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  1. Tried to play it ? I broke quite a few bones in my career.... Also often ran a half marathon per game as well as taking big hits from angry kiwis looking to hurt me Yes I have played all the major codes other than that silly round ball game
  2. Gravity rarely fails. Assume you'll be pumping wort through your reverse IC but to get the last 160 mls out then invert it
  3. I've set up a spreadsheet with what maintenance has been done on each keg, what it's full of and when. All O rings have been replaced over time with quality silicone items rather than rubber , a very light smear of lube is all you need.... Too much isn't a good thing
  4. I use the barbed CMB disconnects, no leaks since. I've built up quite a few setups now and each one works perfectly
  5. I use mine hotside every brewday. Same as any other measuring device it will need a multi point calibration. I've been called an " owner operator " a few times for my rigorous measurements but since my beers are bloody good and I seldom miss targets by more than +/- 0.002 I'll keep doing it. Instant readings of last runnings is very handy
  6. I know our projects have had a lager yeast added to barrel. SG is always a few points lower coming out of barrel than going in , Ruddy's idea has merit for splitting batch up . Having extra RIS is seldom a bad thing
  7. Currently have a RIS on tap that was barrel aged for almost a year , local club has been running these projects for several years now and are booked out months in advance
  8. The standard glass ones have different scales for wine as well, I picked up a smaller one only reads from 0.990 to 1.025 from a scientific supply place.
  9. You'll miss out on the esters if you use 34/70 , will lose a little complexity. It will also likely attenuate slightly more , even chugging away a point or 2 in the bottles potentially being over carbed next winter. For long term storage I like Coopers ale yeast, I've sampled beers bottled 20 years ago that were outstanding
  10. #Firstworldproblems I only use a refractometer on hotside and my fine scale finishing hydrometer has markings all the way around
  11. If I were to enter I'd be ensuring it's a beer that will A: sell in volume B: Use ingredients that are locally available in volume ( no experimental hop varieties ect) C. Not compete against an existing Coopers product. A well brewed ESB would tick all those boxes and lend itself to an extract based brew .
  12. Judging is actually hard work , made harder here by fact that entrants don't even have clear style guidelines to brew against . Still be interesting to see what takes home the prize, good luck to those entering
  13. All other things being equal only 1 possible cause springs to mind. Nucleation points due to CCA being a lower flocculator than many others. If this is the case a bit of extra time in the fridge to help settle the yeast back in the bottle will help. This is why I refuse to accept bottles that have been rolled along the bar, instead I'll pour ~75% and swirl the bottle
  14. Winter is coming so my beers are getting almost as black as my heart. Finally got to collect my portion of JD bourbon barrel aged RIS omnom nom FES in ferment now using all gladfields malts, fuggles and 1187 ringwood yeast , just for a change I capped the mash Stole 6 litres wort off for stove top boil for a choc / orange porter as an experiment. Today it's barleywine day 8.5 kg MO, 3kg Munich and it should be dank AF with Chinook, Columbus and mosaic . I really should have some less boozy beers in the pipeline so an ESB and my coopers pale clone will be next up
  15. Where else would the bubbles come from ?
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