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  1. Another thing to be on guard for Joseph, is mould. Our eldest bloke lives in Darwin as well and we've seen how easy it is to pick up mould, and the damage it can cause. I'm certain you've experienced it as well. When you get your fridge, be careful, wipe up any spillage. When not in use, leave the fridge completely open and dry. Once mould sets in it's extremely difficult to get rid of.
  2. Olemate

    Storing Steeped Liquor

    Thanks guys, a quick run to the LHBS today will see me back in business.
  3. Olemate

    airlocks, ay or nay?

    Haven't used airlocks for quite a while. When I did, I used starsan in the airlock, just that little bit of extra protection.
  4. Olemate

    Storing Steeped Liquor

    Thanks mate, cheers!
  5. Olemate

    Storing Steeped Liquor

    Just to confirm my thoughts. I've steeped some light Xtal to add to a K&bits. Due to my meticulous planning, I don't have the hops I want. I have strained and sparged the liquid off the grains. As I haven't boiled yet, I'm imagining that the steep liquid would be OK to store in the fridge, even for a couple of days?? The top of the boiler is sealed with clingwrap. Have I missed something? Cheers
  6. Olemate

    Preparing To Plant Hops

    Thanks very much, can't wait to give it a go! Cheers
  7. Olemate

    Preparing To Plant Hops

    Thanks mien Kapitan!
  8. Getting set to build a raised garden bed, and have a go at growing hops later in the year. Looks a good spot, full Northern exposure, beside a carport to run strings as a trellis. Found some interesting threads with the community search function, but are there any texts on growing hops? My gardening skills are zero, in our house a plant has to be bloody tough to survive, so some background information would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  9. Olemate

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    Shozbot Graculus! Now that would blow your shoes and socks off!! I'll give gash's stout a crack and see how it goes. Mark
  10. Olemate

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    Thanks for your thoughts. Christina, I guess I could cut back on the volume 19L perhaps, might bring the ABV up enough. By the same token I don't want to blow my socks off. Graculus, when you say it didn't work, what do you mean? The vanilla was lost in the chocolate? Cheers Mark
  11. Olemate

    Chocolate and Vanilla Stout

    Thanks chaps, I'll give it a crack. Love coffee, it doesn't love me At least I can give it a couple of months, on gas at room temp is the way to go I guess. Cheers
  12. Olemate

    hops substitute

    According to The Hop List by Julian Healey, the only substitute listed is Saaz, a descendant of Summer created by HPA. Cheers
  13. Afternoon all. Seriously considering putting down Gash Slug's "Coopers Chocolate and Vanilla Stout". Has anyone tried it? If I brewed it to >5% ABV how do you think it would age? I'd like to put something aside for a couple of months until winter. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated. Cheers http://www.cellardweller.net/index.php/en/extract-brewing/extract-recipes/extract-stouts/extract-stouts Also on Gash Slug Brewing youtube channel.
  14. Olemate

    Quick Question

    I take your point, thank you. Mark
  15. Olemate

    Quick Question

    Thanks Kelsey, so the hop tea isn't an infection risk? Mark