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  1. Am I right in saying - u r fairly new in the kegging game NB? Vaguely from memory? Just interesting re the Carbing regime ha ha?! As I am still trying to tune my regime up a bit. Mmmm happy to be advised I am on the wrong thread ha ha
  2. If you got Vats - there are nice SS Baskets
  3. Seriously................WOTSA BJCP Style Guideline........... it's just a classification system.... some of us are free brewing spirits!
  4. What is the ideal temperature for the two week bottle fermentation period for lager - and also Pale Ale which will be my next experiment? Yep am with the Brewers above on this one - 18 deg C plus... and I like 3 weeks to be sure to be sure ha ha?!
  5. Truly spoken Popo... but when something like that happened to me... was far far worse... and harder to clean up.... I spilled 12L of precious cooled AG Wort?! That then became the legendary DRA... Disaster Recovery Ale... I did a small batch brew the following day ha ha to 'make up'!? Ended up being a tasty tasty drop ha ha!? The famed DRA ha ha....
  6. Ha ha but for me that consistency ha ha has gotta be consistency on the high side of the OG range meh meh!!?!!
  7. Ha ha always better if a little higher than a little lower I say ha ha @Norris! Norris?!
  8. Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh you are a scholar and gentleman @Norris! Norris ha ha!?
  9. Yes well I did an 8kg brew to start my AG career... and had a partner helping... and worked out real quick I needed to organise a pulley system like you had kindly posted Kelsey - that was of huge help (thank you @Otto Von Blotto Kelsey!) ... just one of these excellent learnings available on this site ; )
  10. Ha ha now be careful their (ha ha pisstake) Pilot as I might be encouraged to start correcting spelling on site postings ha ha being a Language Nazi and a big believer in Punctuation as my brew mate@PaddyBrew2 Paddy knows... with that beautiful tome by Lynne Truss in mind: Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation and noting my use of ... is with apologies to all but is aimed at reflecting a 'stream of consciousness' approach to my postings meh
  11. I do something like that fairly often.... but just leave the first batch of grain in my basket.... and then add the last few kilos... ; )
  12. Absolutely... and a few more kilos of grain when yer buying 25kg bags of the stuff, does not break the bank! Pray tell @Otto Von Blotto Kelsey WTF is a "reiterated mash"?! Goodness me there is so much to learn...
  13. You drinking XXXX Pilot? Surely not now you have joined the great HB Fraternity and are one of the true believers!?! ha ha!
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