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  1. Haha @Tone boy Toner no the Sandman @BlackSands has the Gear and Technique I just fortunately have got some nice backdrops and lighting... dunno whether it comes through that well in the Bockbier photo but the light was just amazing ; )
  2. Weekend Beer - this one the Münchner Bockbier - beautiful beautiful (even if I say so myself )
  3. YEEEEHAAA Reddler @Red devil 44.... welcome to the Dark Side And agree with Ozzy @ozdevil it'll be even nicer on your next trial And also with @Pale Man Paleo - glad you are enjoying it Reddler!!
  4. And from yesterday Sunday - one more Post n Railer which I did not get to putting up for viewing by all ye Brewers - here the Itinerant Mountain Peasants' Gentle Pale Spring Ale Voyager's Atlas Latrobe, Veloria Schooner, Compass Pale, Heritage Rye and hoppage Amarillo --> is a little cloudy but not raining Is truly yumbo and will be visited again next Sunday
  5. Lamb and mixed Mushroom Ragout ; ) Beverage: Any self-brewed Beer would go with this very nicely (Or failing that - small producer old vines Barossa Shiraz)
  6. Bunners? Or where would you find such a piece of splendid equipment RD?
  7. Haha thanks Boozer Yeah the problem was that I was getting severe P-n-R overload It's about getting the balance right and I am going on the wagon side of lean for now but hope to be back next Sunday : )
  8. ... Leberwurst ...Salami .... Prosciutto all of that etc
  9. I feel like a bit of an imposter as is dry yeast not sourdough - but the baking methodology dutch oven approach is v similar ; )
  10. Back at the fencepost - Cascade Ale - lovely and creamy and all round Taschtee and Goodness:
  11. Geeze Louise you Southerners have some amazing gadgets?! @Classic Brewing Co @RDT2
  12. @Mickep @Classic Brewing Co not trying to talk big but was in Rome once and went to a festive Roman restaurant and they had Spaghetti Vongole on the menu. They were very kind to translate this for us foreigners... into English and it read: Spaghetti with clamps
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