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  1. Sourdough bases for the first time. Really tasty bases and crust. So full!
  2. My first AG was a Mosaic smash. Great beer, Sometimes less is more!
  3. Ha ha yeah the Mrs wouldn't be happy with that but I used seperate tongs!
  4. Lazy charcoal bbq tonight, Barossa Kranskys and Vegan chicken snags for the Mrs. Overdue for a brisket, ribs or pizza day.
  5. Grabbed a 6 pack today, thats all they had left. Very nice. well done Woodsy.
  6. Brew day planned for tomorrow arvo. Another hazy ale. Pale and oats, Citra & Amarillo and S-04. Nice and hoppy. 40 IBUs and around 5.5%. This will replace my current kegged Mosaic and Amarillo hazy which is disappearing fast.
  7. My favorite would be the trusty Headmaster. I have one that has been on loan from my local for the last 10 years!
  8. Theres a brewery here in the Adelaide Hills called Left Barrel Brewing who make farmhouse style beers. I liked their Pale so I'll give it a go.
  9. Looks tasty! I'm drinking my iso hazy ale. It was made from what I could get at the time. Coopers Ale & oats, Amarillo and Mosaic with S-04. Wanna give Kveik a try.
  10. Columbus, Centennial & Simcoe IPA, 2 weeks in the keg and tasting great. The alcohol taste has smoothed out, extra bitter and hoppy.
  11. Nice one, haven't heard of Pekko hops. I was hoping to brew tomorrow but my LHBS has sold 8 weeks of stock in 1 week and now has no grain left! Ordered elsewhere online so maybe next week.
  12. Big Shed Brewing now have their beers available in cans. Grabbed a few today. FYEAH Pale is super fresh and hoppy in the can.
  13. Todays selection. Haven't tried the Smiling Samoyed Imperial NEIPA before.
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