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  1. Lager - Münchener Helles ish style... in a well chilled ceramic mug for a change... 'Tis yum.... Or as some may say süffig.... slurpable is my best translation. Cheers All
  2. Come on now mate @Classic Brewing Co Phil you know that posting should be on the "Today's Tastings" in the renowned Other People's Beer (OTB) and Grammar thread ; ) (?Hmmmmmm or should that be Other Peoples' Beer ) Or maybe OTB is just a Furphy? All good mate At least it's in a Southwark glass!!
  3. Haha Sainter @stquinto it's pretty much whatever's on the go with base malts and specials available at the time... But proportions something like the below can be a basic starting model... adjust the total kg of malt to whatever ABV u r shooting at w your particular Brewery efficiency using whatever malts you normally use... I used Lally London Ale Yeast here... but have used US05 plenty as it is pretty tame and lets the malt do the talking... there are many different configurations... if you use Lally London Ale Yeast it leaves a remnant Maltotriose that can help w body and a bit of mild aley sweetness... not really 'sweet' to me... just nice. Hops - just your 'normal' ale type mild hopping regime... it's the Malt here that should be up and and out in front. Some would suggest Fuggles or EKG... something like 30g @60 and then 30 @ 10 (10 mins remaining) during the hop boil. So you could sub out Carafa III a dark malt for Choc or other dark malt you like... but I would throw in some Roasted Barley. Munich is not essential... just depends what you have in stock at the time ; ) Also sometimes a little smoked malt is not a bad addition but not to overpower it. You don't have to have the Rye and Wheat but Base Malt and then some dark malt/s and probably yes Roasted Barley... Anyway - here is the latest config ; ) % Grain 4 Roasted Barley 7 Carafa III 57 Pale Malt 21 Munich 3 Rye 8 Wheat 100 Total This one of Jamil's might be worth having a look... it's a LME-Grain combo... but useful frame of reference. https://byo.com/recipe/american-stout/ And here is one of @disgruntled Disg's recipes from the past - has been one of my references in my Stout journey... I probs would not use a wheat beer yeast meself... but it really just depends on what you are chasing hey... ; ) HTH
  4. To be sure to be sure - well the problem is that I seem to have destroyed all of my straight Pint Glasses.... Last man standing -- that was all I had left for such a drop... well guess it might be the trusty Schooner next... or whatever survives the war of attrition : (
  5. In the Bin for 20 postings I suggest is in order @Hairy Hairy but hopefully you will forget I wrote this if I pharque up and do same in future predictive texting does not help.... luvyerwork mate! Or you could be sent to the norty corner to read:
  6. No sadly mate not had a lot of luck with Humulus lupus here mate - I believe that the Rust that affects the local Poplars just smashes the "Red Earth" variety I had been trying with... so yer win some yer lose some I guess...
  7. That AG Stouty Boy that has been in the making in recent weeks... still needs a bit more time on the Nitro BeerGas but is already drinking pretty nicely... probs more Guinnessy than Beamishy this time in terms of general flavour regime...
  8. Mate I do not argue I know better by any means @Shamus O'Sean Shamus... but I think like most food storage... that the malted grain would be better kept cool ish like in low twenties or below (if possible)... and sealed containers like those are beauts as they help keep the vermin out... And I suspect that the Mayo Buckets being food grade might be better than the garbage bin.. but hey whatever keeps the mice etc out. So @stquinto Saint much like @Aussiekraut AK I use food grade buckets from Bunners... in my case the Blue Lid 35L Storage Barrels... then a combo of 25L Black Lid water storage barrels... an Eski... a big ol' 35L (think) Fermenter and plastic boxes w relatively tight lids one holding specialty grains in foil zip lock bags... and they live in a old 'Larder' which is quite cool for most of the year and relatively pest free... pretty good temps except in a hot dry summer and super-hot bushfire times when it can get up to high 20s. Be nice to have a cellar... if yer got loadsa room and old bung refrigeration units not working as brew fridges : ) they are good at keeping the pests dust n moisture out e.g. old fridge or freezers. HTH
  9. That yummy easy drinkin' 6.3% AG Aley Boy came back to bite me last night ; )
  10. Yep. For sure. But when you like me we scrimp and save like we all do - and cut costs wherever we can - and you can get something nice - that works beautifully - and is going to deliver... guess that I was no longer paying $50 a carton per week - that it was buying megaswill... what I reckon was for me the thing
  11. Yeah was cheaper earlier on... but @kmar92 it works like a gem and I really think that it is worth grabbing... anyway... see how you go mate it's a beaut and made here in Aus I believe...
  12. Tubs are good agree w @Greeny1525229549 Greeny - but @Classic Brewing Co Phil you will still need a bit of room for the climbing vines (or here bines as they do the circular climbing thing) to gallop along and then let their flowers hang down...
  13. @stquinto The Saint mate these Millmaster Grain Mills are the Duck's Nutttts in Aussie... as noted by @ozdevil Ozzy above... 'Tis Frank in Everton Park in Bris... got mine a few years ago fortunately as they have gone up in price monumentally so the pricepoint is challenging now... funnily from memory the aluminium hopper has not gone up... just the mill... more than double... probs cost of Stainless Steel maybe? The Master @Otto Von Blotto Otto put me onto it originally... and the festive little micro/originally LHBS Rusty Penny down @Hairy Hairy's way were very positive about them as well... is a champion bit of gear and I drive it w cordless... and they seem to be reviewed on Youtube around the world e.g. recent review below. Pls note I am not a rep or get any kickbacks for promoting this product It's just nice it is an Aussie product and it seems to be pretty good qual and if it is good enough for Otto it's good enough for me ; ) Take care tho as @ozdevil Ozzy points out - you need high torque to drive it and low speed is best... think that Otto might use an impact driver which covers torque easily... I had a bit of strife to begin with using my little drill but now got it worked out... and wheat is a bit harder so is best to blend with Barley when pouring in - or have the mill running when you begin pouring in... not standing start. Obviously you can connect to wormdrive electric motor etc.... HTH.
  14. Haha Gold Toner @Tone boy Toner be careful... you keep that up you will be starting to begin the challenge to Site Master of Repartee and Wit that the Grand Master Hairy @Hairy currently holds firm in his grasp : )
  15. TOP 2 (Theaks Ol Pec) well underway on the prior Yeast Cake of the Stouty Boy: If is like the last TOP brew - should darken up when the Yeast now suspended in solution making it brown - flocss out on ferment completion and chillin' : ) Think I will park this FV and Yeast up after this one - and give it a scrub - four in a row backfilling over the prior yeast cake... not bad value out of one dry yeast sachet
  16. Brew day on Weekend for the TOP (Theaks Ol Pec) 2 - well Brew Day Cleanup
  17. yeah @kmar92 not the biz the Frankfurt wheat beer.... it is drinkable but I don't think it is a patch on all the good ones out of Bayern... including Weihenstephan, Unertl, Erdinger, Schneider Weisse, Franziskaner, Paulaner etc among a swag of others small and big... One thing that me and @Aussiekraut AK do agree upon ; )
  18. And at least at the AK Oktoberfest the glasses are reasonably full
  19. Yes mate that is my intention... all going well : )
  20. ... just another fencepost ; ) But the AG Rainwater Ale strolling in at 6.3% is going alright
  21. Ooooooh Yumyumyummmm great job mate : )
  22. Where's that blaaaardy YUMBO Button? Looks very taschty @Mickep mate luvyerwork... apple sauce or a nice gravy? More YUMBOs Wooooohooo ; )
  23. Stouty Boy of Sorts... now just chillin' ...maybe keg-on-up on Sunday and backfill w another AG crack at a TOP Clone on the yeast slurry that remains in the Coopers FV. Will be nice to have a Stout on tap again hopefully it will all come good : )
  24. I would don the sterile gear and gloves and sterilise some stainless steel tongs @Spursman and give it a squeeze and get it out of there meself... @Classic Brewing Co Phil your approach?
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