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  1. So at 7 months in the bottle, I'm giving this a shot now. Really has developed. Still not as sweet as i'd like, and a big alcohol warming hit, and almost a real deep savoury fruit flavour, but it's impressive to say the least. Definitely not everyones cup of tea, but for those who like big beers, I think it's a winner.
  2. Hmm, I might have to have one of these tonight. Haven't been drinking much of late and these have had a bit of time to mellow. Will report back and let you know how it's matured.
  3. I've just put my first mead down, a little 2l batch in a flagon. Recipe I used was the following 650g Mangrove honey 1/2 Tangelo 1/2 Orange Heaped tablespoon raisins Cinnamon stick Good pinch of nutmeg 1 1/2 packs of coopers yeast.* *I hydrated the first pack of yeast, but stupidly didn't leave enough room to add all the yeast starter. OG was massive, so I pitched around half a pack of dry coopers yeast as well. Got home from the footy last night, and it's volcanic through the airlock. Will buy another flagon so I can rack to that in a month. Anyone know an alternative to a racking cane? Could I use muslin cloth in a funnel and just pour the mead to secondary?
  4. Nice score, out of interest, are you the same Mattrox from the BF forums? I'm anzacpaul on there too.
  5. I have a feeling you've copied the address from the browser bar, rather than from the links on the right hand side once you've uploaded the picture. In graculus's post, he copies the direct link, but if you look down a few rows, you'll see a "bbcode" link. If you copy that with the "img" tags around it, and paste that straight in to your message, it will work.
  6. Basically a few tips given to everyone in a quick list are as follows 1) Sanitation. Make sure everything is clean and sanitised. I and many others swear by starsan. It's around $30 a bottle, but it will last you a year or two and is a no rinse solution, you literally sanitise with it, tip it out, and make your brew right on top of the wet foam, same with bottling, bottle straight on top of the wet bottles. 2) Temperature. 1 of 2 major things that will make your brew better immediately is temperature control. Forget what Coopers till you. You want to brew much cooler than recommended in a general sense. (Some as low as 12c, right up to about 24c odd for an estery wheat). You need to find a way to keep your brew <22c and ideally around 18c. The higher the temperature, the more likely to create unwanted alcohols in the brew and give it a bad taste. Best way is with a brew fridge with a temp controller, also can insulate a box and add ice packs. 3) Use malt instead of sugar. The other major thing. Malt is vastly superior (and more expensive) to regular sugar, and will give your beer an enhanced mouthfeel and body due to not all of the malt being processed, unlike regular sugar which is all eaten by the yeast. Sugar/dextrose is still used by a lot of people to add strength in beers that are already high in malt additions. 4) Browse/search the forums. There is a mountain of information on this forum provided by many great members who pass on their experiences to others. Some like King Ruddager even have a youtube channel showing how to brew. 5) RDWHAHB. Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Home Brew.
  7. I had one of these last weekend. I was severely disappointed. It was very very plain, with almost little hop aroma and a low/mid bitterness. Nothing like the IPAs i've tried, nowhere near enough of either of the above. Wouldn't buy it again.
  8. +1 to Waylon's will be a nice easy drinker with a bit of flavour.
  9. So this has been in the bottle a month now and tried one the other day. Boy does she have some kick. Strong alcohol character, not in an unpleasant way but really lets you know its a 9%+ beer. It's definitely a sipper. Strong dark caramel sweetness, really a big bold Belgian and i'm thrilled with it. Very happy with the Mangrove Jacks Belgian yeast as well, took a long time to finish, but came down nice and low (1.082 to 1.012)!! Actual Recipe was as follows Pale Ale Can 1.5Kg Amber malt 1 Kg Light dry malt 330ml Amber candi syrup 20g Coriander seeds 130g Choc Malt Steeped overnight 2x MJ M27 Belgian Ale yeast Made to 20L ABV Approx 9.5%
  10. Yep, I have the same issue. Made a dark ale that was awesome when it was first carbed, almost to the point of being a dark IPA taste. a month later it's just a dark ale with little to no hop aroma.
  11. Had this down over two weeks now, and the thing is still bubbling . Temperature sitting at 18 now (after being 22 for the first week), but surprised it's still going at a rate of 1 every 30 secs as of today. Anyone else had long fermentation? I haven't bothered to take an SG yet, figured I'll let it go till the weekend and then check.
  12. My stout has come along leaps and bounds. Nearly 3 months in the bottle, and it is truly a delight to drink. A hint of chocolate, but moreso a deep roasted coffee flavour. Very impressed
  13. This has been in the bottle two weeks today, and decided to crack one. Bloody awesome. Heading towards a dark IPA. I'm super impressed considering the age. Will try another in two weeks, but i'm really happy with it, and next time will go with more hops.
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