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  1. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    Ok, so my batch size was set on 27 litres, not 23. That is probably why
  2. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    I made up a rough recipe in the brewing app i use, and it gave a reading of 1.055. Not sure whats happened there actually
  3. Rowbrew

    Kveik ( mental Viking yeast)

    What beer did you pinch this yeast from @Mark D Pirate?
  4. Rowbrew

    Kveik ( mental Viking yeast)

    This sounds very interesting indeed
  5. Rowbrew

    Why has my Cider not carbonated?

    How long since you bottled it? I have noticed that my ciders take at least 4 to 5 weeks to properly carbonate
  6. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    Thanks mate
  7. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    That sounds really nice @Smashed Crabs I have thought about doing a Mango IPA before too. How would you use it?
  8. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    The 3 kits to a volume 23 litres will give you an OG of around 1.050ish and 72 IBU before fermentation. If it strips say 20% of IBUs that leaves 57 IBU. You would need to really watch your extra hop additions and maybe up the OG a little bit
  9. Rowbrew

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    Woah! A 3 can? The bitterness will surely blow your head off, won't it? Good luck with the brew, and if you survive i would love to hear how it tastes
  10. Rowbrew

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Oh yeah, nice. I have never ordered a ROTM from Coopers, but i am pretty sure they supply everything mentioned in the recipe. They just don't stock grain, hops and yeast in the online store.
  11. Rowbrew

    Cheap Coopers, Where D'ya Get It?

    Does the Dan Murphys you shop at stock hops and specialty yeast? Thats awesome! Where abouts are you located?
  12. Rowbrew

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    So, i tried one of my Kettle Soured Cherry Berliner Weisse earlier today and im sad to say that it tastes like vinegar. I have never had a batch with this taste and im really upset that it happened to this beer. Oh well, looks like ill just have to try again. Next time i think i will pasteurize the fruit by heating it up with some sugar as per Lustys recommendation. Might try strawberries or raspberries though
  13. Rowbrew

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    And the first?
  14. Rowbrew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    I took a reading of The Hailstorm Aussie Pale last night. Its down to 1.010 from 1.041 and tastes pretty good. Plenty of bitterness present given there was no boiled hops at all in this brew. That might change once its in the glass though. Ill dry hop it tonight with 30g Galaxy for a few days and might bottle it over the weekend, if i find some time of course. Cheers!