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  1. Gag Halfrunt

    Might not be beer but to good not to share,,,

    But where can I obtain a quince?
  2. Gag Halfrunt


    (But I trust my hydrometer)
  3. Gag Halfrunt


    I love my airlock.
  4. Gag Halfrunt

    Question for PB2

    Good to see a thread hijack put to good use. I too will use this thread when I have a question to put to Paul.
  5. Gag Halfrunt

    Pewter Mugs vs Nucleated Glasses

    Cool thread bump Lusty, (Obviously making sure your contributions are not forgotten) I once had a pewter mug given to me many years ago, it had a glass bottom if I recall. Dont think I liked drinking out of it. Kind of tasted "tinny".
  6. Gag Halfrunt


    And Americans think Australia is full of dangerous animals.
  7. Gag Halfrunt

    Beer Tap Handle

    In my limited experience beer tap handles all seem to have the same thread.
  8. Gag Halfrunt

    Problems rehydrating yeast

    So you mean sugar shock if pitched dry?
  9. Gag Halfrunt

    Problems rehydrating yeast

    What is the science behind this rehydrating business? I' date=' too, toss the dry yeast into a wort of suitable temperature where it. I assume,rehydrates,gives itself a shake,looks around, and liking what it sees,begins to party. Never fails. Am I missing something? Cheers![/quote'] Yeah mate, thats what I was kinda getting at. Isn't chucking it into the wort rehydrating it anyway? (After all the wort is wet)
  10. Gag Halfrunt

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Just opened a can of Reginald IPA by Blackmans brewery. (donated to me by my daughter) Differentest beer ive tasted for a while, bitter and fruity hoppy as, 6.2 abv. Cant figure out weather i like it or not. Trouble is that I only have one can to sample .
  11. Gag Halfrunt

    Problems rehydrating yeast

    Or dont rehydrate at all... I just chuck it into the brew. It seems to work for me.
  12. I've left it to soak for days without any Ill effects,then rinse and sterilize with sodium metabisulphite, drain (no rinse) and brew. Never lost a brew yet. -----touches wood----
  13. Yeah, I use the Aldi brand stuff without any problems. Dunno about the stuff you linked to but. (Sorry to not be much help)
  14. Can't imagine sodium percarbonate being the problem.
  15. Gag Halfrunt


    Stir to mix ingredients. Dont stir after pitching yeast, leave it alone with lid on till fermentation complete.