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  1. Having a MOTB. Bottled 22/6/19. Gonna enter for sure cause I'm pretty happy with it.
  2. Grabbed a few on the way home. Nice iipa. Little Bang have some great beers, I'll definitely have to check out there brewery/taproom soon.
  3. Yep same. I'll support England in the soccer as my Mum was born there but when it comes to cricket I can't stand them.
  4. Anyone else watching the cricket world cup final? I put in leave for Monday as I thought the Aussies would make it! Oh well hopefully it's a close match.
  5. Definitely recommend this one. A great chocolate stout.
  6. Having a few AG IPAs. Centennial, Cascade and Chinook. First time I've used Chinook and won't be the last. Has a real earthy taste. First try a few weeks ago I found the bitterness harsh but that has gone and now it's a great drop.
  7. Not beer but a mate bought a bottle of Proper 12 Irish Whiskey around. Tried it on the rocks and really enjoyed it. Wasn't expecting much with Conor McGregor being involved!
  8. Toucan stout, perfect for this Adelaide weather. Only a few months aged but I'm pretty happy especially for a cheap kit brew.
  9. Very nice red IPA, love the colour.
  10. Had a first taster after 1 week in the bottle. Obviously carbonation isn't 100% yet but colour, taste and fresh hop taste is there. Not sure it's winner but I'll give it another few weeks to decide whether to enter.
  11. No last Saturday sucked! went out to watch it, very disappointing. Should bounce back and flog the Crows.
  12. Rehn Bier Stout, one of the best stouts I've tried. Starting the celebrations early for Geelongs big victory tonight!
  13. Hi Lusty, I have both a chiminea and a wood fired oven. Both once heated will retain for a long time. For the purpose of using bricks on a spit to retain heat, old red bricks or fire bricks would be better than modern house bricks.
  14. This weekends selection. Rate all of them but the Modus Operandi Pale is probably the pick of the bunch. Currently drinking a Farmhouse Rye Pale from Left Barrell Brewing. Bottled up a batch of IPA this morning, can't wait until its ready cause these crafties are getting pricey!
  15. Noticed today at Melbourne St Cellars Fox Hat have another stout named Full Mongrel -10% abv. Selection for tomorrow.
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