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  1. Jumping jack flash

    Hop pellets mid strength

    Try Amarillo or Galaxy hops instead mate, Saaz will of course emulate a coopers mid brew but ive always found it a curious choice of hop. Dry hop with 50gs of galaxy & compare yourself mate.
  2. Jumping jack flash

    Toucan stout vs Coopers Commercial Stout

    The most recent batch I used a Morgan's dark extract kit as my fermentable (+1kg of dextrose @"20 litres), I am unsure how much the stats vary from cooper extract tin ,but it was super chocolatey, its was still very nice but nothing really like the commercial. As Kelsey mentioned earlier perhaps, 100/150gs of roasted barley might help adress that.
  3. Jumping jack flash

    Porter with Honey

    Ive found honey a bit tricky to use, ale & lager yeast seems to just chew right thru, it rarely leaves a sweet honey profile, it often seems to leave just the aroma. If anything I've found honey to crispin the finish. It's nice in pilsener due to the subtly of the malt. I've found priming plastic bottles with some honey adds more intensity. It's again tricky doing it, but I found it gave a big honey profile. Alternately add some honey grain to the brew next time. Honey gives no mouth feel or body to the beer. Try adding wheat to assist in head retention &/or carapills &/ carafoam specialty grain. If it's tasting good brother than your on the right track!
  4. Jumping jack flash

    Finances and homebrew

    Interesting thread mates, *Personally i got into brewing helping my grandfather making his beer back in the 1980's, not exactly 21st century child care practices granted, but it helped me to connect with him & it sent me down a road of knowledge- understanding that what we made was- well more than the sum of it's parts, shall l say. *Theses days i brew for a combination of reasons.. pleasure, (unachievable )-perfection & sentimental reasons. I don't really brew to save money because l still buy loads of wine & cognac etc- but there can be no doubt, that the average brewer must be saving a small fortune- money that can better spent on family & home loan(s). *a 1.7kg kit + be2=$.. probly could be made for .80c a litre, cheaper than milk by the litre iam sure & better value for tha pint/schooner & "atmosphere " at your local. Having mentioned all this l hope the fine people at Cooper's brewery don't suddenly review there price structures-
  5. Jumping jack flash

    malted barley

    Keep it for another day, grain is sooo cheap.
  6. Jumping jack flash

    malted barley

    Irish Red Ale... l brewed some time back used 50g's of roasted barley. Personally l love the roast in amber's & dark brews.
  7. Jumping jack flash

    Mashed grain curiosities.

    Thanks very much Titan! much appreciated. Hope your doing well too mate.
  8. Jumping jack flash

    Mashed grain curiosities.

    Hey brewers, Just in regards to mashing grain, what is the water to grain ratio in litres? 1 kg to 1 litre?? Also i was considering mashing grain in with a kit, can i substitute a base grain for 1 kg of dme? if so and i think so, how much grain would i need? Thanks in advance mates, hoping my querie isn't to incoherent.
  9. Jumping jack flash


    Hi marty, The lager profile is established after those first 6 days or so. You can raise brewing temperature to 18°c to rapidly finish attenuating fermentation. Brewing pills & lagers are so time consuming to brew compared to ales that lager/pills brewers are always trying to find ways to cut a few sneaky corners. Is this a better way..eh well as long as you know for sure that your brew is at least half way thru primary fermentation otherwise it might me a tad fruity.
  10. Jumping jack flash


    There's many ways to skin a cat er a czech cat. Slower method, pitch at 18°c for 12-24 hrs build cell count, then drop to 10°c for 10 days, then diacetyl rest for 3-4 days then cold crash 1-4 weeks & beyond. Faster method, yeast starter, pitch at 10°c for 6-7 days (*) then raise temp to 18 °c to speed up fermentation & to diacetyl rest i for 2-3 days, then cold crash, or just throw in cleaning agent(s) instead. (*) my lagers & pilsners in the past have never been close to being halfway brewed in this time, prehaps white lads might flocc & attenuate faster then dry... iam uncertain.
  11. Jumping jack flash


    Hey!! Not trying to hi- jack this thread or anythin but whats this pilsner recipe of yours kelsey? Remember i interrupted your movie night last week asking you??
  12. Jumping jack flash


    (Sorry phil though you may have meant the other variety matey)
  13. Jumping jack flash


    Hey guys, I put down an 86 day pilsner + 1kg of dme+250g dextrose + ×2 fermentis 34/70's..iam brewing it or rather have been brewing it this last week at 10°c despite the temperature recommendations being 12-15°c. Ill leave mine for 10days before diacetyl rest for 4 days, then cold crash it. Here's fermentis 34/70 home. I think it flocc's & attenuates more then 82% though... 70 • Fermentis
  14. Jumping jack flash

    My legacy

    The kemo is 1000 times better these days than last century brother!! if you give the beers a miss for a while make sure your using some jamican hops instead (haha) right!! (Ellachlano knows what what i mean.) It will help kill the pain and give you an appetite. There are weed capsules unless you bake up some magic brownies ( prehaps thats a discussion for another forum (haha) And don't forget....
  15. Jumping jack flash

    Help with Pils

    Ok! Sounds like am interrupting a date night there, either that or your smoking some jamican hops! Untill tomorrow then kelsey! Haha cheers matey-