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  1. talltwits

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    Perfect that’ll do!
  2. talltwits

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    Just throwing in a side question. I’m sure I used 1tsp of brewing sugar per 500ml bottle in the past. That be right enough yeah??
  3. talltwits

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    Cool ta. It’s just 30g of Simcoe that I have left over from a previous brew. I think I’ll just drop them in about day five then and see how I get on. Thanks for your help.
  4. talltwits

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    Brilliant thanks. I’ll just drop them in I think. I tend to leave in the FV for three weeks so you think I should put them in week two and leave in for one week?
  5. talltwits

    Dry Hopping with Kits

    Hey everybody!!! Hope you are all well and thanks for reading my post. I’ve been away from brewing for over a year and getting back into it. I have a coopers blonde blonde kit that I plan on doing at the weekend. Nothing fancy purely the kit plus 1kg brewing sugar. But I have hops left over from last time when I done a BIAB. To be precise 30g Simcoe pellets. Would these be be suitable to throw in the FV? If so what’s the best way to do this? Do I need to boil them prior to putting in? Can I throw them in loose of get them in a bag? look forward to your brewing expertise! Cheers, fae Scotland!
  6. talltwits

    Best Bottle Carbonation Techniques!

    Hey guys, Well I suppose I'm looking for better head retention. I've never had a flat beer yet so carbonation seems to be going well. I'll defo look into bulk priming Christina. It does sound a little more simple. Although I only have the one FV at the moment and I am doing smaller batches (11 litres) so measuring the tea spoon of priming sugar isn't the worst. Kelsey, I didn't realise that head retention came from the grain bill. I'm not at the stage of making my own recipes yet so if I don't get good head retention I won't take it personally ;) Good to know and I'll keep it in mind if I decide to make some minor adjustments to recipes. Thanks again.
  7. Hey guys, So I was wondering what handy tips, hints and tricks you have for getting the best results for carbonation. My current method is as follows - - for 500ml glass bottle with crown caps I use 1 level tea spoon of dextrose brewing sugar - store for three weeks in dark 18 degrees c room - prior to opening the bottle for consumption ill put in the fridge for 24 hours Very basic methods, although I do feel that the head on my beer hasn't been great on my last brews. So it's something I'm looking to improve on. So as I said before does anyone have any tips, hints or tricks to improve this or is this as much as I can do. Cheers
  8. talltwits


    Yeah should be straight forward! Here's hoping anyway! I had the recipe recommend to me so I'm quite excited about it now!
  9. talltwits


    Cheers Kelsey! I ended up going for a gas burner. I've already got the gas in the garage and just had to pick up a burner from a LHBS! It arrives tomorrow along with ingredients for a Sierra Nevada pale ale! So I'll get to put it to the test!
  10. talltwits


    Sounds great ta, to be honest I'm struggling to find much else. Crown do the pre assembled one at 40 litres but I can find any suppliers in the U.K. I'll keep hunting. As long as it will boil eventually that'll do the job for me. And as long as it's not rediculously long should be fine! Cheers
  11. talltwits


    Hey guys! Hope you are all well! So quick question for you all...I'm looking to upgrade to a boiler/urn to make BIAB's. Best way to describe why I'm looking for is something like King Ruddager has and uses in his videos. My hob pot I was using just wasn't working for unforeseen reasons. I know the majority of you are in Oz, and elsewhere, however can any of you recommend one for a decent price. I seen this http://www.the-home-brew-shop.co.uk/acatalog/Stainless-Steel-56-Ltr-Electric-Boiler.html and thought it look quite good. But I'm struggling to find other options, I know you guys rave about the Crown Urns, are these simply water boilers or specifically made for home brew. Hope this wasn't a generic question and you guys know what I mean! All the best from a sunny Scotland!
  12. talltwits

    Is my logic right here?

    Hey, so I wrote a big massive post but decided to delete it as my question is simple really. I was converting a 23 litre recipe to half the size. In order to suit my pot size for BIAB. The original recipe says to mash 4.66kg of pilsner malt in 11.6 litre then sparge up to 27 litre (4 litre then lost on boil, resulting in a 23 litre in FV). Can I mash half the grain 2.33kg in 11.5 litre of water and sparge with 4 litre of water to make pre boil volume of 15.5 litre. This accounting for 4 litre evaporation during the boil. Does the volume of strike water matter, as long as I'm left with the correct amount going into the FV which should be 11.5 litre. Which is half of the original recipe as I wanted. Or should the strike water be half of what the original recipe says ie 11.6/2=5.8litre. Then sparge up to 15.5litre? I hope this makes sense. I know my evaporation rate may not and probably will not be 4 litre exactly and I need to account for loss of volume when transferring into FV etc. But in general will the strike water need to be half of the original recipes or will I get the same end result in the end. Cheers.
  13. talltwits

    First Ever BIAB - Trials and Tribulations!

    Wow, so, er...just a quick update. I have been rather absent from posting some replies and engaging in conversation on the forum of late. However I have been keeping an eye in and reading lots of posts and taking in lots of information. So, tonight, after a long and dull backshift...I decided to come home and open my first bottle of my BIAB brew. I was a bit nervous as my previous post explains the strange after taste left after tasting from the FV into bottles. So I put it in the fridge for about half an hour and then went for it. As I opened the bottle I heard the satisfactory pftsshh, alerting me that the bottle appears to have carbonated. Although I had left them in the garage in slightly cooler temps of late but I was happy enough with the level of carbonation. So I went for it, and be under no illusions this is not the best beer that has ever been tasted or made by man. But it's my first ever proper BIAB and man, I'm super chuffed, super proud and absolutely loved the taste! I'm absolutely over the moon with it, after doubting myself so much over the process I'm delighted with how it tastes! So just a quick update, but long and short is that it has been a success! And thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to my questions and others that have been posted on this thread. WOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  14. talltwits

    1st time brewer

    Hey. In my very limited experience id say this is probably normal. How many days have you been fermenting? The longer you leave it in the fermenter the clearer it'll become. I've had three weeks recommend to me and that's how long I leave my brews for. They also become clearer after spending some time carbonating in the bottle. I hope this answers the question. Although there are far more experienced brewers on here than me! Happy brewing. The best hobby in the world!
  15. talltwits

    First Ever BIAB - Trials and Tribulations!

    Brilliant. I am excited to see he end result. I think considering its my first ever AG it's mostly worked out pretty well. I'll be sure to report back!