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  1. Rowbrew

    recovery hops....

    Hey Worry Wort, Can you please post your recipe and procedure if its not too much hassle? Just so we can maybe see where something went wrong
  2. Rowbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Cheers Beer Baron, im really happy with the colour too. The taste is pretty good, I cant pick up distict fruits from it, but it has an overall fruity / hop pellet vibe. It does have a very slight spicy note towards the end but dissipates quickly. In my limited experience with these beers, the tropical fruit characters come out a little more and are a bit more distictive once its carbed up and conditioned for a couple of weeks
  3. Rowbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I removed and squeezed the second stage dry hops in my NEIPA earlier today and took another hydro sample. Its sitting at 1.010 from 1.066 which makes for about 7.4% I also decided to add some gelatin and do a cold crash this time around, only because the last NEIPA I made had alot of yeast still in suspesion and had this intense spicy character to it that i can only think of as yeast burn. Oh well see what happens i guess
  4. Rowbrew


    Nice mate
  5. Rowbrew


    Hey @Mark D Piratespeaking of high IBUs, have you made that god awful super mega kit beer yet?
  6. Thanks @Norris! Yeah totally not worth it. I was sure it fermented out fully, i'll have to go over my notes, but yeah either that or an infection along the way somewhere. Oh well, all good now
  7. So, i think i know why it looks so bad now. I went into the shed this morning to find one of my plastic containers where i store bottled beer, to have a beer bottle poking through the lid. Turns out it was one of my Steam Ales. Two had exploded and left quite a mess. I decided to tip the rest of the bottles down the sink. The first couple were pretty tame, a little foaming but thats about it, the third bottle i opened however exploded in my hands, not the glass, but as soon as touched bottle opener to cap it shot off like a gun! After that i put on some goggles and gloves and tipped the rest. All the other bottles were pretty good with only a couple of ones popping loudly and foaming everywhere. I decided to just chuck all the bottles away and i will get rid of the Coopers Commercial yeast i saved in the fridge. I am pretty certain the yeast got infected along the way at some point. Well sorry for the long post, just thought i would share my heartache with you fellow brewers. Cheers!
  8. Rowbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    It looks lovely Headmaster. I wish my Cherry sour didn'tturn into vinegar! Oh well, i have another sour lined up to brew soon. I might try the cube sour method this time instead of souring in the kettle
  9. Rowbrew

    My NEIPA

    Nice one, i just put one on with US05 so will see how it turns out in a few weeks. The prefered yeast is Wyeast 1318 London Ale III. The last NEIPA i did, i used WLP008 East Coast Ale but i found it had a very spicy character to it, almost like spicy food heat without the flavour, so decided to try US05.
  10. Rowbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    So fermentation is well underway on my NEIPA and have to say that it hardly created a krausen. Im not really suprised though using US05. It looks like a super thick hop tea at the moment, lovely. I added the 1st stage dry hops this morning being 20g each of Mandarina Bavaria, El Dorado, and Galaxy. I bagged them up this time because i want to remove and squeeze before adding the 2nd stage dry hops, which will be 30g of each of the same a few days from now. Will keep you all posted! Cheers!
  11. Rowbrew

    My NEIPA

    Well done mate! And that looks waaay better than my first attempt at an NEIPA. How do you find the US05 in it? Alot of people have said that it can't biotransform the early dry hop compounds like other yeasts can, do you think yours has that fruit juice character?
  12. Rowbrew

    My NEIPA

    Hey @PaddyBrew2 have you tried one of your NEIPAs yet?
  13. Rowbrew

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I bottled the Bootmaker based Amber Ale yesterday morning to free up my fermenter so i could get the NEIPA on the chew. I ended up pitching 350ml of US-05 slurry from the Amber batch into it. Checked it this morning and it is starting to form a krausen, so should be pumping by the time i get home tonight. First stage dry hops will be added in a couple of days then the next stage dry hops a few days after that
  14. Panhead Supercharger clone. Looks much nicer than my Steam Ale clone
  15. Rowbrew

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Doing another NEIPA today. Im going to push the water profile more on the chloride side with this one, see if comes out a bit smoother than my last attempt. Ca 123 | Mg 1 | Na 6 | Cl 135 | So4 120 4.250kg Pale Malt 750g Quick Oats 130g Acid Malt 15g Midnight Wheat ( for colour ) 20g each Mandarina Bavaria, El Dorado and Galaxy at flameout 20 min steep. 30g each of the same hops in the cube at 80°C 20g each of the same hops for the biotransformation dry hop charge 3 days into fermentation 30g of each hop for the second stage dry hop charge 3 days before bottling Im just using US05 this time, ive heard that it works quite well, and i have it ready to go Mash temp of 66°C for 90 mins OG 1.064 based on 66% efficiency FG 1.016 ish? IBU 35 ABV 6.8% bottled