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  1. blurred

    Dark ale

    (!! Sorry guys! Is this a double thread or am i see double? )
  2. blurred


    Mate there's nothing wrong with using a fermentis us05 yeast and brewing lager (pusedo lager) at 18°c , it will be crisp and clean, some brewers & tasters can't tell the difference. As for brewing a lager strain warm i can't say ive brewed a 34/70 at those temperatures, they say s-189 can be brewed at that temperature without issue again ive not tried. ( otto will probly know more about that) Personally, my brewing transformed the day i got an old brewing fridge and a ink bird (temperature controler ), you can make lagers all year round then & pinpoint the brewing temperatures you'll need.
  3. blurred


    Evening brew brother, the original series lager kit rather extraordinarily, is the worlds largest selling kit but doesn't have exactly a cult following on this forum at least. (although hairy's galaxy ale on the os lager challenge some years back was gold!) Cooper's makes some superbly good kits maybe next time shell out a little more silver and get the 86 day pilsner or golden crown lager. Both come with lager yeast to and dont require to much additional work to make it a great drink. Happy brewing matey-
  4. blurred

    Dark ale

    Zelly! Its probly not a bad place to start following those instructions, brew enhancer 3 will complement the style quiet well. I found that the dark ale kit was a little bitter for my delicate palate, so a going 20 litres will amplify the ( ibu) bitters, but increase abv (alochol ) & flavour. What sort of dark ale do you like? Maybe also check the Coopers recipe section as there are some nice dark ale recipes to follow or fuel inspiration...
  5. blurred

    Help me make my next brew better!

    Evening budge, These brave men and women on this forum are nothing shy of scholars mate, who have swarn to giving there lives to helping us all brew better quality beer. (God bless them!) The only brewing advice I'd give to you mate is, put aside a few bottles from each batch, its nothing shy of amazing how a good a brew can flourish in 6 - 12 months and beyond! Aside for the beers inproving, one can better compare notes for batch to batch. From memory i remember mixing the dark ale kit with a 1.5kg amber extract kit..very nice... chocolatey, very porter like. +1 to temperature controled fridge. +1 grain. +1 to hops.
  6. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    The kit yeast is dinning at a crisp 13°c. Prehaps the yeast strain should be call MacGyver yeast, for its sheer f**king resourcefulness. Thankyou for your help mate's
  7. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    You all talked me into it! Because iam most likely low on lager strain i am brewing just a very simple Midstrenght; 21 litres 1.7kg of Cooper's Mexican cervaza. 500g's of dme. 15g's of saaz @ 15 mins × 3 international series lager/ale strain yeasts. Og: 1.032 Its only just went into the fridge but ive set the ink bird at the warm end of the lager scale at 14°c, so if it stalls or the is no activity with in 2 days or so I'll warm the fv up to 17-18°C Ill touch base in a few days & let you know how it's going.. (right! time for a stiff f**king drink i reakon!)
  8. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    I bottle i don't keg, so all that dormant ale yeast has me kinda worried, that during secondary fermentation ...fizzers and bombs!! I would have little choice but to give that batch away to extended family. (As gifts of course ). Ill stick to us05& make a full strength up as i have surplus dme wich i need to be rid of...one of those kits & left- over bits, batch. Thanks for your thoughts & wisdom lad's.
  9. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    What if i did a 20 litre med- strength kelsey? Still not enough lager strain? The yeast sashè's are 7g's each so iam guessing 4g's of ale strain 3g's is lager which i would × by 3, so that's roughly 9g's of lager strain all up? Maybe i should just do it and see what happens if it doesn't work i could simply raise the temperature to 17/18°c.
  10. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    So you have done this before john(!?!) May i ask mate how many sashès of ale/lager strain did you use there? And what temperatures did you brew your lagers at?
  11. blurred

    International series yeast strain

    Thanks for the feedback mates, To answer your question shamus, my Lhbs is closed over the festive season..(fair enough to by the way, i should have gotten a little more organized before Christmas ) so, i really wanted to lager a cervaza kit but i thought just maybe if i used enough ale/lager strain kit yeast (×3sashes) that might get me over the line. But i think ill use a fermentis us05 yeast instead for a pusedo lager experience, cold crash it too. After reading kelsey last response i never considered using those yeasts for winter time bottle conditioning, i through 1 sashe in with a Nottingham or a us04 for my winter stouts.
  12. Morning lads, just a query in regards to coopers international series yeast, i currently have three yeasts in my fridge 1 from an apa the other 2 from cervaza's,( the same yeast strain i believe ) my question is (and i do apologize starting a new thread if this question has indeed been resolved ) is, seeing there is part lager strain in these yeasts can i throw all three yeasts in and brew it at 12-15°c as a straight lager strain? Thanks in advance for you all getting out bed so early to answer this!
  13. blurred

    What are you listening to right now????

    Right this minute? Riders of the storm. The doors.
  14. blurred

    Tooheys New

    Wow this thread has more life than a case of foster's lite ice sitting in the garage. Miss reading the old "muddy waters" on the forum too but anyway.. Morgans brewing seems to nail all those aussie mega swill beers aka vb/new/calton draught /xxxx gold etc etc Coopers seems to me to nail the international styles better then the aussie ones. They also nail there own range as well ie Coopers pale ale etc As for tooheys new start with a Morgan's Australian lager kit use a be2 or be 3 brewing enhancer with some pride of ringwood hops. * blurred disclaimer...( tooheys spend mega dollars on brewing there "beer" it won't be easily replicated it, but this might be a good staring point.)
  15. Behold lads!! The Shiraz of beers!... the covenant ... ...Coopers Best Extra Stout! 6.8 % of sexy in your face roast and chocolate flavours with a subtle coffee finsh make an intensly black and intensly sexy brew! I brewed it back in june 2018 in some grolsh bottles, not exactly your typical summer quoff, but one or two from time to time is ..highly recommend!