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  1. Heya Greeny, thanks very much for the tip! The cans are from 2018, while old i have found using new yeast they usually go ok, ha ha desperate times with the economy and all
  2. Hi all! Bottled the stout and now looking to fill the fermentor again with what i have on hand and after your thoughts Old hops in the fridge: 30g Galaxy, 50g of Cascade. Yeast: Us 05. Sugars: 1kg Dex, 750g Amber LME, 500g LDM., 1kg BE1 or similar from LHBS. What i was thinking was toss the IPA in with the BE1 and do a short boil or steep with the Galaxy say 10 mins, not quite sure about the Canadian Blonde as i have never used it before and ill be tossing the kit yeast cause the can is old and if its a lager style not sure how it would go with Us 05. If the Us 05 would be ok i could jus do a short Cascade boil and use some Dex / LME. Cheers Mateys!
  3. put a OS stout can down with some liquid amber malt and short fuggles boil, cant wait to get it bottled ha ha its in the simple things in these crazy times
  4. i used to have one but it broke, use a siphon now straight out the top, fitted a little tap to it then have another short section of pipe off the tap that goes in my bottles
  5. Ahoy, i read somewhere to open ur dishwasher if you have one and do it on the bench above, any spills are caught that way and don't infuriate the mrs ha ha
  6. Local homebrew guy was out of DEX lol had a run on the joint, our dans is out of be 3 and 2 and almost DEX to! Might be malt cans for the end of the world if your like me and not an epic all grains brewer
  7. Holy smokes, that's a sign of the times isn't it!? I appreciate the info re they dont add anything in, will get that flour when able to once this settles down. A Few months ago i convinced my parents to buy a grain mill, have a 10gk bag of wheat that i mill when i need to so i can keep the bread going, biggest challenge i see ahead is getting yeast - our town has been all sold out since weekend before last! The issue with my parents having the mill at their house is they are over 70, so i might have to stop visiting soon. Ha ha ha going to have all grain brewers milling their barley stocks soon for bread instead?
  8. cheers i was thinking fuggles was the best fit!
  9. OS stout can, amber malt can, hops in the fridge: cascade, fuggles, azacca. So my last brew came up short, have been working though my old cans and this amber family secrets yeast misfired and then it got some bad smells! Opps, anywho went out and bought a new stout can, have the amber malt can ready and the hops in fridge. Think i have around 50g of all hops mentioned, thinking short boil of 10m then flamout, maybe cascade or fuggles go 25g and 25g to that schedule? Cheers Mateys, the COVID brew needs to get put dowq asap!
  10. ha ha yes, i do have a filthy old starter in hibernation in the fridge but would take a few days minimum to get healthy, possibly closer to a week. Thanks for the input, i think i was jus wiggin out of the ol COVID! Might get the starter healthy again now flour is back at the supermarkets
  11. Hi all, Love a good homebrew, about to bottle an amber. With the shops in a bit of a mess and all the panic buying due to COVID19 I haven't been able to buy any bread yeast to make bread but have plenty of flour. Anyone got any recipes that use the left over bit in the bottom of the fermentor as a yeast replacement or just how to make a loaf with a coopers bottle with its sedament instead of dry bread yeast? Cheers for any input anyone can give!
  12. Hi all Due to the wonderful forum assistance / convo i got on this post I felt I owed an update. While it might seem obvious to many with experience hopefully it helps someone else down the track. Three big things I did that seemed to help shift away from that home brew taste: 1. Don't open the fermentor halfway through to **taste** ha ha ha, yes that is a confession 2. Fixed siphon hose so that less air bubbles go into bottle when bottling, less oxigen getting in 3. Sanitizing all bottles once, sometimes twice in dish washer and conducting the smell test to make sure they are all good to go for the next batch. Thanks all for your input on this!
  13. Ha ha ha, you sir knew the answer to this question when you asked I am sure of it will update newer Post with results
  14. Cheers Otto, next brew will bear that in mind and i think we will tweak from there! Ha ha its amazing how good an average brew, still green with said reported undertones can still be on these hot summer nights!
  15. ha ha wish you could edit posts... phone makes for terrible typos, **didn't get wasted then have one more and thought it tasted better** just felt i had to clarify
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