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  1. Mark D Pirate


    They do multiply , but each time a cell divides you lose nutrients and they can only multiply so much . The less work they need to do before being able to start munching away and produce nice beer the better ( for you) If you just use the package supplied with a basic kit and kilo beer you WILL make beer, it may not be as good as using a more appropriate sized pitch though or a blend of yeasts
  2. Mark D Pirate


    It's a good yeast, there's just not enough of it. I'd personally use S04 as well and ferment at 19 , ramp temp to 21 when krausen starts to drop
  3. Mark D Pirate


    Available here in Radelaide, he even delivers them to my door for about same price as I'd pay for a WY smackpack. Can vouch for customer service from imperial as well, I asked a few questions and received a prompt and informative reply along with a conversion / equivalent sheet * Edit * Gigayeast are also sold as 200 billion cell pitches, another quality option
  4. Mark D Pirate


    Starters really start saving dollars if you're doing triple batches of lager or high gravity and want correct pitching rates . $75 just in yeast for a brewday is prohibitive , my yeast equipment has paid for itself many times over already
  5. Mark D Pirate

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Bit late to be much use to you this time but I use my carb cap to add anything needed to a keg. Add finings , hop teas or blending beer to sterile bottle, fit cap and pressurise then use a jumper line to attach to gas post of destination keg and open the PRV. Completely closed transfer, no problem stirring keg up since I don't move it and it's dead easy
  6. Mark D Pirate

    yeast starter size

    Easiest calculator I've found , ensure you select aeration method and yeast packing date. I usually use the pro pitching level of 0.75 but 0.5 works fine too You can even safely overbuild your starter and save a portion in any sterile container https://www.brewersfriend.com/yeast-pitch-rate-and-starter-calculator
  7. Mark D Pirate

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2019

    You're not the first to have made that mistake, I lost most of as 10 kg bottle by leaving a daisy chain adaptor connected for a week slowly leaking
  8. Mark D Pirate

    Mutated Yeast

    I used same method as OVB re overbuilt starters and save portion in reagent bottles or centrifuge/ lab vials . That alone is safe enough for storage for 3-6 months in the fridge. If you want to store longer you can refresh them every 6 months
  9. Mark D Pirate

    Mutated Yeast

    Mutation may not be the issue, method could be though Not a shot at you since I've had cultures go strange on me as well through either contamination or poor practices . If a culture of mine changes behaviour in any way I think about killing it. It could be changes in flavour ( esters, phenols ect) Changes in attenuation or flocculation could be due to harvesting practices Simple fact is we as homebrewers won't have lab grade equipment or a truly sterile work space . I try to sidestep the problem by making slants off early generations as a kind of restore point, they're a pita to step up to pitchable cell counts but it can be done . My current obsession with Kveik had driven my shortcomings home since the test batch using my dried culture has already failed, lucky I have 2nd generation slants to go back and try again
  10. Mark D Pirate

    Barrel aging homebrew

    Few barrel projects here in Adelaide, I'm in a RIS project now. Good fun and if it's shite you've only got 20 litres invested
  11. Mark D Pirate

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    It's not even beer and I didn't actually brew anything but just put down a cider. Aldi apple juice, 500g raw sugar and a solid dose of yeast nutrient . Pitched a healthy starter of Kveik and once ferment has slowed I'll dry hop with Pacifica and maybe some Citra. Intend to back sweeten with more fresh juice at Kegging time to low - moderate sweetness
  12. Mark D Pirate


    Came out quite well, this yeast plays well with rye. First keg gone already and second getting low
  13. Mark D Pirate

    Stupid heat

    Kviek is the answer @King Ruddager No such thing as fusels then
  14. Mark D Pirate

    Naturaly carbonated kegs

    Line length is only part of the equation, what diameter lines are they ? I run 4 m of 5 mm ID line Pressure 14-16 PSI Temp at the glass is 4-6 ° Lift height is 450 mm from mid point of keg. You can split hairs to include shank diameter and length as well and the slightly different internal resistance of different brands but that's for fine tuning.
  15. Mark D Pirate

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    You need to think about what yeasties you're prepared to sacrifice to the cause, there's not that many strains that will handle stupidly high gravity without off flavours. DO NOT FOLLOW MY LEAD HERE, this is a "test to destruction" scenario. I'm testing this yeast and my housemates so I can draw funding from 2 separate uni budgets.... Oh chit... No I'm not