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  1. Bit of a Sunday Brunch bizarre Mixed Grilly type thing... low carb and trying to bring in some vegges... Lamb steak, sweet-sour-spicy-Chookler, Cabbagenveggieshred fryup, Mushies, Sauerkraut and good ol' Egg-n-Bacon. Looks truly bizarre but actually tasted pretty good ; ) --
  2. Finally, finally, got the other Brew - Märzenbier-ish kegged and now in the chilly bin with its mates, and the brewery cleaned up... no best-practice transfer w lack of time... so just the old food grade Si white hose... and a clean FV filled w CO2... n plenty post-fill burping. Thinking I might even push Nitro into the Märzen and make more of a Caffery's style... the colour is looking quite nice in the bottom of the empty SS FV Cleared up much better w less cold-time than the Rye PA. Giving it a hit of CO2 first - then will swap across to the Nitro mix... seems to work better that way.
  3. What's in my Fermenter? Far Call ... But - it is very good to see that BrewDog is keeping a very close eye on it - in case there might be something else in there that I haven't quite spotted yet!?! And well... there is something left in my Fermenter... it's called work : ( Not harvesting or backfilling - am just going to give the FV a tub and a perc soak this time. Good Brewing All and aveagoodweegend
  4. What temp you got him going at @Red devil 44 Reddler with your 10-15 PSI if I may ask? Looks the proper goods mate - nice work! mate
  5. Kegged the Pezzza Mtn Brewing's Rye PA "I'll Rye if I want to" Pretty cloudy Brew still but had to be done... and maybe it will settle down in the keg with that very useful Brewing Ingredient known as Time Here's the last Rye on CO2 - quite a nice Goldenish-Tan colour... this fella might go down that track if all that shittttt in suspension flocccs out Phaaarque it's sunny too!?! Not anymore just and more at the moment : (
  6. Before I started brewing again I slurped a few of these... they used to be like $47 for a carton of 24x500... guess that is a while ago now I found a German Durry Butt packed in underneath the cans one time... the Brewery Canning Packaging Crew musta thought us aussies needed educating in their brands of filthy durries? They are not my fave but they are a good honest Reinheitsgebot Beer
  7. Yeah very nice @stquinto Sainter. Mate once yer done - can you just pop around and do mine as well please?
  8. That was very fortunate @Red devil 44, I think there were enough stray hoses involved already
  9. @Brauhaus Fritz BF mate I am going Hook Norton... Porter... sweetness from the caramel malts? And I sorta think the poms are more into that malty thing and not afraid if a little bit sweeter? Hook Norton Brewery... classic old pommy Brewery - vaguely remember imbibing some Old Hooky at some pub in the Midlands - but back then I really was a bit of a failure in appreciating English Beer... Kozel Czech... Ripper: I did drink some black beer in Prague a long time ago and ate some good solid tucker in some downstairs cellar type Wirtschaft and I remember the beer being good... balanced, süffig and when I was there, remarkably priced, well... especially if you changed your westy currency on the street and not with the State run Bank So that leaves Bitterness to poor old Barock? But I have been completely wrong many times before.
  10. Maaate - beer made in Franken - beautiful @Hilltop hops HH luvyerwork! But don't tell @Aussiekraut I said this - he only believes that beer from Niederbayern and Oberbayern is any good... (they are all different parts of Bavaria and yeah there is plenty rivalry...)
  11. Beautiful mate @Pale Man Paleo yeah I reckon it is one of the best... lovely stuff
  12. You've noted that in the past mate and it is a very very good tip thanks @Red devil 44 Phaaarque tho mate with all those tubes going everywhere it looks like you got that poor old keg on life support !??! Oh yeah, I suppose the garden hose is not hooked up tho so that's one less?
  13. Do you ever harvest and re-use Yeast, or go back on an old yeast-cake @beach_life Comber? Or do you stick to new yeasties, of the dry and liquid varieties, pray tell Braumeister? Ah and yes -- nice looking brewhaha with that lovely bit of Bavarian Secale cereale What does this Brown fellow add to the brew - what characteristics... besides colour maybe?
  14. Really lovely and pale like a nice Pilly should be @Pale Man mate : ) What festive Malt did you use - was it Wy Pils? I seem to be suffering from an attack of amberish-ness on all of my brews at the mo... but I am using up Munich and whatever malt available that is sitting in the storage barrels and don't have any Pilly Malt at the moment. Plus I do have the propensity to utilise vast quantities of malt as I am keen on the octane, and also my efficiency is not that flash so probs all augers towards more colour... Will you do the gradual temp cool down for Dubbya to clean-up when you come back down in Temp? Good luck with that mate very promising start
  15. Thanks @Brauhaus Fritz BF - yes - thanks mate - that's the one - no it was worse than boring - it was Feral Good bottles though
  16. Just was doin some email tidy up and found this Cracking Brew from the nasty fire time - one of my very first Kegged AG Brews... had done Coopers Largie and Swinger Bottlies for a while with great results... and finally started w one keg and a pluto gun and carboxy cyl n reg - was a yummy Amber Ale w lots of octane welly - good for stinkin' hot and smoky times w fires raging all around us
  17. Yes mate me too - learned that the hard way - fortunately for me - it was just blllllaaaardy frozen so I couldn't drink it - bad enough - but fortunately it was not a Volcano like yours mate So now... yep... I set the timer : )
  18. Luvyerwork @iBooz2 ... poor ol' Kegmenter
  19. Yep that is the biz @iBooz2 Boozer - completely agree - I know yer gotta pull out all the kegs to replace the nice big towel... but that is not that hard if you have drunk them all haha! (not a situation to be recommended but easier for Freezer cleaning and towel replacement )
  20. It'd put a stalk on an Irukandji Jellyfish @beach_life Beachcomber... There'd probably be a few of those down at your beach mate maybe?
  21. Is there a difference between Schneiderweisse and Original? The label seems different to me - and the ones I were drinking I really don't think were that dark... Mmmm or maybe my memory from 5 years ago is a bit dark!?
  22. Bought a Carton on special a while ago for the bottles mainly... so before kegging days... and after drinking Erdinger all afternoon, after the GC shut, back at base...it tasted like muddy water to me The ones left over were not that much better... not my idea of a good time. ---> ah but I do not think mine was Dunkel... so maybe that is a different brew again @Brauhaus Fritz
  23. @Brauhaus Fritz @Aussiekraut Agree with the above greatly... But I do not mind Maisl's... it's ok. And I love Schneider Weisse... broke my glass : ( Gutmann are pretty good too but I don't think they export... But Schoeffer... bad. Just plain ordinary.
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