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  1. As I said, I'm not really against it, I just don't see the big draw either as fermentation is a very passive process for me. I will probably swap over to it (probably the arduino version) once my STC-1000 gives out (I have already had one fail) just because it's easy to do - I just don't expect it to make much difference to me. No real logic behind the floating tube - I just don't like the idea of it. I may change my mind on that once I have a brewpi set up though.
  2. Hey mate, They definitely are, I will send you a text tomorrow night. I have been flat out lately (working six days a week) and am going overseas for a few weeks soon so it has been hectic. I will be away over the long weekend but will be around most nights during the week so we can work something out.
  3. I have to say I am also pretty uninterested in these (at this stage anyway) - but I could easily see myself doing one just for the sake of it down the track... Probably when/if my STC-1000 dies. I am a computer programmer so very comfortable with this sort of stuff (and have made several Arduino projects in the past) but I just find the brewpi software really unnecessary... I love using micro-controllers where they make sense (especially DIY automation type stuff) but as far as I can tell the brewpi doesn't do much that an STC-1000 can't. The biggest selling point for me is more precise temperature control - But I very much doubt it's necessary to be any more precise than an STC-1000. Logging/recording the temperature over time I think is pointless, as is being able to check the temp over wifi. Setting profiles to automate ramping up and down isn't much of an advantage/selling point either. This would probably all change if you could measure gravity without having a tube floating in the wort though... Then you could do things like have the temperature change when certain gravities were reached (FG most of the time but could be useful for lagers as well). I hate the idea of having a tube floating around in the wort though so I will stick to the STC-1000 for now. EDIT: I guess what I am saying is that (for me) fermentation is a pretty passive process so there isn't really much to automate. I usually just set the temperature and leave it, with only a couple of temp changes (cold crashing and raising it a bit towards the end). I think where micro-controllers really shine is when actions need to be taken at specific times (IE. watering plants the perfect amount by measuring soil moisture content). There just isn't a big need for them in brewing in my opinion.
  4. Just another quick question, what do you clean them with? They seem to recommend PBW (The manufacturer and most forums I have seen) but sodium perc is WAY cheaper and has been working flawessly on my plastic fermenter so I can't see why it wouldn't work the same on SS - Alot of people on American brewing forums seems to swear by PBW though, some of them even making homemade versions of it.
  5. Yeah there are alot of DIY sous vide options' date=' from the beer cooler method to people who use STC-1000s and a heating element with a re-circulation pump. The cost of proper (even high end) sous vide machines is only a couple of hundred dollars (not thousands like the guy in the video mentions) so I think it's a worthwhile investment (for me anyway as I do alot of serious cooking). The difference between a couple of degrees in water temp can make a big difference when cooking certain foods (like eggs for example) and the proper machines can clip onto stockpots etc so I don't need to have a dedicated beer cooler or large container messing up my kitchen. I have read that the beer cooler method works great for foods that are a bit more forgiving though, especially steaks. The grainfather would probably work great as a large sous vide cooker as it has re-circulation and temp control - so that's an added bonus for anyone who has one and doesn't already have a sous vide machine. What link are you after mate? The link to the water displacement method for zip-lock bags is in my above post.
  6. Just picked up a Sunbeam VS6000 Foodsaver today - I haven't used it yet but I am hoping it gets the job done. Annoyingly I found it pretty hard to find any useful information about vacuum sealers online. There are very few reviews/comparisons etc. so in the end I just took a punt on what was at the local Big W. I have been after one for a while for sous vide, packing food into eskies for camping and such and long term storage of broken down chicken parts in the freezer. Now that I have added storing hops in the freezer to this list it seemed like time I finally pulled the trigger on one. I will let you guys know if it's any good once I have tried it out a bit. One of the good things about this one is you can vacuum seal wet ingredients in it (eg. steak/chicken with a marinade). For anyone who doesn't have a vacuum sealer, I have been using the water displacement method for years with normal zip lock bags with good results. This is the method for anyone who hasn't seen it:
  7. I just saved your number on my PC - I would definitely edit the post and remove your number if I were you. My weekend plans are a bit uncertain at this stage but I will swing you a text tomorrow and see when suits.
  8. 34 Coopers tallies for the taking if you want them mate - Let me know. A bit OT but while there are a few Brisbane brewers around... Has anyone ever heard of or done one of these Brisbane based craft brewery tours? http://hoponbrewerytours.com.au/ I stumbled across this only recently and am thinking of getting some mates together and giving it a go. Any thoughts/past experiences appreciated.
  9. Do you often store kegs out of the fridge for long periods? I haven't read up much about storing kegs like this - How long can they last? I am guessing a fair while if you burp all the oxygen out of them?
  10. I probably have a few coopers long necks I can get rid of seeing as I just got into kegging - How many are you after? I can have a look downstairs tomorrow afternoon and see how many I currently have - I would say it's likely that I could offload some though. EDIT: I have given this some thought and I will probably have a couple of dozen longnecks to give away. I will come up with a final number tomorrow afternoon but I definitely saved more than I want to hold on to now that I have kegs. Do you want to take the lot? They have all been soaked in hot water and had the labels cleaned off so shouldn't be any nasties in any of them, but I would probably recommend a proper clean at some point. I live pretty inner city.
  11. Why not use gelatin? I have read that if you fine with gelatin when you CC, it only takes a day or two to work and drop everything out. I currently CC for 7 days at 0C but plan to hopefully cut this back a fair bit in the future by using gelatin - I just need to get a few more brews under my belt and iron out my current process before I start adding more in.
  12. Does your local supermarket sell any homebrew gear? There is usually a small area in the soft-drink aisle in my experience. They have Woollies branded caps so I would think most would stock them. https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/Search/Products?searchTerm=crown&name=homebrand-home-brew-crown-seals&productId=74330
  13. First batch ever went into the keg yesterday afternoon! Went pretty smoothly but I think it will take me a few goes at it to really get it nailed down. I transferred from the FV to the keg by attaching some beer line to the bottling wand which I inserted in the tap and had a QD on the other end which I attached to the beer out post on the keg (Gravity fed) - This worked really well and didn't look like I was at risk of oxygenation. I left the lid off so I could see where I was filling to- I have heard some people do this with the lid on so it is a "closed" system and just attach a gas QD to the keg to release the pressure but I have no idea how people know where in the keg they have filled to (other than by weight which seems like more hassle than it's worth). There was an extra couple of litres of clean beer which I put in one of the SS ultimate growlers. I will probably carbonate this with a C02 bulb and the growler drafto kit - I had intended to bottle a couple but ran out of motivation late in the day. I left the keg hooked up at 35PSI for 24 hours and turned it back to 12PSI after burping it this afternoon - I will hook up a pluto gun and give it a taste during the week to see what the carbonation is like. I currently have the keg sitting at 2C. I am flat out with work at the moment but hoping I can get in a session sometime soon!
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