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  1. Come on now mate you can keep it pretty simple to being with..... for example if you just get a Crown Urn - think Kelsey @Otto Von Blotto uses one of those - maybe some sort of false floor arrangement to keep the bag off the element (leccy so no gas worries) - a good quality nylon BIAB brew bag - DO NOT BUY THE CHEAP BIAB BAG from CPB BTDT (had a nightmare with that piece of #$%@ but it came in a kit bundle)..... buy a good quality one.... got a beauty from a non-local HBS in Capalaba Qld a while ago when I was wandering past.... $25..... beautiful thing.... and get a cheap arrrrse pulley-n-rope from Bunnings to get the blllllloooody heavy hot bag of grain out - hook to rafters.... and you are there.... boil the jug to sparge a bit.... make dog biscuits out of the spent grain... and you have got GOLD brew and cost effectively.
  2. Ha ha Muzzy you are "the ideas man" ha ha.... (borrowed from "The Castle")
  3. What are you drinking? Well here we go - nitro pour with a lovely creamy top - Bit like Kilkenny or Boddington's Bitter.... herewith known as Bushkenny:
  4. The USDA Breeding programmed named Mt Hood Hops variety after the Mt. Hood volcano which is due east of the city of Portland, OR and sits perched above the mighty Hood River. Mt. Hood Hops was released in 1989 and has similar qualities to German Hallertau and Hersbrucker hop varieties.
  5. So you only ever pull up at 3 deg Kelsey with your Lagers?
  6. Yeah I reckon AG is a fair amount of work - maybe I am slow in the whole process too - but KnK with Liquid Malts does a good job and is way way faster without a doubt mate.
  7. Come on now mate you know you need to take the leap ; ) (Ha ha only joshing - know you are working on more space for the future - and all this AG STUFF does take up more room and time - but the results are truly outstanding) One thing tho is fer sher - ha ha - you have got the keggeration game covered for when the AG Brews start coming out hey!
  8. Mate tis a beautiful thing Red.... all nice and neat and tidy. Good job. And thanks for your ongoing help in the world of Keggeration
  9. Have heard of the old Mt Hood a while back in dispatches @Beerlust Lusty - will be keen to give them a run... And think I have set my eyes on Mt Hood if it's the Oregon one ha ha but it was away in the distance... Was told that the blurry white snowy hill over yonder was the Hood ; ) So best I get hold of some Hoodies and try them out. Good stuff. Tx mate. BB
  10. So the AG Stout now post ferment and diacetyl rest and maturation went into the brew fridge this evening (as the Lager was kegged earlier today)... for a slow gentle cool down ha ha (rather than a crash) but yeah hoping to floc all that ripper US05 out -- which has already settled to some extent... and then get the beaut brew too into a keg for some C02 and later Nitro ; ) Looks fairly black.... ish Cheers Brewers
  11. But don't you want to slow down the yeast for clarification and in preparation for kegging?
  12. Some more nice home produce for dinner tonight.... the Spinach has been pretty happy with more rain and I got meself a cracking mushie as well
  13. Ha ha BB1 - am happy at sticking with things that work for the time being ; ) Though I am thinking I should purchase some Vegemite again -- if there is any left on the shelves by the time I get into town
  14. Thanks for the above reply Kelsey. Good stuff. Now you got me interested - why on the cool down stop at 3 degrees? Do you also serve at 3? I have been stopping at 2 and serve at 2 and been happy.... interested what that one degree difference might make.
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