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  1. @Aussiekraut Sad to hear that did not drop a few brews off... yeah this was my Aunty's 'Haus Bier' in the vicinity of Hamburg - and honestly it was a very refreshing 'herb' Bier and went sooo well with a dish known as Herringe Hausfrauenart… with fresh spring potatoes... a lunchtime serve... how beautiful it was... the salted Herrings in cream with gherkins apple and fresh onion with the fresh Salzkartoffel spring potatoes... offset by the lovely crisp bitter Jever…. mmmm….. beautiful. Good beer goes so well with good food!
  2. so what happens in a config like this - does it end up being a fire extinguisher ?
  3. Line length is critically important for friction loss in the lines as well as temp and pressure in the keg. But I would suggest that taps also will make a difference! Am not an expert on this Kelsey - but I got myself a SS Pluto Gun.... cost more... the other alternative was some pissss-ant plastic thing picnic tap that looked dangerous... So I reckon the tap you use will make a difference as well. Otherwise why do all these tap manufacturers go on and on about how legendary their new u-beaut taps are?
  4. Yeah loved Beamish but was not such a huuuuge fan of Murphys - a little tad sweet for what I thought... But Beamish..... ahhhhh just delectable.... a bit like the "Guinnless"…. but somehow a touch more malt character and an aggravated more-ish-ness ; )
  5. Phhhhaaarque the last big photo that was Sunday - it's just unstoppable... This is 3pm this arvo... fortunately the IPA keg has not run out quite yet.
  6. The only clear thing I am interested in is clear beer.
  7. In general for carbing my thoughts are @PaddyBrew2 that the colder the better - you see @Ben 10 Benny has minus... and I think @Otto Von Blotto is at zero.... I have been running at 2degC which is the max... cycles between 1.5-2 with the Inkbird…. And mate yer gotta do what the best with whatcha got - the ol' hand who started me off - said 3.5m minimum of beer line.... And that is what I have and has been good IN MY VERY FIRST KEG.... so the Brewers and Keggers on this site may know better.... My gut feel is if you want more bubbles - spritzig - in your beer - you amp up the PSI.... but you need longer lines for friction loss to stop the foaming..... So I can tell you one thing - when you pour your VERY FIRST GLASS - don't use a small vessel...
  8. I go 2 degC… but do what you can Cobber
  9. You should be fine Paddly! And don't worry about the extra cuppla litres… just get this baby working and go from there. I reckon you are on your way!
  10. Oh right... thanks James...Wow..... Moondance the song is great... But I had never heard this one... Into the Mystic New for me... Love it!
  11. That's the one - sadly I believe all owned by Heinekin… but certainly a few years ago was very taschty!
  12. When it comes to TSS Total Suspended Solids I don't care what it is. It is either in suspension... or flocculated on the floor of the solute which is here the brew and over time may occur regards bottles as the matter on the base of the bottle. Whether it is Yeast, or Protein, or Hops, it will contribute to suspended solids which can be measured as nephelometric turbidity units. So I do not agree. When we talk of 'particulates; in beer, I would suggest, we are discussing whatever matter is in suspension.
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