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  1. Olemate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Thanks Kelsey, Sorry Hairy, my bad, S 04 it is. Seems definitely worth a try! Cheers.
  2. Olemate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    A yeast oriented question, but on a different track. I'm a frequent user of US 05 and find it a pretty good rough and tumble ale yeast, even using wheat malt (touch wood!). Talking to a brewer in Tassie (Little Rivers micro brewery) and he recommends using US 04 instead. He is of the opinion that it is a far better floccer and prefers it's taste in the ales that he brews. Does anyone else share his opinion, before I dive down that rabbit hole?
  3. Olemate

    Coopers Ginger Beer.

    Does anyone have any news on when Coopers will release their Ginger Beer kit? Cheers Mark
  4. Olemate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Really like your bullet point procedure warthog. So what will be your revised procedures? I'm very interested in nailing a best practice procedure. Cheers
  5. Olemate

    Water questions 2019

    Thanks guys, one tablet it is!I have a very small mortar and pessel and intend to add to the brew water, before chilling, the night before putting the brew down. I guess that overdosing isn't an issue? Mark
  6. Olemate

    Water questions 2019

    My question isn't exactly on track with the current discussion, but water related all the same. I have established that our local water authority doses our town water with Chloroamines in lieu of Chlorine. I've read here, somewhere, that Campden tablets can be used to remove Chloroamines. How much/many tablet(s) are necessary to treat a 23l brew? I'm keen to give this a go to see whether it has a noticeable effect on my brews. Mark
  7. Olemate

    Location of brewing fridge

    I reckon the poor old fridge will be working it's guts out in summer and same with the heat pad/belt in winter (with power bill to suit). Perhaps, if you are stuck with that position, some sort of reflective foil, such as an emergency blanket, positioned just so, could help reflect some of the heat. If it an older fridge with the radiator elements on the back, maybe you could put some insulation batts around the main part of the fridge. If it's one of the new fangled fridges with the internal condenser panels it's much more difficult. Mark
  8. Olemate

    LDM For Making A Starter

    I agree John. I figured that a flask is easier to seal against possible contamination. As I said originally I've made quite a few starters and by doing as Greeny suggests (turning gas right down) I've prevented boil overs. Normally a 2L starter in a 5L flask provides enough head room, but not this time using Coopers LDM, but this mother just kept foaming and foaming, and there seemed an abnormal amount of flakey bits. Re. cleaning, I find that a dose of percarb. usually does the job, if not, backed up with a bottle brush. Cheers Mark
  9. Afternoon all, and a happy new year to one and all! Making up a 2L starter this morning with 200gms Coopers LDM in a 5L flask. Brought to the boil and watched for the hot break. When it occurred I turned the gas off but the foam kept going and going, finally coming out the top of the flask. I faffed about for at least 30 minutes, gas on gas off, waiting for the foam to die down as it had on past occasions, a lot of flakes of grey shite floating about. Previously I had only ever used LDM from our LHBS and not had an issue like this. Has anyone else had the same sort of issue with the Coopers LDM? Also does anyone know just what those grey flakey bits are? I've actually seen them last through fermentation and end up in the keg. Mark
  10. Olemate

    Temps for kegging

    Do you have access under the house? Temp there is generally cooler and reasonably stable. Not much chop if you have a concrete slab floor though.🤷♂
  11. Olemate

    Inkbird Help

    I've had the same thing happen several times and, as Hairy says, it was the compressor delay which can be quite long on some fridges. It's only when you are sweating on the fridge to kick in that you notice it. Each time you turn it off, the restart/try another power point exercise only starts the delay all over again.
  12. Olemate

    Keg Hopping

    Thanks Norris, I'm kegging on Boxing Day and I'll try 30gms Centennial in my pale ale and see how it goes.
  13. Olemate

    Keg Hopping

    I'm keen to try keg hopping as well, picked up a hop spider, the type with a screw on lid and short length of s/s chain to suspend under the keg lid. I usually dry hop with around 30 - 40gms of hops. Has anyone actually experienced this "grassiness" we hear of from prolonged hop exposure to the beer? And, if so what hops create this effect, or perhaps it's a weight of hops thing? I'd prefer to leave the spider in there till she blows if I can.
  14. Olemate

    Dry ingredients alternative

    Dan Murphys also carry a range of brew enhancers and light dry malt, as do Woolies, albeit in a much reduced stock these days. Failing that, you used to be able to buy Cans of Cornwalls Malt Extract from supermarkets.
  15. The general discussions I've read, point to using LDM in starters. I ran out, so I used dextrose. The little beasties seem to be chomping away merrily. Is there any real difference, at the end of the day?🤷♂