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  1. G'day Youngie I have used it at 5%, 8% and 9%. My first use of it was at 5% but I can't remember how well it came through, suffice it to say I later upped it to 8% and then went on to do about 3 more brews at 9%. It is quite dominant to my taste buds at 9% and I think I would go back to 7 or 8 in future brews. 9% for me and I can really detect it but I'm not sure that I want to really be able to. I think I'd just like to have it contributing in the background to the overall flavour of my brew. Cheers Morrie
  2. I have an ordinary old electric hot water system. It has a small panel on the side which is easily removed. Therein lies a thermostat marked in degrees C which is adjustable.
  3. G'day Muddy I just plugged your brew numbers into IanH's spreadsheet and I am assuming you did a 23 litre batch and I got: OG 1.039 FG 1.010 3.8% ABV 4.2% ABV in bottles. Assuming yeast attenuation is 75%. You can control your OG the same way as before, just add more or less dry or liquid malt. I brew ales at 18º for at least 5 days then lift temp by 3º for about a week then crash chill at zero for about a week. If your wort is not thoroughly mixed than you will get a lower figure when measuring OG than actual. I preferred to use Coopers liquid malt extracts when doing kits. I don't like the messiness / stickiness of the dry malt and they mix in better with no lumps. Cheers Morrie
  4. G'day Tommy - When I was doing Coopers kits, I used their 1.5kg malt extract cans which is commonly know as liquid malt extract for a fermentable. They have 4 different cans to choose from. I ended up using the wheat one in my Bootmaker kits which was recommended to me by Scottie to try. The wheat one is only 50% wheat and 50% pale. I found it to make a very nice beer with plenty of good beer foam qualities and a really nice mouth feel. I used to order it from Coopers when they have the free freight week each month. Cheers Morrie
  5. I sure as hell won't be giving up IBU values in Beersmith. It doesn't matter how inaccurate it may be as long as the inaccuracy is consistent, which it is. That way I have a bench mark to formulate my recipies upon to suit my taste. And to me IBU's or more commonly bitterness is an important part of how I brew and how my beer tastes. Beersmith is so user friendly and reliable in my experience, no need to do any number crunching or maths, just plug it all in and get an IBU number in the end.
  6. Cheers Hairy - I now have a sack of BB ale malt laying in the spare bed room. Hope to put a brew down Sunday with it. Next sack of Pale will be Coopers Commander to see how that goes.
  7. Welcome to the Coopers Forum stquinto. If it were me I would just use anywhere between 1 and 1.5 kg of dry malt powder. In my opinion it will make a nicer beer than BE2 will anyway. Either that or liquid malt extract in brewers quality, not the food grade stuff.
  8. https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/search?search=starsan Only 500 ml in stock. Some other suppliers out of stock too.
  9. From what I've read most drinkers can't detect a difference between 2 identical beers that are 5 IBUs apart. I know I couldn't. But 10 IBUs I can.
  10. NHB is about the closest HB shop for me that sells grains. I'd really like to know specifically which variety their ale malt consists of. Thanks mate. Edit, just had a look at the NHB site and it is specified as Commander.
  11. Does anyone know what variety of barley Coopers Ale Malt is?
  12. Interesting John, its something I've never thought of or considered. I guess at the end of the day its just a number that I use as a personal reference point, eg I may like my English pales around 28 IBUs and my APAs around 38 IBUs. It doesn't really matter if the number is out by 10 IBUs, just as long as its consistent for my process.
  13. Hey Paul - Great to read Coopers are now malsters. I am keen to try the heritage variety Schooner when it becomes available. Is there any indication when Schooner will be available in the HB shops?
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