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  1. G'day guys and gals, Just thought i would let everyone know that i sold almost all of my brewing equipment. The only things i have left are about 200 odd empty stubbies and a fermentation fridge. If anyone is interested, come and get em free of charge. Im in the Melton area of Victoria. DM me for my address. Cheers
  2. Thank you all for your very kind words and support, it really means alot to me, honestly.
  3. Hey Muzzy, yeah i used to enjoy brewing alot, it was my only hobby. My problem is though, i have no control. So even if i brewed low alcohol beers i would just drink more of them. I get to a good stage of drunkeness and i think, hey this is good im gonna drink even more to make this feeling better, but it doesnt get better. I turn into something thats not me anymore, something that is a true piece of shit. Being sober, i dont disappoint anyone anymore. You need to understand that im not blaming alcohol or saying that its bad and everyone should stay away from it, alcohol is not the problem. I am. Thank you though for asking the question.
  4. G'day all, it's been a while since i've visited the forum. Earlier this year i made the desicion to take a break from drinking and therefore brewing, and in the past 7 months or so i've been sober for now, i realise that i have a problem with alcohol. Early into my sobriety i thought that i might be able to return to brewing and drinking occasionally, but now know that i cannot. So its time to sell all my brewing stuff and with not much luck on gumtree i thought i would post it here. I would like to sell it all together, but am willing to split it up if you are interested in individual items. Here is a rough list of the things i have, • 40 litre Birko urn with ball valve and weldless brewing thermometer • 3 roller keg king grain mill • 3 litre Erlenmeyer flask and stir plate • Fermentation fridge with inkbird temp controller • Refractometer • Coopers fermenter • Bottle capper, lever type • Various buckets, spoons, hoses, bags, hyrometer, scales, bottles, caps and heaps heaps more If you are interested in anything listed (or not listed) above, please message me through the forum and we can discuss prices. I've got it up on gumtree for $900 for the lot, but am willing to negotiate. Im located in Melton, the western suburbs of Victoria. Cheers! *Please note that i do not have any kegging equipment.
  5. I am taking a break from drinking and brewing for a while. Lately i have realised that i do indeed have a problem with alcohol and drinking to excess. I need some time to get my old self back and i think leaving this forum for little while will aid in my recovery. I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all that have helped me on this forum. Cheers, Rowan
  6. Some of you might know that i want to do a series of small batch single hop beers, and i was wondering if i should do them in a single 19 litre pot on an electric hotplate, or just use my 40 litre urn? If i use a pot, is it ok to just dump the entire amount of wort, break material and all (i will be using a hop sock) into the fermenter? Or do i need to buy a siphon?
  7. G'day UnkieDrunkie, What ingredients do you usually use to make your beers? Replacing Brew Enhancers with Dry Malt Extract helps with head formation and retention, also steeping grains and hops can contribute too
  8. His mum and dad gave me alot of his brewing stuff too with a bunch of pellet hops, so i might just make a beer with those instead. The plan was to use the fresh hops he grew in a tribute beer brewed with the help of his younger brother. We'll still make the beer, just not with his homegrown hops.
  9. I can't fully remember what they felt like, but im pretty sure they were still a little soft. Maybe i shouldn't use them this time around, might wait for next years harvest and try and pick them at the right time, that is if his old man keeps watering the hop plant!
  10. Sorry i forgot to post these photos earlier
  11. Heres one for those who grow their own hops. Sorry in advance for the backstory but i feel it is necessary. I got a good mate of mine hooked on homebrewing a couple of years ago, but he passed away last year. He was a very good gardener and loved to grow all things edible. It didn't take long for him to start growing hops. He only had one plant, a Cascade variety. The first year didn't yield anything, but his younger brother called me up a few weeks ago and said it was taking off with all these little flowers. I went over with limited knowledge about fresh hops, but i could see the yellow lupulin stuff on them so i gathered they were ready to pick. I ended up drying them out on a container lid sat in the shed for a few days or more, now i have them in the fridge. So heres my questions, did i pick them too early? Because they look very small, do they look dried out enough? And how do i use them in a brew? Note: the browner looking ones at the bottom were picked by his old man a few days before i went over there and he just put them in a paper bag, will they be ok to use too?
  12. I have a couple of recipes lined up that use the Coopers Schooner malt in an APA and the Coopers Pale malt in a hoppy middy, but won't be brewing them for a little while let alone tasting them so i guess my post is invalid. On another note, i want to do a series of single hop all grain 10 litre batches, and need a good grain bill for my base. I was thinking something like 83.3% Pale malt 10.4% Vienna malt 5.2% Caramunich I 1.1% Acidulated What do you reckon? I have never used this recipe before but thought it might work well
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