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  1. Grabbed 1 of these this arvo. Packaged 1st July, hoppy as just not keen on the lactose.
  2. Columbus and Simcoe Pale. Kegged Tuesday, fresh and hoppy. Easy drinking.
  3. Sounds like a good day. I picked up a 2 kg brisket this arvo, gave it a spice rub ready to go. Good luck with the Guten.
  4. Brew day tomorrow morning. Nice simple hoppy ale.
  5. New addition to the family.
  6. 6 pack of Sparkling for this arvo. Haven't tried it in cans before, very nice.
  7. Hazy Pale at the Uraidla Hotel and a mixed 4 pack for tonight.
  8. Grabbed one of these for the footy tonight. My favourite NEIPA. At 12 bucks a can it's a reminder that I need to get another hazy going. Go the Cats!
  9. Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe IPA. Going down too easily for a big beer!
  10. I use to get the 500ml Mosaic cans regularly a few years back, a cracking beer. Haven't tried the new 375ml cans since the takeover though.
  11. What's your choice of sauce?
  12. How's the ginger stout? I had an alcoholic ginger beer on tap last Saturday, it was so dry and way too much bite from the ginger.
  13. If I'm out of beer I drink the next day, otherwise for the hoppy beers I think around 1-2 weeks.
  14. Hi all, I recently purchased a bottle filler beer gun. Filled a few bottles this arvo as per the instructions and they are not as carbonated as I would expect. Has anyone else tried this product or similar?
  15. Irish Red and Stout both on nitro. Nice creamy brews.
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