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  1. @Murray graham Sediment or as it's sometimes referred to as the sands of the torres...(straits). Ive noticed using either fermentis US04/05 the sediment seems to really stick to the bottom of the bottle without any need to separate beer from sediment (& Yes your beer should have this) ..but as long as you haven't bottled the trub or yeast cake from your batch just drink the sh##t, it's choc full of vitamin B matey-
  2. Evening mate's, I brought my kelvinator fridge when i first moved out of home at age 18.. I had no idea the journey that fridge & i would endure, from various half naked girlfriends grabing orange juice out of it on a hungover sunday mornings to a weird vodka UDL phase when the cops used to turn up routinely to the place i was renting to tell me to turn the music down. As the possibilitys of making beer shaped my consciousness my kelvinator was elevated to a new destiny...keeping my fermentation temperature stable, that is or was untill a month ago when the units compresser pact it in, naturally i was in denial, arguing that it had to be the power companys fault & not my 25yr old fridge. Naturally ill give the old girl a wake to send her off, but what should i buy to replace it? Another fridge? A chest freezer? A brew jacket?? Create some kind of swamp cooler??? What temperature stabizing unit are you using mates? Any tip hints or advice cheers mate's °•⊙ (Its supposed to get 26°c in sydney tomorrow its probably going to ruin my ale-)
  3. @Bodgy By steeping the right grains & choosing the right hops & Fermentables you can turn a lager kit into a stout or amber ale or pretty much anything you like.. ie Basic porter ale. •Kit European lager •1 .5 kg of amber extract •500gs of dme •250gs of Dark crystal grain •300gs of Chocolate grain •150g of Roasted barley • Ekg @ 40 minutes •Fuggels @ 20 minutes •Ekg @ 15 minutes •Yeast Windsor or Nottingham Cheers mate happy brewing-
  4. °•○ @iBooz2 ☆ Hey mate c'mon there maybe a cockroach in the bbq buddy but there definitely isn't a weed in site haha.. (at least on this side of my house)....My backyard is sort of like a mullet hair cut business at the front & party at the back!
  5. Preliminary tasting of my dark ale! Time to blow the dust off the bbq absolutely stonking good day here Cheers mate's
  6. @Stickers You guys in Victoria look after your selves down there! it's obviously been a rough month for you all. Don't forget were depending on you all to eradicate this covid shit storm so you can all get back to doing what your state does best...Sporting events ..The Melbourne cup & Boxing day test!!! Keep well°•○
  7. °⊙○ @Stickers ☆⊙°○ °○⊙Hey buddy, Smothy ale is a lovely darkale/porter and a pretty simple 1-2 combo, the EKG will add a certain... je ne sais quoi.. obviously it adds to the bitterness a bit it also give it a nice floral aroma finish to the beer.. Both kits are pre- bittered so it wouldn't be to sweet with out it, but the EKG is a cheery on the cake in my opinion. Give it a try as the 2can brother, ive no doubt it will produce an excellent beer still. ♤♡ As a habbit i load up on various types of hops & yeast & just leave it all in the crisper (in the fridge) so iam rarely caught out, it some what annoys the bride but i won't get into that ♧♧
  8. °•○Thanks @Shamus O'Sean ☆ ○°•A good brewer will need to occasionally brew a beer that accommodates the expectations of his or her work place & colleague's.. a beer that won't risk or compromise the business sick leave standards or reflect upon the brewers poor saftey record- ♤♡Drink up brother ◇♧
  9. British light malt extract?? Unless you mean Muntons Maris otter which is British & comes in 1.5kg tins, it isn't dry but a superb lme.
  10. @Journeyman Mate you probably can get better advice other than from me off the forum, but what type of Amber ale do you have in mind? (? )An English style (?)Or North American -That makes both the yeast & the hop & grain choices so much easier to choose. ♤English Bitter •Hops: Fuggles /Ekg/Bramling cross etc •Yeast: windsor/nottingham /US04 etc ♧North American Amber. •Cascade /amerilleo/ citra •Yeast: Chico US05/Bry 97/ US west coast ⊙°• As for fermentables, Id go either 1kg of light dryed malt extract or 1kg amber malt extract (if you can get it.) (250g/300gs of dextrose if extra abv is required) ⊙°•Grains: •♤English - 200gs of dark crystal /40g roasted barley. •♧ American - 200gs of cara red or medium crystal. Either way mate I'd be cranking the hops, the fs amber ale is 500 ibu's! Best of luck matey-
  11. I just dropped a new mid strength beer down on Tuesday, body & head retention are always obvious challenges when brewing lower ABV brews. Using some crystal grains as well as your carafoam or carapills will add tones of body. I reakon you can really taste the dreaded maltodextrin if you aren't slight of hand. Monday night midstrenght ale • Coopers pale ale •500gs of amber dry malt extract •250gs of carapills •150gs of caramunich i (that's all i had in stock!) •15gs of vic secret @ 20 Minutes •15gs of galaxy @ 20 Minutes •15gs of vic dry hop •15gs of galaxy dry hop • Fermentis US05 @ 18°c ABV 3.5% ...no issues backing up for work after this-
  12. @Bearded Burbler "Download the Toby green app to see & avoid Toby if he is in your area" I one or two "Verstappen medalist" at work this week.
  13. @Bearded Burbler No buddy, dry wheat malt extract. The Coopers liquid wheat extract is 50/50 wheat & malt, still an excellent base but I prefer more wheat. The Black Rock whispering wheat pilsen/wheat kit is killer, but in the spirit of supporting Coopers I've been using the euro pilsener as my base. Big fan of the MJM20 yeast too.. Very erdinga.
  14. ROY &HG "bludging on the blind side"!! I've been trying to link it for you all, but my phone won't have a bar of it! (Download the ABC app the hole series is there.)
  15. Ze uber krausen! ☆Coopers European lager ♤1.5 kg of wheat malt extract ♡20 of hallertau @ 15 minutes ◇10gs of hallertau @ 0 minutes ♧200gs of caramunich ii ☆Mangrove jack MJM20
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