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  1. As Molly Meldrum would say "Do yourself a favour" - - - and get out there, it's not just the pubs as such, it's the legends you meet who drink there. Cheers
  2. With out a doubt, the Birdsville Pub ahead of the Nindigully, or even the Mungerannie Pub. Cheers!
  3. Is it possible that the caps are made of the same material as "Duo-tite "fittings - the ones that split when subject to Starsan style sanitiser??
  4. No problem with Firefox and McAfee Livesafe, just tried. Cheers
  5. You could try and neutralise it by swabbing it with something like cloudy ammonia, from Woolies, Bunnings etc.
  6. Is Nottingham your go-to yeast? I have a pack in the fridge waiting on FV space. Can you say what it is that you like about it? Cheers
  7. On the occasions I've come close to running out of gas my high pressure gauge did show a gradual drop in indication, but it's sure as hell told me to get my act together and get it refilled! A bit like the oil pressure light in our cars, when it comes on it's pretty much too late! Depending on your cash situation, it's always nice to have a back-up, even if it's a smaller bottle. Murphy says that when you run out it'll be Sunday. Cheers
  8. I have 2 Harris regulators. The bottle pressure gauge will go up and down with ambient temperature but, given the temp is stable, if the bottle pressure starts to drop, it's time to organise a refill or back-up. No different to other regulators I've owned. IMO the bottle pressure gauge is a bit like an ashtray on a motorbike! Cheers
  9. For cheap 20L food grade buckets, see your butcher. They get all manner of marinades etc. in them, at least both of our locals do. If he knows you are looking for them he won't throw them out. Cheers.
  10. Looks perfectly normal krausen to me, carry on I'd say. Cheers
  11. Ahsole, didn't make it back to the car. To add insult to injury, the young bloke at the checkout bragged how he'd bought 4 boxes, Grrrr. Cheers
  12. Went to Dan's this morning to buy a slab - 1 bloody can was all that's left! Not happy Jan.
  13. Wow! Everyone seems to use something subtly different. I have 3 different brand digital types, but none of them pass the ice test. It's just that we're trying to control mash temperature where 2 degrees can make a difference. But thank you, food for thought. Cheers
  14. What brewing thermometers do you guys use? I'm looking to get something "decent ", somewhere between the supreme and the ridiculous $$ wise. Cheers
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