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  1. Here we go! http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/161228922459 Looks similar to the 1000
  2. You can get 12v fridges man. Sure I saw some controllers with 12v? I've been wrong before though once or twice
  3. Ha, another one of these posts Just so you know: our local Darwin brew shop sells a strain of yeast that handles high temps supposedly better than any other. He tells us to throw away the supplied yeast. Thing is: I've only done two brews here so far. One is impossible to tell results because it was a home made mash without a brand and also Weiss bier with weiss yeast, the other I think is good! So maybe they're right. Either way I bought a temperature controller because I want to be more serious and enjoy better beer on advice of the pros here Ps: pretty sure the stc-1000's can run on 12v (?) I wouldn't be personally concerned with 28 degrees being poisonous. I've drank loads of brews hovering around 31ish and felt better than if I'd drank VB the next day, that's for sure. Also drank many of them a day after bottling, just quietly..
  4. Hi all Got a rather large stash ready to check out but just one question beforehand: Does Coopers club deliver to po boxes? And is it a $15 fee for any amount purchased? Thank you
  5. Here's a take on the Coopers wheat with wb-06 yeast
  6. Haha. It seems they mainly do hey :D
  7. Thanks for your wisdom fellas. That's a great point on trying brew cans stock Otto, and great to hear it turned out well Hairy. Probably shouldn't suprise me too much being a Coopers can. I remember years ago when the brew shop guy was telling me that Beer Makers, Black Rock etc were superior but after loads of 'confused' tasting brews I tried the Pale Ale and thought it was great! I think he was telling me that because at the time Coopers kits were in the local supermarket in Geelong and he ofcourse wanted the business Cheers!
  8. I'd have to agree with you there Lusty. My thoughts have always been that Coopers clear just wasn't Coopers anymore and to me it just doesn't really fit. I'm just not sure it works but that could only be the minority's way of thinking
  9. I'm just shopping online through the Coopers store picking up a few cans n things. I'd like to ask: is it worthwhile trying this kit as-is with no additional hops or should I be buying some? Same goes for the Mexican cerveza. I'm planning on doing the wheat with 1.5kg wheat malt extract and a brew enhancer 2 for the cerveza Thank you
  10. I personally think Coopers clear is Coopers answer to any standard Aussie beer for the people who drink 'clear' thin beer (which is probably about 90% of the population) business is business and you should cater for a wide audience
  11. I used to really love Bintang, but since learning more about beer it's actually a pretty crappy drop.. little head retention, slightly bland, bitter taste, usual 'dishwater' finish. Almost as bad as a CUB flagship beer rant over
  12. Thanks Pete! Might take you up on that offer when we get back into town. Swap you a few brews
  13. I see what they mean when they say Saaz is a 'noble' hop and not much else. It's almost all I can taste in this lager so far.. but I read that hops will fade quite a bit with time. Yea, no grassy flavours so they seem to be ok for leaving in My controller came today! But I jump on a plane tonight so no brew for me just yet least I can't drink any more of what's already there though!
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