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  1. Nice one Phil, I think I need to do a stout next. I only have a dozen porters left and winter is coming!!!
  2. Friday Night! two weeks leave! Hello Cairns! and my last 3 home brews get to meet each other. From left to right my Coopers beekeeper Hefeweizen, Coopers Bridge the Gap IPA and Coopers Island Roasted Coconut Porter.
  3. @CLASSIC Looks like a nice drop Phil, with a lot of foamage happening.
  4. I know what you mean my man, this my porter, about 3 weeks in the bottle.
  5. @CLASSICI knocked back a couple of bottles of my IPA on Sunday before going to the club for dinner with the wife & kids for mother's day. It must have effected me more than I thought because the wife & daughter thought I acted a bit pissy. note to self: Be careful with the home brew..
  6. Poor old Fred, his head must be spinning after all that advice.
  7. A few months!! crikey, I couldn't wait that long.
  8. @CLASSICOOps I should have changed that, no I'm in NSW I used a mates honey.
  9. @MitchBastardLooks great Mitch. Did you use any finings?
  10. Next cab off the rank: Coopers Beekeeper, this looks pretty straight forward, one of the guys at work keeps bees so I got the honey off him. 1 × Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat (1.7kg) 2 × Light Dry Malt (500g) 1 × 335g Beerenberg's Blue Gum Honey 1 × Munich Yeast Sachet (or use the brew can yeast) - I used both
  11. @CLASSICLooks pretty good from where I'm sitting Phil.
  12. @Barramullafella@CLASSICPrior to reading these posts I saw a post about "don't fear the froth" well I had no idea idea what they were talking about so I thought well what the heck. So the next time I brewed I cleaned all my gear as per normal but I didn't rinse (which I never did any way). No problems. I did rinse on my last brew which is the Coopers Beekeeper. My point is if it works for you then that is good.
  13. Your welcome, I guess this is what it's all about, tips to keep the costs down but create a great product. I mean we don't need to sterilize just sanitise.
  14. Yeah thanks Mate, to be honest I think it was more from pouring the beer from height, which I believe opened up the bubbles and I didn't really have to do' Because the next beer which I poured normally had tighter bubbles and looked like a normal head. @ozdevil
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