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  1. Bit of a lower carb Brunchy Thing w some Haloumi thrown in ; ) The Baby Spinach wilted greens thing seems to go nicely with ; )
  2. Luvyerwork NB Brew up and Brew On Temp Control is a beautiful thing : ) And also soon... get yourself some Liquid Malt to add to your brews : ) (not just the dry stuff) Cheers mate and all the Best : ) Pezzza Brewing
  3. All the best with that AG Brew @Classic Brewing Co mate and as @Mickep Mick notes hopefully the lifting goes ok - good that the festive neighbour might be there to provide some assistance
  4. Fresh Golden Pilly after approx 30 hours at 40PSI: Bit cloudy... my apologies... hopefully will clear up a bit with time Creamy Carapils influence. Lotsa tiny tiny bubblies. Yum.
  5. Cheers @Mickep Michael it was taschty... sometimes good ingredients and simple combos can turn our rather festive indeed
  6. So besides some cleaning, pretty much done for the early December 2022 Brew Fest: Kegged the earlier Ale, and backfilled with the next Aleo (bit of a darker look with some Rye n late Choc addition chasing red colour suspect will be dark amber but ah well)... reinstated the new Larger in the Brew Fridge (quite a pale fella) and with extra Stellar San and boiling water in action flying around the brewery back-filled () the Ale FV with the fresh Wort on the US05 Yeast Cake... so two new kegs in the Inventory being gassed up at 40 and two new brews in Ferment... cuppla (hopefully) productive Brew Days Yesterday's Larger cranked up within hours on the prior Dubbya yeast cake, and I counted all the cells, and there were: Lots
  7. Meat and Veg ; ) Oops yes and some sauces/condiments
  8. Haha JSS @jennyss nice work : ) BUUUT... haha... Yeah I have grown choko plenty years ago - and now - thankfully no more.... am pretty choko'd out I suspect our Chef @Classic Brewing Co or yourself could magic something out of a choko -- but honestly -- am over 'em... I support gardening wholeheartedly and growing own veg is pure gold and I wish you all the best with that... and enjoy ; ) I guess my advice is - pick small - eat fresh and young/small - that way they will at least be marginally better ; ) There are plenty other veggies for me Good luck with the garden production!
  9. Might be completely wrong @jennyss but nearly looks like a blaaardy Choko to me haha?!! Mmm maybe under attack from a bit of powdery mildew on the coast somewhere in fairly wet humid conditions? @Brauhaus Fritz
  10. I agree with @Brauhaus Fritz BF all the way But I am not that impressed with a bit of a Piney overkill on the IPA and also the St Pauli Bambule where I thought the pine was just way way over the top (read: we wanna make something different to stand out from the crowd)... but hey... it really was all very very good beer.... and besides going to Germany where Beer in refillable bottles is soooo way cheaper... Or even better... making your own... Hey yeah... that is not a bad box of beer ; ) Hmm... except it's empty ; )
  11. I was thinking... By the time all the deliberations and whether shoulda woulda coulda... probs coulda just dunnit and gone and drunk it by the time!?! But time has passed... so maybe just filter it @stquinto Sainter... : ) Through your kidneys.... : )
  12. Good luck with that @Red devil 44 Reddler and I think I have heard good reports about All Inn Prods including the All Inn Red IPA with good results... so should be good hopefully mate... and go the Socceroos ; )
  13. Groundhog Day??? : ) Not quite... as this is an Aleo ; ) Gladdy Ale Malt, some Voyager Heritage Rye, and the ol' fave Wey Cara... not quite sure what Hoppage... see how things develop Doin' the freshly milled Mash... the monschter Mash
  14. Bit of a Pilly of sorts... Wey Pils, Carapils, little bit of Rye for the LOLs... HT Mit... Had to stop milling to recharge the battery that is not that old.... rechargeable batteries... Anyway hopefully get this one one and maybe do an Aley thing tomorrow ; )
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