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  1. They are a good lot - Mirboo North I believe - got to visit years ago when down Traralgon way and Wilson's Prom... might've even been a Friday Arvo happy hour in a little front Bar as I remember thinking it was not real cheap haha - with a good crowd of locals in attendance... back then from memory they were firmly Reinheitsgebot beer people and one of the few... made some beautiful brews. Good to see that they are still going!
  2. Wow Yeah that's the absolute goods ME @Mickep seriously good stuff. Yumbo scrumbo and great with a crisp cold Riesling or Rosé or lovely cleansing ale There are two variants that I know of - one is Nummus which is more Pacific Islands oriented and often has fresh coconut milk in it... and then there is the South American variant known as Ceviche. What would the Thais call their version mate can you ask? They are all marinaded raw fish that sorta pickles/cooks in the marinade. Is in my mind magnificent stuff. Tho am not sure whether I was donated a gut bug from some Sea Urchin Ceviche I had in Chile a few years ago... But with Tassie fresh Salmon or catch-yer-own it's pure gold. There is a Reef Fish called Venus Tuskfish aka Blueys or Parrot that make a beaut version indeed with their bluey veins Here's a few below - from the past ; ) and you can make all sorts of nice combos - the below some had fresh coco, fresh figs, fresh pineapple, coriander... but always some acid - nice vinegars and lime juice and chilli and sugar and fish sauce of course... garlic zing... ginger is good too but sooo expensive... Hmm unless of course you grow your own ginger like Ceptor the Culinary King ; )
  3. Trying to get back on topic you lot with yer High Octane Meisters of all sorts... Trying to keep the carbs down but still have a reasonable feed: All day Brekki with some fresh garden Redleg Beet and then evening a nice Salmon Salad - put in some pickled onion as well which was good.... as well as the usual suspects n some feta... the last nice long green chilli off a mate that was festively tickly but not volcano doom hot... Dogger got the Salmon skin with great happiness... fresh Salmon from Tassie (never been frozen) is the cheapest good qual fish yer can get easily without catching stuff yerself it seems... unless of course I guess you might live near a good fisho or market or coop yeah like some of you lucky Brewers do
  4. Hi @ChristinaS1 and yeah just echo all the above - really valued your input always - hugely - and respect your decision - and yeah getting off Carbs, intermittent fasting, and also if you can do it - one or two days per week - full on fasting - I think is really beneficial - the hormesis effect - dunno if you are still on the site - but I guess from here - all the best and am hoping things go well: )
  5. Haha mate you and US05 @interceptor like @Beerlust Lusty and Magnum Hops.... What has happened to our dear old mate Lusty?
  6. Now now don't be like that @interceptor Ceptor.... for this brew surely now Phil has it in stock lovely Perle would be just fine... ? Myself am not thinking that PoR would fit in with a K... but yeah I guess if we are not brewing a K cos its US05 then maybe making it a bit more interesting PoR might be cool too hey... In general tho am thinking Perle is fine and @Classic Brewing Co Phil will end up with a nice AG beer whatever he does in the Ferment process.... But at the end of the WWGGAAFF just brew on up and something good will result if you are using qual ingredients and good practices ; )
  7. As @Red devil 44 Reddler notes mate @Classic Brewing Co Phil you will get a decent Beer... a nice Ale or pseudo Larger ; ) But probs not a K but WGAFF anyway - nicely mashed boiled brewed fermented and gassed up it will be a beautiful thing
  8. Should be good but honestly @Classic Brewing Co Phil but this should be called something more like an ale or a pseudo lager as there is a mile of difference between Kölsch Yeast output and my good ol' buddy US05... not having a go at anyone here... and love US05 but.... having done a load of what I consider were great beers with US05 and done some Ks recently - the US05 has got Buckley's at delivering the K mild but interesting Ester Profile.... so they really shouldn't be calling it a K... but I guess hey they can call it whatever they like... and come what may you will deliver a nice beer. But if you want a K then I suggest considering Lally K Dry Yeast and going at around 16-17 to begin with.... the Yeasty Bois have a profound influence... and the warmer the gig the more funky things get. As for the Hops which look great - you would have used Hallertau Mit plenty before - and these two guys are noooooooot that much different to HT Mit in the big scheme of things Hop World but hey all the same they are nice hops fer sher. It's funny but I woulda added the Perle at the end as it I sorta think can add a bit of a spicy earthy note... but maybe I am dreaming there too... Should be a great AG Brew 3!
  9. My own Democracy Sausage ; ) Served on Sourdough Multigrain with Sauerkraut and wicked Barbie Sauce
  10. Back on the Falling Brick Lager which is proving to be a refreshing easy drinker with a lovely creamy mouthfeel : )
  11. WOW Yumbo Scrumbo - if that's a dog's breakfast then I'll start howling for some Beautiful Beautiful @jennyss
  12. I want some. Badly. But I neither have the ingredients nor the skill to concoct this delectable creation. So now I am sad. Very sad. Hence I am seeking treatment with Black and White medicine out of the Stouty Boi Keg on Nitro.... I am hoping this will assist my recovery
  13. Mate in all honesty @Classic Brewing Co WGAF about the backdrop..... making own great Coopers KnK or AG with good technique and bottling or keggin whether carbox or nitro... it is all goooooood and am stoked to look forward to your AG2 whether in keg or bottle will be grand!
  14. Yep it's all good... and mate so well done as going AG and going kegging is a tough gig - and thanks to all those who helped me and esp @Red devil 44 Red with kegging... Just maybe @Classic Brewing Co you need a decent fencepost somewhere for your Beer-ography?
  15. I think @Tone boy Toner that if you introduce more Wheat into your extract Brew - say consider the Coopers Stout Kit and then a Can of Coopers Wheat Liquid Malt - and then maybe do an adjunct of some steeped Dark Crystal maybe abdn some Roasted Barley @ChristinaS1 Christina might be able to help with amounts... that the wheat will help with the creaminess which will smooth out the top and the Roasted Barley Steep will help with a bit of colour and roasted barley flavour - not experienced in this sorry - but maybe just a quiet musing that might help in consideration for the future ? @Red devil 44 Red you were a bit of a master on the KnK and liquid malts before the AG dark side enveloped you and you were taken forth... any thoughts on this for @Tone boy Toner on a Stouty Boi?
  16. Saving ChoccyWoccy for the future so swapped back to K1 in the famous festive froglet glass that pours and drinks so well out of the angry turbulent SS Pluto Guns.... Straight from the IP Brewery Dungeons to you ; ) You know it is truly amazing what different yeasts can do to our simple milled malted grain and rainwater mixes hey!? This is Lally Dry K - and wow what an amazing array of aromas and flavours the different Yeasty Boiz can bring
  17. Wow that truly is a beautiful glass and with a bit of seasoned advice from Ozzy @ozdevil even more so with the magnificent contents @Tone boy
  18. Agreed mate filthy froglet wee it is it is... but maaate the Glass is pure G - and it pours really nicely from the nasty old high pressure pluto guns and drinks nicely... With rainwater-powered Münchner AG Helles in it anyways...
  19. Choccywoccydoodah and the thin straight line between white and black Pirate Mountain Stout on Nitro Oooh Aaarghh Aii Me Hearties ; )
  20. Yes it's a crap photo Apologies But the Münchner Helles after a good while in the keg - fast carbed to begin with - WGAS whether fast or slow - time for the beer to sit cold and think at around 12-16PSI is a beautiful thing... at least a month now.... and then poured with Nitro as the push just cos of location re fridges and kegs and gas... in me festive new filthy french 1664 Vinnies Glass which actually is great for a keg pour... and the beer is just PURE GOLD
  21. Looks pure Gold all of it - and the Salad for me is the Biz - beautiful colours and great ingredients... nice work mate ; )
  22. But wait till you taste it and get the creamy mouthfeel and great head and head retention of AG... but good indications that we are heading in the right direction with the volatiles in the olfactory indicating it's a nice Brew ; )
  23. Mmmmmmm I think I smell the hops from down here Ceptor @interceptor ; )
  24. Great Job @Classic Brewing Co Good Stuff Mate! That will be yummmy Beer!
  25. ... it's an Aussie Joke Having a quiet crack at classic Aussie Beers being a bit of a joke in the realms of Real Beer... so I named my attempt at brewing something in that styles after a classic Aussie Joke... suspect you may have heard the joke but sadly I cannot provide any further information In actual fact it is way too creamy and full bodied for the style so in the future I will have to add more water and less hops and grain I suspect
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