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  1. I believe it is as per the "Campaign for Real Ale" in the UK... was a big thing when I was over there years ago... going back to basics... hand pumped... cellar temperature... So I guess modelled on good quality British Real Ale... Burton-on-Trent style... harder water... ale malt... ale yeast... ABV usually in the 4s... quite malty... but I am sure there are loadsa people more qualified than me to answer this question. There are so many different "Real Ales" in England alone... dunno… maybe this Coops Kit with a reasonable amount of kilo added might come out somewhere near London Pride which runs out at 4.7%. Not really sure whether that helps much or not ; ) The Campaign for Real Ale is an independent voluntary consumer organisation headquartered in St Albans, England, which promotes real ale, real cider and the traditional British pub...
  2. A quiet night tonight... but a nice drop with a sneaky Szechuan Chinese... the ol' extract beers sure don't have the issues of clarity like (my) All Grainers seem to have... Anyway - I have a few of the KnK in inventory still and they are nice from time to time... Temp Controlled Golden Crown Lager - very nice and refreshing... Mmmm funny the little bottle is still half full - with the big Spiegelau beer glass near full --> got the water into the little swingo for soaking When you have the bottles standing upright in fairly cool conditions for a long time - the yeast consolidates quite well!
  3. Looks GREAT Marty. Funny Coops Real Ale was one of my faves when I very first started out... was good by itself as KnK and great to be able to augment. Great stuff. Guess myself I would be putting in 2kg of LDME (I bought a great sack last year before AG time so was about $7 per kg) to boost it up a little... but it is all about personal choice! Well done and nice to see you are having success with the keg side of things... the great unknown for me yet ...but am coping with bottling still. Great job. BB
  4. Greeny they both look de-lish… but that Belgian Dark and Strong looks truly amazing... share a recipe perchance cobbler?
  5. Hey Hairy Gotcha. I am a 'local' - but it can take 2-3 hours or more from where I have to work - to come up with a reason to go down there... ; ) And drive down there... Stoked that you are a Local. RP are such great lads - Mark and Matt - and if I ever go down the Big City - I go down there - get some provisions.... And grab a Growler to take home I am a local - but not so local ! Cheers BB
  6. In the backstreets of Penrith - industrial estate - in car-park type situation - but their beer is great - and they have helped me to get on and get going - as you lot have as well ; )
  7. PS - the utilisation of the word 'biscuit' is associated with my LHBS-Microbrewer who suggest some Biscuit Malt might be a good addition... I had been privileged to experience their Local Ale with locally grown Hops and I understand they had some Biscuit Malt in that brew... which was delectable... go Rusty Penny! It's a tough gig to keep a MicroBrewery going and I wish those lads all the best as their beers are great - and honestly between them and the Coops Website have been the things that have inspired me to Brew Up and Brew On
  8. Ripper - thanks Lusty - good stuff - luvyerwork - I have quite a bit of reading ahead of me! How good is this site/community - seriously - I really do not think I would ever have got to improving my Extract Brewing and then eventually all the way through to AG without you Brewers and the support and direction and encouragement you have given! Thanks!!!!!!! Brew up and Brew on BB
  9. Beaut - thanks Hairy - I do have access to a relatively recent version of the Palmer book - and the above - and me finally READING what is in JP's book - will help me get this organised in my mind... thanks mate! Luvyerwork. BB
  10. So true John - Sssssoooo true!!! I shall have a bit more of a detailed look over the weekend - thanks maaaaaaate!!!
  11. All I ask for is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by. On a long voyage... rations can run short... times were tough. At the end of the day... all we had left was biscuit. Fortunately, it was Biscuit Ale: AG3 for me - with Ale Malt - Wheat and some Biscuit. Early days but is drinking very nicely. Acknowledgements to PaddyBrew2 and Hairy for the Spiegelau glass recommendation - arrived at the PO today. Was definitely worth the trip. Cheers Brewers. BB
  12. All good - sounds like a very sound plan mate! How is the Stout going in the Fermenter?
  13. Mine is a Hitachi magic little unit with loadsa grunt... but if I can find it... is another dreadful worrying question Otherwise - maybe Aldi - I might try to get a slower roll going with whatever unit I can get my hands on!
  14. Brewers - Lusty and Hairy - you both are indicating the requirement for a Beta-Glucan rest - but is this not more associated with UNmalted grain? The use of this rest is only necessary for brewers incorporating a large amount (>25%) of unmalted or flaked wheat, rye or oatmeal in the mash. (from the useful link you sent Lusty) I can work towards incorporating that step - but am wondering whether it is needed of all the grain is already a malted product... ?
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