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  1. Bearded Burbler

    Water questions 2019

    Nice, Instigator, well spotted, and welcome to the festive Brewing Network ; ) This nonnnnsense may have something to do with their lab methodology and limits of detection.... and the boneheads who are doing the reporting who understand neither stats nor the methodology nor limits of detection and just need to plug a number into a spready. Mmmm. Yeah as OVB points out... Median is halfway up the table by ranking... nothing to do with Average... But if you are less than 1ppm of Nitrate I think you need not worry about it ; ) Though some sci papers do indicate ability to measure much lower nitrate levels accurately. If you guys are really fired up about water - I suggest having a look at the ANZECC Guidelines might be worth a look... for an overall picture... http://www.waterquality.gov.au/anz-guidelines/resources/previous-guidelines/anzecc-armcanz-2000 But note that is more about fresh-marine-potable and now is on-line with a 2018 updated resource... (is not a brewing guideline ) In the big scheme of things Paddy... the total soluble salts (indicative measure is Electrical Conductivity or EC) is not that high on your sample mate... 270-630 uS/cm (which they report at mS/m).. From memory Kelsey Bris is about 200-240 uS/cm? Getting up to 630 may in drought is getting a bit more salt-laden. Rainwater is like 5-50 uS/cm depending on whether you live by the coast and get salt-aerosols on yer roof... Distilled water should be ZERO uS/cm... does not conduct electricity at all as no ionic content. Some bore water is like 2,000 uS/cm but that usually does not taste so nice. Yer get thirsty drinking it !?! Think Seawater is between 35,000 and 50,000 uS/cm... Anyway... in the big scheme of things - us Rainwater plodders (who die of thirst when it don't rain) and Kelsey with his distillation facility start out with very low EC... and have the luxury of adding things to change-it-up.... a bit of Calcium... some Sulphate… some Carbonate to assist a water profile to chase a particular end. MLHB Champs (mmm Local = 2-3 hours away) I talk w who run micro-brewery use some old book "Designing Great Beers" which provides some good inf re water chemistry profiles. But those guys said that when they started with quality HB, they just used the local water... and had good enough results so their mates said you should start a brewery... and that is what they did. Thing is, Kelsey who has fine tuned his system to some degree, can tell the difference when changing up the water. And no doubt we all should have a go at fine tuning like this! Guess it would be pretty easy if you think yer water is carp... just buy some springwater and brew same brew with that -- and exactly same temp-ingredients-and-yeast - and see if there is a marked difference or not. And then when it comes to the interaction between malt bill-hops-yeast-temps-and water chemistry... you end up with a complex matrix that can influence the final flavor in so many ways.... I probably have added no polyclar-or fish guts to the clarity of the discussion so after the above you might all just say thanks - clear as mud The more you know about something the more you realise you actually do not know that much after all...
  2. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    DDDDODGY new computer... cannot forward... cannot cut and paste... think it is something to do with Microsoft licencing… I told the USEFUL helpdesk that this was an issue... oh no... it'll be fine... fer fffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar sake.... so mate... apologise… cannot do better than cut pic in... hopefully that is able to be used above... Good old NewBrews helped me out when I first was asking about it ; )
  3. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Mate I think that all sounds pretty good... Yep. And honestly... you learn as you go... and at 10L... with full can... suspect will be good. I am on dodgy new computer so do not have old links... to attach... will see if I can find in email and email it to you.
  4. Bearded Burbler


    … should be TOO much... not to much.... but as this site does not allow later editing... the incorrect word remains forever...
  5. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Does not Kelsey say that w Lagers-Pilseners there is no such thing as an overpitch?
  6. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    Hey G'day OzLiz, mate I think there are some questions here I will leave to the Brains Trust on the site... especially the hop matter. But am wondering why you would do 10L? or are you on the smaller fermenter bandwagon? If so - why not! Have you got the famous Ian's XL Spreadsheet? That is good for working out ABV likelihood... I am not a Pale Ale Freak... but I don't think it sounds too bad... but probably on the lighter side of life... Recently did a Coopers Stout... in 23L... and used 2.3kg of Light Dry Malt... Big thing then is Temp Control... BB
  7. Bearded Burbler


    Maybe I should send up a few bottles of the below BT - you could blend in quietly to assist with your lack-of-carb probs... Suspect you wouldna need to add to much... ; )
  8. Bearded Burbler


    I suspect you are correct Kelsey otherwise Nikon, Canon etc the makers of great SLRs in the past would not be in business. It is just that I have seen incidental photos done by Xperia (stupidly expensive things but waterproof which my mate needs) which are just crazily good... surf stuff, bees flying in and out of their hive... sunsets... sunrise... just way better than my dodgy old work iPhone... It is just easier w Phone as you can upload so easily... and they are getting better all the time.
  9. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    That is just such practicality-experience-coooool Kelsey - luvyerwork!
  10. Bearded Burbler


    Well.... what am I drinking... Head Retention... bit of concern... colour good... mouthfeel... yeah pretty creamy mouthfeel.... malt... yeah good full bodied dark malt-bill flavours.... What is it... mmmm…. Coopers BES... freshly purchased last night... just is bizarre after rating some of my beers and going... well head retention is not that good... well my BES has no frothy head retention... mind you it tastes just fine... but interesting to view the real thing... in our own HB Critique terms hey... If that was back in Ireland... think Paddy would rate that a "Bishop's Necklace" !!??!!
  11. Bearded Burbler


    Luvyerwork BB1. Keep on Brewing. BB2
  12. Bearded Burbler


    The only thing I would suggest if you want to have a Stout in the next few weeks... you would add the standard 2 carb drops.... just a thought?
  13. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    So Kelsey - what do you mean by the 'Starter Method'... a 'similarly clean yeast withouth rinsing/washing' ? Just using slurry yeast - and culturing up a population to pitch or ?
  14. Bearded Burbler

    Coopers Aussie Pale ale

    I reckon the dry yeast packs work pretty well... think liquid yeast is a bit more expensive... I would suggest giving the dry yeast packs a go first up... or just Coops Tin Yeast... not had any trouble with those at all in the past...
  15. Bearded Burbler


    You need neither of those items. Don't need a Camera. Don't need a PC. Need a 'new-ish' smart-phone. Just a Sony Xperia phone... and all shall come to pass. Take photo on Xperia and then use phone to go onto Coops DIY and put photo thereon. Mate of mine says about his Xperia bullet proof - water proof phone = an expensive Camera... takes greeeaaaat photos. (PS I don't have one). But basically any smartypants-phone you can take photo with and then read DIYBEER with and then load photo onto site... Unless your phone - which is when they made them so easy to use and so tuff.. looks like this: They used to work very very well back then... and were as tough as nails.