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  1. Yeah I have rarely seen things growing that might have been algae - once some floating strands in an FV on KnK being kept warm by a 30W lightbulb... and once some floating colonies in bottles in summer from a good German brewery (who replaced them) in Germany when the bottles had been cellared for a while... but they may also have been wild yeast colonies...
  2. Lovely AG Wheat Beer (Hefeweizen) 50:50 Wheat/Pilsener Malt, noble hops, and with the W3068 Liquid yeast... very refreshing:
  3. Whoops - correct re Fungi Kelsey.... Good call. Went up a dry gully there ; ) That was completely incorrect on my part after too many lovely AG HBs and a few quiet rums... As you point out -- yeasts are part of the Kingdom of Fungi (as opposed to e.g. the Prokaryotes, Plant and Animal Kingdoms ). And yes the main reason for the dark coloured bottles it seems is to prevent UV photodegradation re hops/skunking. However, I do believe that light assists Algal growth, Algae being photosynthetic organisms, and hence keeping the FV in the dark might assist in reducing possible algal growth. I will delete the nonsense above. Thanks Kelsey. And agree with you - better keep your FV and bottles away from light. Cheers, BB
  4. Hey Lusty! Thanks for all of the extensive information! Will chase it up. Thanks mate. BB
  5. Thanks Kelsey! Just smelled that beautiful aroma when de-hopped and was wondering whether I had pulled out too early!? Anyway - sounds good. Looking forward to the result. And thanks re the Cold Crash - you and Greeny - will leave a week nice and cold! Cheers BB
  6. So as no further feedback from any Master Brewers re my question above whether 3 days Dry Hopping is enough - I went with Palmer and pulled out the Dry Hop after three good days... A tale of two FVs... Galaxy flowers in the Dampfbier… have managed to deflower that as best I could - and yes @Beerlust I did squeeze them out ; ) A few floaters remain... see how we go. The CCC hop pellets came out in the hop tube after a bit of fishing about with the sterilised stainless steel long-tongs... and smelled great when out of the hop tube... just beautiful - a few drips tasted like there was something there.... was wondering whether I pulled them too early at day 3? Anyone? Anyway... will let things progress for a couple more days at 22 deg C and then cold crash and bottle late next weekend. Cheers Brewers and have a great weekend.
  7. Good luck with your new device Kelsey! Sounds like it is going the right direction....
  8. Gold Norris! Good luck with the PA mate. Yeah I like opening the FV Fridge too... though I think that since I got the advice to put in the dry hop fairly late (well after the big ferment fest is going on), that there is less CO2 and less aroma coming off with it... so hopefully more is being retained in the final beer ; ) CCC are pretty cool - am thinking whether I should try throwing in Galaxy as well some time in the future to make a CCCG? Got a big fat bag of Mosaic in the freezer as well... which I have not yet had the chance to try...
  9. Beaut thanks Greeny. Much appreciated. 'Tis US05 in the main FV with IPA so reckon I am looking at brewing on the weekend (got a free FV) and leaving the IPA/Dampfbier (W3068) develop a little further to get it down a few more points maybe and cold-crash mid next week for bottling the following weekend. I will look to pull out the dry hops tomorrow though as it seems 3 days is good - Mr Palmer - and longer may induce grassiness? Anyone any advice on late hopping and avoiding the grassiness.... am at 22 deg C....
  10. Sounds good Lizzy - am with you there ; ) Further, encouraged by the earlier stirring discussions I did the deed and got in and gave bottom FV a stir with long handled sterile SS spoon... hopefully it will help the brew.... as it certainly did me a favour... The Triple C aromas of late hop Cascade Centennial Citra were G for Gold!
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