the Keg that makes the difference, rather than how the Bubbles got in there. And same goes with Fast Carb or Slow Carb under pressure from Gas Cylinder... again... what matters is the relevant Gas pressure in solution -- not how fast it got in there. I guess there may be cases where the beer has less of the creamy-mouthfeel-head-head retention proteins in solution - that may be bolstered by a higher pressure of CO2 than what the bottle delivers maybe? But check out the below - they were both via Bottles off AG Worts.... as I went AG via Coopers Largies to begin with and only keggged later on... Theres a couple of @beach_life Big Red Rye (blast from the past Beachcomber ) fellas there that came down to the Deep South via little brown plazzi Bottles and were bottle carbed... not a bad head result... (and a very taschty creamy textured beer as well btw thank you @beach_life Comber) But hey @Classic Brewing Co if you and many others including myself are happy with the kegging result and are enjoying it then that is a beautiful thing! : ) I just still would like to note that Brewers can make great beer in Bottles with great creamy top, head retention and creamy mouthfeel without having a kegging set-up
  6. Cheers @iBooz2 Boozer mate yeah I have used the Wheat malted grain in earlier times with all sorts of Brews... with great results. And bizarrely with the latest Wheaten Ale... perfectly clear... And would strongly recommend new Brewers ro try using their normal Coopers Kit and then add a an of Coops Wheat malt as well as to whatever they are doing : )
  7. The Wheaten Ale... defying all logic... this Wheat-heavy Ale 35% Voyager Winter Wheat (significant amount of Munich Malt as well hence the Amber) is now quite clear despite my lack of effort on the clarification front... though it did sit in the Fermenter in the Larder at high teens low 20s for quite a long time as I was away over Christmas so maybe that helped? But here... no festive Whirlfloc or anything thereafter and no cold crash whatsoever... kegged from ambient... Brewing is a complex game and at times may seem to defy all logic I guess hey...
  8. Ah that is all very good advice SOS @Shamus O'Sean yes mate very sensible indeed... Just a bit of dislodgement jiggling to shed stuff off the Coopers Plazzi FV Ledge... yep - nice. Thanks mate
  9. Thanks @Aussiekraut beautiful. Yes mate I think I need to do the whole kit and caboodle... get back to throwing in some lovely aussie Whirlfloc... and then cold crashing properly... and then time in Keg yep. One thing that does distress me is the yeast coming off that little ledge over the tap on the Coopers Plazzi FVs... which then sees the yeast go into the Keg... even after excellent clarification via extended cold-crashing. So am wondering whether keg-finings would be a better option... only thing I guess of doing it all in the FV is that the polypipe would stay in the sludge on the bottom of the FV and not be in the keg which would I think be preferable for me...
  10. That is fair enough @iBooz2 Boozer yep... But from history I have got away with around 10% of wheat (AG) or even 20% in Larger Pilly type beers in the past and then with reasonable cold crash, some fishguts finings and a good Lagering period... had a lovely result even with the wheat involved. These days with a Bag of Wey Carapils on hand - have had good results with that too without any Wheat involved... though with zero Whirlfloc, less focus on CC with timing issues and less lagering... have had cloudy beer issues even without the Wheat... The joys and complexities of brewing ; ) @Tone boy Toner I would tend to agree with festive Boozer that cranking up the level of magnificent Wey Carapils should tend to assist with head-head retention-creamy mouthfeel too : ) And I do agree with @iBooz2 Boozer and @kmar92 KMar that if chasing a Larger-Pilly style then having a nice crystal clear beer is something very nice... and shock-horror one day I may even have to try the dreaded poly-pipe @Otto Von Blotto and @Aussiekraut seem to get good results from on the quest for clear beer Cheers all, good brewing and aveagoodweegend ; )
  11. Same again - but as well as - not instead of - as well as - add a tin of Coopers liquid Wheat Malt Extract maybe? @Tone boy Reckon that will add ooomph re head, heat retention and cream mouthfeel.... maybe...
  12. It'll be to do wi di Leprachauns dat are brewin it to be sure to be sure @stquinto my Boy
  13. You've made me think a little further about this @stquinto Sainter... Now I haven't done a Stouty boy in a little while... other nitros but not the pure black... anyway... here is one from some time ago... and the head there is not so white either.... From memory non-pure-white-foam didn't seem, however, to detrimentally affect the pleasurable experience I would like to suggest Might hafta put a Stout back on the list... think in the past that I had been using more Carafaa III and Chocs and less Roasted Barley which might drive a bit more of a Tan type colour? Is the Guinless in County Donegal pretty white-white-white on top then? (Haven't had a Pint o' Guinless in a RubblyDub for a while...)
  14. And a lovely Wheaten Ale with lots of Munich Malt to finish the lovely evening - it is not a Weissbier...
  15. This is Yumm Aussie Brew... But I am with @Red devil 44 Reddler... unless you could buy it at half-price yer much better off brewing yer own.... Great Beer... but way expensive.... (they were desperate times when I bought the carton and still way way cheaper than buying beer in a pub and cool to support a local little Aussie Brewer)
  16. Haha that's funny... before getting back into Brewing I did enjoy that stuff... And it was pretty interesting as there seemed to be different sources... but the Aussie Stuff was way better... Think there was some stuff that was brewing in UK that was really flat and feral... different coloured carton and sometimes on special... And yeah... interesting - not v nice - the Aussie stuff was better...
  17. Cheers @Uhtred Of Beddanburg thanks mate good question! It was more a inventory matter regarding cold keg space... the Keg Freezer with 6 bigs and 2 non-alc smalls was full... and after a spate of successful backfill brews in a row, over the last few months, well production was up -- which was great... But then I had an "overflow" of 2 large kegs that needed somewhere and so they had to go into the Brew Fridge Space... So I put those with less vol into the BF and thankfully order is soon to be restored with some conscientious consumption
  18. With thanks to festive Michael @Mickep for inspiration to get back to the fresh fish Ceviche or Nummus or sorry Mick you will have to remind me what the Thai version is called.... there are many versions... but if one can get hands on fresh not-frozen-and-thawed fish or catch yerself... this is such a tasty thing: And thanks Mick and your wonderful in-house expert Chef for inspiration And phaaarque - quite scary - It goes so well with a lovely HT-Mit Wey Pilly Dubbya Larger ; )
  19. VYL That Very Yummy Larger... But could also be called BFB... Bad Feeling Beer... or even Doom Brew Because the fact that it is sooo good... means that the Keg is about to blow But then also that might be a good thing too as then I can get my brew fridge back : ) Cheers All
  20. Back on the WC track after somewhat of a diversion ; ) Smoked Salmon salad with a dressing utilising those favourite few: Fresh nice sweet raw white Onion - Baby Capers - Gherkins and good qual Mayo Butter Lettuce... Lebanese Cuey... Pecans... Smoked Almonds... some Olives and a handful of Blueberries
  21. Had a few days off the Grogs with the thankful support of my festive Brew Colleagues and concurrently did some fasting.... so this AG Dubbya Pilly tasted pretty good coming back on: Just the routine suspects re malts and hops but lotsa Wey Carapils : )
  22. YUMMMM!!!!! Absolutely beautiful @jennyss JSS nice work!
  23. I suspect that Cornie will be great @stquinto Sainter : ) For mine I used the below dry yeast... Lally London Ale Yeast... but I cannot say whether it reflects the real TOP or not... but was just very happy with the beer outcome and note it does allow a tiny bit of residual sweetness... LalBrew London™ does not utilize the sugar maltotriose (a molecule composed of 3 glucose units).Maltotriose is present in wort in an average 10-15% of all malt worts. The result will be fuller body and residual sweetness in beer. LALBREW LONDON™ LalBrew London™ is a true English ale strain selected for its ability to produce authentic, traditional UK beer styles. Fermentation performance is fast and consistent producing moderate esters and lower attenuation due to an inability to metabolize maltotriose. LalBrew London™ is one of the original Heritage Strains selected from the Lallemand Yeast Culture Collection when Lallemand Brewing was founded in 1992. A more subdued yeast character allows the flavors and aromas of malt and hops to shine through in styles such as Extra Special Bitter Pale Ale, Bitter and Mild.
  24. Blaaardy Byordiful @iBooz2 Boozer! Wow. I would be happy to elect such a thing for a night off limits : )
  25. Yesterday this is all that I had... Coffee with frothed Oat Milk and festive Herbal Tea (well and water )
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