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  1. I reckon that is a really good option for the future... yep - keep it cold not having to open all the time.... which unfortunately would be quite regular when I am on reckon maybe get the boxie first... get it all going with temp being right and kegs n gas fitting in and being happy and just do the pluto gun thing... and then keep my options open for taps out the front. Where does the coolant run around in those boxies tho mate - wouldna wanna drill through the coolant retic while putting a tap in drilling through the front wall? : | Here is the Big Rig (well... a photo of the advertising placard on the top ha ha)
  2. Same JMan. But @Otto Von Blotto is spot on wrt an Erlenmeyer... that would be dangerous... In all honesty for a yeast starter I think boiling-water-sterilising the container and then adding the LDME to the boiling water in it (which I can as it is a large preserving jar) and then a bit of swirling once done... works a treat. Do not shake when the water is close to boiling as the seals do not hold. @Otto Von Blotto this coarse LDME product does sound useful and practical - what trade name does it come under and where would you recommend procuring it e.g. web ordering would be useful as I cannot do the 12 hours to Bris to fetch of a weekend generally ; )
  3. Beaut. Thanks mate. Yeah is 200L so around a metre long 550560 deep and 850/900 high... with that step-up on one side to fit the compressor in... Am thinking probably around 5 Cornies with two D-gas bottles and maybe two baby kegs on the jump up? And then just a few pluto guns and lines and hey presto I have a beer conditioning refrigeration unit - just pop the lid and serve when you need a beer? Plenty of insulation to efficiently condition the kegs when they are sitting around... and I don't really have a place to have a 'bar' and a kegerator and nice tap pour as there is not the room/config in this old place which is not mine... so probably is a bit make-shift but am thinking it might be eminently practical though hey. [So the back story is that currently there is a nasty war going on between me brew-fridge and the kegs - as the brew-fridge gets an identity crisis every time the kegs turn up and infest it till they're empty having a great time being gassed up and poured ; ) Then the brew fridge celebrates because his best mates the FVs comes back in to keep him company and he is giving the kegs an earful as they get dragged out of there screaming to get washed, hit with boiling water and perc and all sorts of nasty fluids and sterilised... there is definitely something going on between the two of 'em mate... yet to find out the whole story.... ]
  4. Beautiful thank you Sir - that is my Risk Assessment now complete and I have noted the experienced personnel participation on the register ha ha ; ) Yeah mate I would run at 1-2 degC so think would avoid all the terrible things at -20. I was just looking at worse-case-scenario and really appreciate your knowledgeable help mate! Thanks. It really is a practicality thing - if the box freezer fits the kegs plus cylinder or two - why not stick them all in there for safe-keeping and out of the way and not having to run a gas line in and keep the lid open... ok yeah I could cut a hole and pipe the line in - but like the idea of this refrigeration unit without holes for the time being ; ) To begin with I would like to think that the relatively new refrigeration unit will sit at 1 deg C quite happily... so my gas team (cylinder/lines/regs) should be safe and all ok. And they won't get inadvertently knocked over... Sound feasible?
  5. Wooohooo the latest drop... Golden Ale... it's Golden, it's an Ale, its got beautiful malt biscuity caramel tones... full bodied... great head, head retention and lacing. Rainwater AG w Maris Otter; Biscuit; BB Pale; Voyager Veloria Schooner Malt plus some wheat and a little acidulated... US05... 40g Styrian@60;30g Cascade@60; 40g Galaxy@15. A serious brew coming in close to 6% and FG of 1014. Picture no.1 out of an Aldi Flens Swingtop 330 and picture 2 out of a 1L swingtop a bit later in the evening. Yes, we are in the middle of a dust storm. Tiny bit of green starting to show ; ) Looking forward to the bigger volume currently in keg doing natural conditioning. Cheers Brewers. BB
  6. That's the one... but just in residence with a small cylinder at the moment... not yet tried the festy bulbs...
  7. Yeah must have come and gone... ah well... will keep an eye out. Probably should sort out the non-mobile version a bit better first ; ) Got another one for you RD resident gas expert ; ) Hey if I get a Refrig Unit - the one I am looking at is a Box Freezer Husky you can dial in the Temp you want... and will happily operate at -20 and through to +10 - you dial up the temp. That sounds good for kegs say at -1 to 1 or 2. The big question is - can I stick my CO2 D-bottle and Harris 601 Regulator and lines in there with the kegs - and or possibly a Beer Mix 70/30 nitro D-cylinder as well... i.e. is that gas gear just fine at -1 or 1 or 2 deg C? If the freezer thermostat shittttt itself and the unit dived down to -20 would there be any potential safety issue or equipment damage possibility re the gas lines, regulator and cylinders?
  8. Thanks for this Lusty. And did you say also that those C02 Bulbs - one or so - would be enough to SERVE a well gassed 19L Keg? Or was that a gassed up 9.5L Keg ? It's just for portability if you don't need to bring the C02 bottle with it does simplify things a little... makes it a bit more portable? Though as King of the Gas Game @Red devil 44 Red I could understand you not wanting to be seen dead at a Fest with a handful of dodgy tiny 16g bulbs in your kit... that would be a terrible disgrace ; )
  9. This shorttt-arrrse below is the only one from Bunno that I can locate so far RD... your festive fella is like four foot tall... this one for 90 bux is a short-arrrse joke?! I got a good mate who I reckon could build me one out of some remnant steel pipe but I would need a Franna to go to a Party ; ) That'd be a good look wouldn't it?! Probably need its own concrete plinth to place it on so you didn't wreck your mate's pool decking?
  10. Festive ; ) I would say tho BB1 that mowing green grass is much more fun than mowing dead grass, weeds and sticks (but necessary to assist in firebreak type clean-ups). I was coated from head to toe in fine dust... needed a tasty on-tap AG IPA after that I can tell yer! ; )
  11. I did my All Grain product lagering Alter Kumpel at 2 deg C in glass bottles for three months approx and it was magic! All with W34/70 and cold brewed using @Otto Von Blotto Kelsey's recommended lager temp protocol... and you get a very nice product... that gets even nicer with the cold lagering. Think that the orginal stuff was done in caves... saw something nice about a Beer from Bamberg being lagered in caves still today... Cheers BB
  12. It is a cracking device Cobber! A beautiful thing. I could seal that edge with a bit of silastic/paint or other goo if it worried me I guess. Gas lines pluto gun etc - all there - Yeah is very nice mate!!! But I would have to invest in @Otto Von Blotto barrels of fish guts, gelatin, ground up poly-pipe and pill coatings, Alum, Ferric Chloride and some polycationic coagulant from the prep plant to knock me sed out wouldn't I otherwise I would shake the brew up every time I moved the big baby? Guess if I serve a Coopers Sparkling type analogue or some Hefeweizen the more shaking the better... and if it is black stuff no-one will see anything anyway wadjareggin?
  13. Funny, you know I actually do like watching grass grow (if I don't have to mow it) but the terminology of watch = intermittent not constant ; )
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