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  1. A tragedy it is gone! Tell me what is the nice input of rye in the malt bill? I have a bit in my Altbier now in ferment... and am interested to see what the Rye might bring... Brewers say - sort of - a bit of spice...
  2. More rationalisation of resources when the kegs run out.... a lovely bottle of Rauchbier from February... I think this, out of the big swingy, is even better than the keg!!! The malt bill: And Galaxy for bittering and Tettnang for the finish... it's funny I am appreciating this so much more a while later...
  3. What are you listening to tonight? Pure silence, the wind and the rain. Hmmm a beautiful sound - but with a power outage - not so much fun. Nicer to be able to schedule pure silence.... .... phone and notebook PC on battery are still there till they go down too... such is life
  4. Oki doki. Two years. 24 months. Six Brews. Average 4 months. FV is never cleaned (sounds good to me). But what is the FV doing for that four months (on average) - just sitting around waiting to be bottled or kegged? e.g. there is a little time between September 2018 and January 2019 so what is the FV doing all that time - conditioning or maturing - or are you brewing in the keg that you then condition and drink out of? Trying to work out this efficient way of doing things...
  5. Wow - so how can 6 brews with pause time - take up a full two years? Or do you brew and drink out of the same vessel?
  6. Will post photo later - blllllardy power outage at the moment with some fierce stormy weather having gone through earlier today - anyway - some mates brought back some Rusty Penny goods for me yesterday - rang Mark put it on the CC and me festive old mates grabbed 24 tinnies and a few hops and yeast sachets... fortunately there is a sewing machine place nearby otherwise this would never happen ha ha as they are not beer drinkers... but can make blllllardy anything with cloth, thread, wool and bits and pieces. Have not a worry about them wanting to sneak a few tinnies in the car on the way home ha ha! Though they are appreciative of a nice stout for a Guinness Pie ; ) Anyway - Penny IPA is GOLD! Agree with you there Hairy!!!
  7. Also can cold crash - and then in the FV batch prime without massive stirrrage - and then bottle... without racking extra work and extra contam source potential... each has own merits. Particulates flocc out in bottles usually with a bit of time in the fridge so maybe don't need to rack off. And yeah if you are batch priming kegs for natural carbonation just be careful in that the liquid post can sometimes clog up with yeast population that develops in the secondary ferment.... but only happened with me in the small (9L) not standard (18L) Corny kegs. But also removes any oxygen in the keg too as the yeast utilise that to begin with before the solution becomes anoxic and CO2 rich and well preserved.
  8. I get what you are saying fer sher Pilot old bud - but a mash tun I would like to suggest should not have a lot of carbon dioxide floating around in its vicinity I shouldn't think... mashing is just that controlled temp stewing time and it's more after pitching and the ferment in the FV that you will then start to generate carbon dioxide.... But I understand that feeling you get - yeah not smelling it - but somehow you do detect a presence of something in the air... somehow the air seems a little thicker? But usually it is also associated with the lovely aromas coming off during the ferment as well.... My current dark brew is performing well with great aromas... and yep... the ol' enclosed space brewfridge helps to concentrate the ferment odours nicely ; )
  9. The dry yeast sprinkle experiment (usually make starters and or use harvested slurry) on this dark ale/Altbier seems to be doing just fine... even with OG around 1060 and concerns around osmotic shock etc... was slightly slower to crank than using a starter -- to be expected I guess -- but the US05 dry sprinkle team seems to have cranked up just fine - and the aromas from the Brew Fridge are just delectable?! Will be wonderful to have some beer back in a keg ha ha!
  10. Correct. And wait till you start milling malted grain yourself and doing the AG whole do it yourself super brew thing?!
  11. This is good stuff - only thing wouldn't you have the sensor cable in and out of the fridge seal?
  12. Finally you have got on board Pilot! Forget Brew005, this is more like it mate. Really looking forward to what you come up with here... at last the OG is getting there ; )
  13. Thanks mate. Yes these are challenging times indeed. Fortunately this evening I did somehow still squeeze two pints of the splendid Spring Strong Amber Ale out before it blew.... this last one caught it in time to just froth the last cup. So it was good to start off with something taschty!
  14. Tx mate!!!! I think I have a redundant aluminium sign in the shed somewhere that could be cut to size and will investigate available mates to cut neatly to size ; ) Didna think of the al sheet thing...
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