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  1. Aaaah Test Cricket.... and a big bad IPA... 8.3% and 250g hops... is a bit severe and hence is known as: 1347 Black Death Atlas Base Malt, Munich, Wheat Malt, Carafa III, Chocolate, some Acidulated and a bit of Roasted Barley Hops 100g Columbus at FO and then 150 of Gal-Moz-Chin in the keg ; ) Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa crash-bang-wallop!
  2. @MUZZY Muzz - and all you brewers on this 2020 thread - do you know about:
  3. Beaut - thanks mate! Appreciate your help!
  4. Cheers Shamus. It does split the workload... but it is more because I really don't have the water to waste on a spiral, don't have a glycol chiller... and running in and out of ice requires a vast amount of ice to drop the temp... and even the plate chillers require water... and am not there yet with putting hot wort into a plastic vessel (cube).... so this all together with trialling a rest overnight with cool night temps... seems to have worked well for many AGs so am continuing with it. I pump hot wort through plastic food grade hoses if pumping, so probably should get over this aversion to plastic and trial using a cube hey mate?
  5. Mirrors on the Ceiling Pink Champagne on Ice Haha the ol' Pink Flamingo Ale in a Champagne Glass to complement the Bowling Attack and players going for drinks... same for the watchers ; )
  6. Do you remember this classic event - when Don went down to challenge the waves? https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/adelaide-remember-when-clairvoyant-john-nash-predicted-earthquake-and-tidal-wave-would-obliterate-adelaide-in-january-1976/news-story/e11935a6d44b5281a47bbfdd65b2dc2d
  7. Haha Phil - cracking memories mate - the old largie in a brown paper bag..... used to be known as a "Homey" haha! And ah - the Barossa Pearl and Cold Duck... festive memories mate!!!
  8. I ran out of Whirlfloc about 12 months or more ago... and just brewed on without it.... and since then have had no probs with achieving AG clear beers... but I have been letting the Boil Kettle with lid well sealed on then settle down overnight which may help... As noted before seems Palmer thinks that is ok and I have found with our cool evenings that it works well. And then with cold crashing and time in the keg or bottle it all ends up nice and clear.
  9. I think if you have brewed before... you can do AG without software to a very high standard
  10. If you like that style of beer - well brew it!
  11. Few beers with the Cricket going into the Tea break... come on the Baggy Green! Same Wort as the Pink Panther - but fermented with Ale Yeast and added a bit of dry malt for a change-up on the lighter Lager-style crisp Pink Panther... and bottled not kegged - herewith the festive Pink Flamingo Ale (PFA). Definitely more Aley than the Panther and heavier re alc from dry malt in the little FV plus Coopers Lollies in the Swingtop... but a lovely drop all the same Suspect me Megaswiller mates that loved the keg-pour Panther would not enjoy the Flamingo as much.
  12. Didja have a chew big Muzzy?! Fresh Garlic is a beautiful thing mate... And no doubt mate Nonna will know best!
  13. This is a great bit of history of the old Southwark... and I remember that XXXX also used to be called 'Bitter' - just looked - and it still is... But if you go to Pom and ask for a Pint of Bitter... well that is something else... Ale Yeast and Ale Malts... and the above interestingly suggests Southward STYLE was English Bitter.... and then declares it was an Aussie Lager... guess us HB folk are into the whole world of beer a bit more so we come across some of the jargon a little more... as a Pint of Bitter vs a Halbe of Helles are very different things... one an English Beer vs Euro/German/Czech Lager style Lager... so the definition above seems to be a little at cross purposes if I am not mistaken... As for the hops - I like that Southwark has "25% more hops" - but "Hardly any hop taste" - so I guess it goes to show how watery megaswill was even then... As for current Great Northwaterswill... it is even worse than standard Aussie megaswill and seems to keep marching out of dirty Dan's doors... the power of advertising hey?
  14. Cheers @Lettucegrove Lettuce mate - good stuff. I am using W34/70 and it is amazingly well behaved even at warmer temps (e.g. 17-20) I reckon (ambient pressure) so am hoping it will be all good... and glad for the positive feedback. @kmar92 KMar has noted mid 20s pressure brews go alright - and I cranked one out before Christmas to take to a mate's and it was pretty good so am hoping for. a good result ; ) Did a starter and was pretty stoked to see W34/70 skip along so fast
  15. It is pure Gold Muzzy and worth every cent I reckon! Good job.
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