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  1. Cascade APA brewday. Haven't done an AG for a few months. Used Coopers Pale malt for the first time.
  2. I'm a Cats supporter so just hoping for a close competitive game. Probably move onto single malt after this!
  3. Got a refill this afternoon ready for the GF. Classic WC IPA.
  4. Hi Sos, Looks interesting, I like their IPAs. Where did you find it.
  5. An oldie but a goodie. Great APA.
  6. Big day at Six Twelve Brewing for my birthday. Tasty craft beers and food truck.
  7. No, I should have spent a few more dollars and got a proper counter pressure filler.
  8. Yes I have one, beer is under carbed and the unit is falling apart. Tried a few times with different pressures, cold bottles etc but don't rate it.
  9. Cascade, Columbus and Mosaic IPA. Still a bit hazy but it's a tasty brew.
  10. Russian Imperial coffee stout from Big Shed Brewing. Big smooth stout with a strong coffee hit. Dangerous at 9%
  11. Pretty standard. use the 00 flour and fresh yeast with a bit of salt. Around 375ml of water per 500g
  12. Yep agree you're in regional NSW so prob in a good spot with the shit going on. Don't wanna get into politics but our state gov will lock down at the drop of a hat. Stay where you are and enjoy.
  13. Always been the source of jokes with Sydney, Melbourne etc. No joke now! No lockdown. Best Wine, food and craft beer in Australia and people can still afford to buy a house.
  14. Early settlers in South Australia were alleged to have eaten the breast meat of crows, parrots and cockatoos when there was a shortage of red meat. The term croweater entered the lexicon in the late 1800s. Lived in Adelaide my whole life but been a Cats supporter before the Crows existed. Good showdown so far.
  15. Family of 4 with leftovers! Yep oven under my pergola it's 1.4x1.4 internal. So enjoyable with a few homebrews.
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