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  1. Rowbrew

    Woo! Brew fridge acquired!

    Hey Beer Baron, I saw that Aldi has got bar fridges on sale this coming Saturday the 13th if you are interested. Im located in the western suburbs of Melbourne and not too sure if the Aldi specials are Australia wide, but just thought i should let you know. Cheers!
  2. Rowbrew

    Cheap brewing supplies

    True, couldn't not go for it
  3. Rowbrew

    Cheap brewing supplies

    Hey Beergoodness, your loss is my gain. I am also in the western suburbs of melboure (melton) and ill chuck a pineapple your way for that, no worries
  4. Rowbrew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Thanks John, i think i will leave it for this beer, that way i can make a starter for my next beer and put it in the ferm fridge at the same time. I rarely cold crash anyway to be honest
  5. Rowbrew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    I took a sample of my Coopers Draught last night, its sitting at 1.012 and starting to drop clear. For a kit beer it tastes pretty good too. I think its because of how fresh the kit was. Its going to be a very easy drinker for summer i reckon. Im not sure if i should cold crash this one or not. Generally kit beers clear up pretty good in the bottle for me so i might leave it, dunno
  6. Rowbrew

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Fair call. Im paranoid about cleaning glasses. Im afraid that if i use detergent i will never see a head atop a beer again. Whats the best way to clean glasses?
  7. Rowbrew

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Little Bo Pils. Pretty good
  8. Rowbrew

    Cider low carbonation

    The recipe was 6 litres apple juice and i used 1 pack of Coopers Ale yeast. OG of 1.044 i believe and FG of 1.002 so about 5.7% ABV. The bottles have been at a temp between 18 and 21 for around 13 weeks. Maybe being cider compared to beer makes a difference?? I dunno
  9. Rowbrew

    Online supplier recommendations?

    Clever Brewing
  10. Rowbrew

    Cider low carbonation

    Yeah so did i, but i guess being a cider its not fizzy enough for me
  11. Rowbrew

    Cider low carbonation

    Im pretty sure i used 2 drops per 500ml bottle
  12. Rowbrew

    Cider low carbonation

    I have an apple cider that is 12 weeks in the bottle and while the flavour is pretty good, it is seriously lacking in carbonation. Its not flat, but needs more bubbles. Here is my question, do you think i can pop the tops off, add another carb drop, re cap with new caps and let carb again? They are in 500ml glass bottles. Would chilling them down first be better so that the CO2 gets absorbed into the cider?
  13. Rowbrew

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    @Ben 10 Do you plan to boil the wort a little to sanitise before cubing it? Also are you going to have a dedicated sour cube? I think thats a pretty good idea, that way you don't have to worry about oxygen and all the crap that can cause
  14. Rowbrew

    I think my no-chill compensation is out.

    The brewing software i use doesn't have a hop stand or whirlpool option, i wish it did. So i just treat my flameouts as 20 min boil, seems to work for me. I might email the developer about a no chill function
  15. Rowbrew

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Nice mate. That should make for a tasty beer. Good on ya, keep up the good work! Cheers!