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  1. With all kegs now empty bar a cuppla pints in one.... was well over time to get on with it... so finally - Amber Ale to kick the brewing campaign off: Maris Otter-and then Voyager Vienna, Compass and Winter Wheat...
  2. It's all been pretty tough... hardly a beer left... here the last of the big fat Verdant IPA Hop Beast... and then the keg blew : (
  3. Some Porker bellies doing a bit of Brine Time... some w a bit more sugar and some w some local honey as the adjunct to the Cure Mix...
  4. Wow RD what a Champion Brew is in development ; ) Am keen to get a Porter going too... just gtgoma
  5. Running the Gauntlet... the Mountain Stout keg is sooooooo close to blowing : (
  6. 18 is perfect I would leave it at that Muzzler...
  7. You could utilise as input for a Beer-Trap in garden for snails and slugs?
  8. Beautiful things GB luvyerwork I shall post my next homemade brarty barbie up soon ; )
  9. Lovely textured tiny bubbles pale brew... hadn't had in ages... but now in the days of AG... the pale colour matches a very pale character... almost lifeless... nothing to say for itself whatsoever... but on the better end of the Megaswill Spectrum... and if you want your beer to be quiet then I guess this fella won't make too much noise Certainly was drowned out by the roaring of the raging HOP Beast Monster IPA that followed out of the Keg nearby
  10. Good luck with that @Greeny1525229549 pretty amazing job all up! Luvyerwork!!! Looking forward to Acacia Longifolia Ale
  11. Agree @MUZZY - don't give up on it just yet... but would not water unless drought set in... it does rain down there... and it is Winter in SA? so just leave it be for a bit... they don't like wet feet... most of us don't... might come good yet worth leavin' it in there mate to maybe see
  12. Absolutely mate - and I did for many many years before I had the space time and opportunity to jump across... plus with the help of the magnificent Brewers on this site mate without which I would have been stumped.... so yep - time and a place - and in the meantime - enjoy the Coops Concentrates... even if a bit dearer over there... you are still gunna make GREAT BEER way cheaper than the megaswill available!
  13. Sorry mate I only Gravity Feed or Pump...
  14. Shortly thereafter followed by the "Quit for Life Cup" (aka Winfield Cup) is that right @Hairy If I remember rightly all you festive Brewers out there : )
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