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  1. Boot Straps

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Are you still in? I paid off in 2002 after 26 years.
  2. Boot Straps

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    I stand corrected, thank you.
  3. Boot Straps

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    No! but neither does Coopers, you have to supply that yourself anyway (Nowra NSW). I'm lucky Dan Murphy's is at one end of my street and my LHBS is at the other end.
  4. Boot Straps

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    I don't get it. The ROTM is $55 free delivery but the actual ingredients comes to $36 without the members discount ($32.4 with) and yet I can pick up the same ingredients from my local Dan Murphy's for $26.5.
  5. Boot Straps

    Coopers 86 day pilsner too sweet

    Nice analysis James, but isn't taste also subjective what one person regards as sickly sweet may not be to someone else.
  6. Boot Straps

    Using a Soda Stream for Carbonation

    Hey it might be worth a try, what have I got to lose. Thanks
  7. Boot Straps

    Using a Soda Stream for Carbonation

    Love the idea, I will also have to worry about the wife going off if its is a fail. Mind you I was thinking of buying a Soda Stream for Christmas so who knows. Not ever having used one, I decided to check out how they worked and I think Titan may be right.
  8. About 6 months ago a made a Coopers Stout, I used 2 carb drops in half the batch and only 1 in the other half. The batch with 2 carb drops turned out OK' ish, but the batch with only 1 carb turned out really flat, I expected it to at least be slightly carbonated. So I was wondering what if I used a Soda Stream to carbonate the beer or will I just get a big fizzy mess.
  9. Boot Straps

    Fermentation fridge?

    I picked up a STC 1000 earlier in the year, bought an electric power box and a couple of outlets from bunnings. Had a lecky mate of mine attach them to each side of the box for heat and cool and it works like a dream. You can get the wiring directions off google, it is so easy.
  10. Boot Straps


    MSB, I did a stout 2 weeks ago, OG was 1.051 23 ltr at 21deg it has been reading 1.012 for the last few days, so I will be bottling this weekend. I would be aiming around those kind of figures if I was you.
  11. Boot Straps

    MasterChef homebrew challenges.

    There used to be an Aussie web based show (you tube or something like that) on wine. A couple of guys trying out different wines from around the place. It was a pretty light hearted take on wine tasting, something along those lines looking at micro/craft brewries from around Australia would be pretty cool as well. Swill TV??
  12. Boot Straps

    Who else brewed yesterday ??

    Thanks mate. Fingers crossed, I guess if we didn't make mistakes we would never learn.
  13. Boot Straps

    Who else brewed yesterday ??

    OK I made it on Sunday so it has been fermenting for a few days. I just read that pitching more yeast after fermentation has started is counter productive as by that stage the original yeasts would have multiplied, used up most of the oxygen and outnumber the new yeast. Bill
  14. Boot Straps

    Who else brewed yesterday ??

    So Kelsey, what are the implications of my underpitching, can I put more yeast in at this stage or just leave it, which i guess will just mean a longer fermentation time.
  15. Boot Straps

    Using cold climate

    Nice to know, I was wondering about that my self.... don't need to ask now.