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  1. Great Glasses Phil a cracking buy!! Sadly blew all four of mine... pretty fine glass tho They were great while they lasted ; ) This was from a cuppla years ago... with a Coopers Kit and Coopers extra Liquid Malt... you can just see the 'r' of Pilsner : )
  2. Celebrating a good final Ashes match win in Tassie... and a good job of the series... hmmm with German Wheat Beer?
  3. @iBooz2 @Aussiekraut @Red devil 44 Thanks you kind Brewers - thanks very very much and hey no worries - it really is just a case of me braving the NSW Covid Monster and a couple hours in the car and I should be able to get hold of some CO2... gotta get a windscreen done over there anyway eventually so am waiting till they crank back up again after the New Year - from today on ; ) And had me booster third shot cuppla days ago so will be in better shape to brave a trip out amongst the Covid vectors Vectors are living organisms that can transmit infectious pathogens between humans, or from animals to humans. (WHO Defn.)
  4. Cheers @Tone boy Toner yes the AG and kits n bits HWs can turn out very nicely w Lallemand Munich Classic Hefe : ) As you note: "I believe some hallertau mittelfruh and some lally Munich yeast might be the way forward there?…oh and a blow off tube!!!" I would suggest trying to keep the ferment around 18 deg C if you can. If you put in Coopers FV w Collar may not need the blow-off tube quite so much ; ) But if do in Pressure Fermenter of closed bubbler sealed versions yes Blow-Off Tube a very good idea to manage the fearsome raging Yeast Monster ; )
  5. Beautiful @stquinto Sainter just beautiful. What are the meats - and - saussies? Pickled pork of some sort? maybe a Kassler of some sort? and some local festive snags?
  6. Amazing spot there @Tone boy Toner - where is that? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Down here.... Endless mowing.... mowing... mowing deserved a refreshing Hefeweizen the CO2 bulbs live on : )
  7. Thanks everyone - most appreciated Now it seems everyone agrees on cooking twice in hot oil... So how long do you have to wait between completing the first cook in oil - and then the second round of cooking in oil? Length of Gap of time in between? And does the 5/5-8 mins hot oil cooking time or also depend upon thickness size of chips? I quite like the thin chip thing...pommes frites style
  8. Where do you @Classic Brewing Co Phil and @stquinto Sainter magic all these beautiful looking french-fries/hot potato chips from all the time - is it Air Fryer thing or just hot ail in pan?
  9. Wadjadringggin? Saved by the Bulb ; ) The CO2 Bulbs helping push out the latest Hefeweizen - yumbo - tastes like......... Hefeweizen Sorry about the shakey top - I had to chase a young brown snake outta the inside yard - as it was blocking access to the Post-and-Rail Studio ; )
  10. Zukes coming on nicely now for those that survived the snail onslaught... nicest picked small and eaten fresh
  11. I have made Sauerkraut before @MUZZY but this one was an expensive refrigerated commercial version I treated meself Cabbages no good to grow here due to evil Cabbage White Butterfly grubs etc and expensive at the shops...
  12. @stquinto Sainter 75 Nitro 25 COx - comes in separate higher pressure Nitro Cylinder w own higher pressure Regulator... alas this is now empty too as it can be used also to dispense CO2 beers... @Tone boy mate the mini reg is what you see all there in the photo - just the bulb cut off in photo - It should dispense 9L of beer supposedly: 1 X 16g CO2 Carbon Dioxide Gas Bulbs: 16g of food grade CO2 is contained in each bulb. 16g will dispense up to 9ltr of beer. Used with K1062 & WI26001 products BUT I cannot see the mini-reg anywhere on the CPB site whence it came - admittedly some years ago now....? The Stainless Pluto Gun is just regulation issue which I use in my set-up... As a whole the Bulb Gas does not seem to last too long - I think there is some PRV thing going on releasing some gas when it shouldn't or I just got leaks I cannot pin down... If you just stood there and poured all 9L into glasses it might work to push the beer out -- noting that you have already gassed up the beer previously with the big fat cylinder -- it might push 9L out of a keg.... but if I leave it hooked up overnight no grunt anymore in the morning... But it is certainly useful if yer got nuttin' else My potential leakage issue is probably something the King of Gas me ol' cobber @Red devil 44 Reddler would resolve in a matter of minutes ; )
  13. Sneaky late evening Eye Fillet snacko w Spicy Sauerkraut ; ) and some sauces. The meat cooked rapidly on both sides in Sandwich Toaster and then rested : ) Served w a fine Cool Climate Highlands Cab Sauv
  14. Run outta cylinder gas... ran out of archived tallies... what to do... goodness what about that other device!?! The Bulbs of gas w mini regulator: had them for ages... And good Post n Rail IPA results ; )
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