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  1. Hi I am brewing coopers European larger at 13deg using a chest freezer. After two weeks my gravity reading is at 1010 but if I leave my hydrometer for about 20mins my gravity reading rises to 1020. And also there is alot of foam and gas in my sample. The last time I made lager beer it was without a chest freezer and temp controller. I was very sick and bloated after drinking it because of all the gas…so I thought using a chest freezer with a temp controller would remove the gas…but it doesn't appear like there is an improving. Please help?
  2. I am looking for hops rhizomes (cascade) to grow in my garden. I live in Perth and can't find any. It would be great if someone can help? People I contacted said that you can't send rhizomes to perth because of quarantine laws. Any advice please?
  3. Thanks to everyone that posted on this topic. My beer turned out to be perfectly fine. Can't be more pleased. So far everyone that tasted my beer liked it. So far good.
  4. I am currently only using extracts. Thanks for the link
  5. Is distilled water any good for brewing beer? I believe Heineken uses purified water. Does it make a difference? I can get distilled water for free instead of paying $10 for 20 litres of mineral water each time I brew beer. I know you can boil tap water to remove chlorine but I’ll rather pay $10 instead of standing and boiling 23 litres of water. Any good advice here please.
  6. Thanks, yes I meant to say coopers sanitiser typing error. lol
  7. Thanks for the replies. I will keep the temp about 20deg and thanks for the correction, yes I meant to say krausen. I will take a gravity reading at 6 & 7 to see if it is stabilizing. Is Safale S-04 a good yeast to use?
  8. I brewed my first batch of coopers lager with the kit I purchased. I made a mistake with the temperature pitching the yeast in at 28deg. My first brew was unsuccessful due to an infection. I tried again but with coopers Australian pale ale. Instead if using coopers No.2 dextrose, I purchase a kit with mix dry malt, dextrose and a hops bag. Instead of using cooper yeast I decided to use Safale S-04 yeast. I made 100% sure to get the temperature right this time. I pitch in the yeast at 20deg and kept the temperature between 15deg-20deg for 5 days already. With the Lager there was a strong alcohol smell for the first 4 days and cleared pretty quickly. With pale ale there is no strong smell and the bubbles seems to not be clearing. What’s going on? Is this possibly the second fail
  9. I used copper sanitiser and left it overnight. The next day I saw hard little flakes stuck to my fermenter and equipment. I could scrape it off with sharp object. What could it be?
  10. I made a similar mistake with the temperature and then I started to panic and through ice in. My first batch was infected and tasted sour like sulfur. Should have practiced as per instructions first.
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