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  1. Hey there @MitchBastard Mitchie - just wondering how you have been going with your Filter system mate - have you been using it a bit? Any more thoughts on the whole set-up? And do you filter only after cold-crash or also say at 18-20 out of a pressure vessel for example?
  2. Correct that the available O2 is used by the yeasts initially in primary ferment and thereafter anoxic conditions under a CO2 blanket (Coops style fermenters) and PFVs (sealed) are what is needed... But when it comes to bottling - once again oxygen is introduced plus more fermentables ie Coopers Lollies or whatever - and the whole cycle happens again in secondary fermentation. In that situation - the O2 is necessary and given the yeast use it in their secondary phase it should not destroy the beer - as it is consumed by the yeast. With respect to kegs - I guess that is the benefit of a PFV anoxic closed-circuit transfer. And also one of the drivers behind natural carbonation in the keg filled with a non-PFV methodology.
  3. Thanks for that Greeny. Yes mate I find that pitch of AG Wort onto nice sized yeast cake from prior brew works well with W34 to produce a very clean Lager/Munich Helles style beer. Hope to be doing something in that vein later in the week. Do you use external oxygenation i.e. bottle and stone - rather than just shake n splash methodology - seems like the ol' splashing does not introduce as much as maybe we'd like: https://byo.com/article/fermentation-time-line/ Oxygen is rapidly absorbed from the wort during the lag phase. The yeast need this oxygen to grow and to produce important cell wall constituents. It is important to introduce enough oxygen into wort at the beginning of fermentation. Shaking the fermenter will, at best, add about half the recommended level of 10 parts per million oxygen into solution. This will produce satisfactory fermentation results, but to make sure a healthy fermentation will take place, oxygen can be added to the fermenter with any of several commercially available systems.
  4. @Greeny1525229549 Greeny and @Otto Von Blotto Kelsey and @ChristinaS1 Christina assisted me with moving into starters... yeah 100g/L sterile solution is the go... don't think it matters re off flavours if you run the starter warm-ish 18 to low 20s for instance.... never had an issue... though someone else might be better qualified to answer the question ; ) Besides you can pour off most of "the beer" if you chill and let flocc out beforehand - and then just swirl up and pour the yeast sediment into your FV with the fresh Wort... HTH
  5. Hey there Mitchie... yeah mate I am way too poor to put in two packs of yeast... nivver dunnit... I do starters too but not monster ones... 3L max.... and never had any bananas... not one bent yellow fella in sight or smell haha... and I don't get out of bed for anything below 1050 haha... unless I stuff up with an over-enthusiastic pseudo-sparge haha (only once and learned me lesson there) I do often follow @Otto Von Blotto Kelsey's Lager and Pilsener cold temp regime (similar to what's in Palmer) where we raise up approx up to even 8 deg C to do a di-acetyl rest and I think that is likely to get rid of the Di-A... followed by a slow cool down for the clean-up... so all my Lagers and Pilsy fellas have been just fine... as clean as.... If you got the dough then sure 2 packs is the biz no doubt - definitely recommended/best practice. As opposed to my ol' Bush-Pig bucket-brewer methodologies haha... I also do the ol' dump in on existing yeast cake stooge so that usually will overcome an underpitch as well... Maybe the Di-Ac Rest has saved me? And the word on the thread is that the Pressure FVs discourage the generation of the Di-Ac but not done many in there just yet... but so far been ok. Cheers Mitchie and Go the W34 Woohoo!!!
  6. Pretty bllllloooooody close TB haha... just need that last finishing touch of an 'umlaut' on the u in fruh... or Früh... which means morning or early... as in Früstück - directly translated as "early piece" haha... or early meal I guess.. otherwise known by us as the time to break the fast or breakfast hahaha! And Mittel is middle... so think is early to middle harvesting re the hop timing of harvest... (Mittel rather than Mittle... German vs French spelling pattern there) An 'Au' is a meadow or pasture (South German and Austrian dialect)... so maybe it is the Hallert Meadow haha!? German language is big on compound nouns - cobbling the words together..... e.g. Lastkraftwagen (Truck) and Bahnhof (Railway station) haha : ) And well... you prolly already know that Hallertau is a big hop growing region in Bavaria (Bayern) not that far north from Munich (München)... not quite sure of the provenance of the map below but hopefully provides the general Hallertau region ; ) But the real gist of the message: Very well done on your beer @Tone boy... beautiful work and you got the inside run with a great partials-coach @ChristinaS1 ; )
  7. Is that with the W34 you are not particularly impressed with Mitchie?
  8. This is more like what we are chasing for tape usage @Shamus O'Sean hey Shamus? To be found over @DeviantLogic at DL's thread: https://community.diybeer.com/topic/15647-my-first-brew-diary-advice-and-comments-appreciated/?tab=comments#comment-232003 Great job DL - have you got shares in the Gaffer Tape industry? Just a running joke about how much tape punters use haha! Good luck with your brew mate.
  9. The good Brewers above have already come up with good ways to help out with solving this health and safety challenge... and then there is also @Titan Titan's idea (think you have one Titan?) of one of these lifter trolleys that you pump up with your foot... you still have to get the FV out of the fridge and onto the trolley when the carrying plate is down. An older mate of mine up north has rigged up an 'endless chain' off the shed rafters and a rig to lift FVs and kegs in and out of his brew/keg-freezer... he can wheel the freezer around to come under the lifting point... not always available for all of us...
  10. Looks great Big Red but..... seriously.... you need more tape!?! Hey @Shamus O'Sean Shamus?
  11. Where are the bags of Malted Grain Reddler?
  12. Hahaha luvyerwork Crabbers... it's the quick or the dead around here hey haha! The AG Ales are still good tho:
  13. Verrrrry Verrrrry Nars (nice) Big Red... lovely work.
  14. Burbs...Crabber.... upgraded version of the ol' beardedburbler haha! Bart is german for beard haha!
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