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  1. Current set up- bar fridge with modified/destroyed freezer for fermentation hooked up to Inkbird. Big fridge for keg and bottles. Its getting there, a mix of gumtree stuff and new stuff. I haven't got room for a big shed so its a half garage man cave!
  2. I have officially joined the kegging crew this evening! Transfered Chinook & Simcoe Pale to keg. Can't wait for that first pour.
  3. Great photo! Might need some advice in a few weeks. Brew day tomorrow for my maiden keg.
  4. Hey Captain, I grabbed a few of these Hazy IPAs today. Brewed with Kveik yeast and packaged 30/10/19. If you can get it where you live its worth a try, its real good.
  5. Brewing a Chinook and Simcoe APA this weekend, not sure if it will see christmas though. Might need to up production before the holidays!
  6. Fwk All Inn Mercenary Pale is good. I've made it a few times when I haven't got time to do an AG.
  7. I suggest that many members myself included regularly enjoy placing a bet on horse racing. To think that receiving a small win is 'blood money' is ridiculous. No im not a jockey, syndicate owner yes.
  8. Have you been watching the 7.30 report? Won't get dragged into that debate. The racing industry is a massive employer and contributor to the economy.
  9. Hey PaddyBrew2, hope you're doing ok. That beer either has an iceberg or half a slice of rockmelon in it! I'm having a few FWK Pales and Simcoe single hop IPAs. Take care mate enjoy the win.
  10. In the words of Ice Cube today was a good day! 2x trifectas on Cox Plate day and the reward was ordering a Robobrew. Anyone else having a win or just great day☺
  11. Its a picnic gun for now contained within the fridge as I have toddlers who I'm scared maybe empty a keg!
  12. Apologies Captain! Bottle ordered from Kegland at a price much cheaper than locally. I work in WHS and thought there would be an additonal cost involved with transportation. Many thanks for your suggestion.
  13. Was hoping to buy local not sure if they can be couried from interstate as would probably be classed as dg.
  14. Hi all, Taking the step into kegging, I have a 19l keg, regulator, lines etc. I still need a Co2 bottle and am wondering where is the best place to buy. Homebrew shop or industrial suppliers etc. I'm in Adelaide.
  15. I haven't noticed a change in price but if thats the case it is really disappointing considering it is now a large internationally backed brewery. Another reason to brew your own!
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