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  1. @Pale Man She's a beautiful girl mate
  2. All good SOS @Shamus O'Sean ol' cobber I got the drift that you just had inadvertently swapped directions which is easily done but thought worth just maybe clarifying and all good mate And that maybe the little discussion might also help any brewer who may be interested in a foray into the whole solution pH thing. Cheers and Good Brewing to All
  3. Well done mate @JoeB7... I should be doing the same... I guess Peroni is not that much different to Carlton Zero really in the big scheme of things? [Mmm besides the 5.1% I guess... yes I know... I should be giving it a break right now too... suspect the Peroni will probably drive me that way anyway!]
  4. Dirty ol Pizza... (fresh base version bought and dressed up) but at least with some nice Salad and freshly baked baguette (bought in plastic bag)
  5. Poor Brew Supply Management... So am on Megaswill... a favourite of days gone by and was on spesh... tastes like... mmm home brew... with not a lot of grain nor a lot of hops... but nice and clear... yeah and the bottles seem to be VERY SMALL
  6. Wow That is a truly beautiful specimen @kmar92 The Clarity is outrageous?! Nice job mate and well done!
  7. Not trying to say anything other than bring a point of discussion for clarification... And I admit I might be completely wrong and have missed the point completely - hopefully we can clarify maybe. To begin with might be worthwhile noting that the pH log Scale goes from 1-14 and that 7 is Neutral... and everything below 7 is classed in the Acidic zone and above 7 in the Alkaline zone. Acid solutions - like hydrochloric and phosphoric etc are low numbers like 3 and below. Alkaline solutions like caustic soda ar in that 12-14 range. Buffered drinking water w say some hardness brought about by Calcium content can be in that 6-7 range and mostly in the 6.5-8.5 zone. Pure Rainwater in general is more acidic like 5 to 5.5 If the Dark Grains have a higher pH - then would you not need more Acid to drop it back down to where you want it to be -- as opposed to not needing added acid? If the Dark Grains generate a lower pH - then you do not need to add more acid. So more acid in a solution drops the pH - and more alkalinity raises the pH... I would rather not say that Dark Grains are acidic - but more that a mash or solution made with Dark Grains would be more acidic. Acid Base accounting is associated with solutions afaik not solids. I have had to use pH meters in the past in work situations and they shittttt me so I am happy flying blind with my rainwater and do use acidulated malt from time to time but seem to make good beer without it too... Hopefully this discussion will be of some benefit to some brewers here... and my apologies to those who may see this as completely irrelevant. The below might be useful: Dark malts are naturally acidic and so adding them to the mash causes the pH to drop. https://grainfather.com/dark-malts-and-their-effects-on-mash-ph/
  8. Gold @Red devil 44 Reddler Mate! You certainly are powering along with the AG Cobber nice work
  9. Cracking full bodied IPA with loadsa DH Mozzie and smashed w C02 @55PSI (probs not recommended) overnight for c. 20 hours and then backed off to 12... worked a treat and no hope fade just yet... beautiful beautiful Brew as the Sun goes down
  10. Nice work @Classic Brewing Co Phil mate very nice indeed - and well done on your transition to AG with some supplementary good qual Coopers KnK and then kegging as well - you are galloping along the BBJ** mate big time! (**BBJ = Beautiful Brewing Journey)
  11. The Sparkling Amber Ale is calming down now - raising up a few degrees to finish - and then think I will bring it down in temp over a few days prior to a chill down and keg-on-up... really looking forward to this one with a good dose of WM Carapils which I have not used that much of in the past Smells Delish in the Brew Fridge ; )
  12. Did not get around to posting this norty midnight snack after a good slurp of AGs and a few Rumbly Bumblies (Bundy Spiced Rums) with local (40km village) Baker Pie and some leftover chips a mate brought out for Fish and Chips the day before and stored cold and then fried-on-up... yeeeehaaa tasted great around midnight !?! Certainly underlies the thrice fried principle @Mickep @stquinto Mate saw them putting the chips into the fryer at the Fisho - and then I redid them.... haha great snacko in the middle of the night but I had to leave the kitch open all night with the smell of the oil : | Hmmm seemed a good idea at the time
  13. They also have one for a few more bucks with little temp controller on it... looks pretty good... cheaper than the scrapppy poorer quality one I got a few years ago and this little fella comes with its own temp... amazing... one of the very few things that are available right now with no wait -- and probably a better bit of kit -- than a few years ago!
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