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  1. The last one I did was the Mercenary Pale, turned out great. 10 mins work plus bottling, $50 for 2 cartons.
  2. I wanted to go to the Wheaty yesterday, unfortunately I was stuck with the kids all day. I'll definitely have another go at the next comp.
  3. Lazy cook up today! Beef ribs and lamb shoulder 5 hours in Weber Q. Finished on charcoal with sausages and chicken.
  4. Congrats! I just had a look at my scorecards, scored a 30. Got some good feedback so I'm happy for a first comp.
  5. Only Whirfloc in the boil. Dry hops were contained in chux cloth. Cold crashed.
  6. 24 pizzas over 2 days produced in the Hilltop Pizzeria! Had mates over last night and had heaps of left over ingredients so had another cook up.
  7. Nice one, I treated myself to a box of Mismatch Pale.
  8. Happy Fathers day to all the homebrewers, let us know your plans. It's also my birthday. Heading to Plant 4 which will make sense for the South Aussies for a feed and a few.
  9. Printed labels at work today, tomorrow morning dropping off entry at Brewmaker Holden Hill. Had another taster tonight and she's good but we'll see how it goes against the famous Galactipa! First comp outside motb so I'll just be happy with some feedback to be honest.
  10. Hi all, just paid my entry for the Sabsosa show coming up in Adelaide. Entering my single hop IPA. I reckon it's pretty good so I can't wait to get some feedback from a judge. Anyone else entering? https://www.sabsosa.com.au/
  11. That's a great collection of local beers there. Let us know how the Smiling Samoyed is, they make some good stuff.
  12. This test could be over in 3 days. Who's the clown who prepares these pitches and chooses the Dukes ball?
  13. Looks a great evening, cricket and homebrew IPA!
  14. Fantastic Red IPA packaged 21/8 can't get any fresher!
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