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  1. Mark D Pirate

    Max percentage of crystal malts for ales.

    Where are these recipes coming from ? In my red ipa there's only 2.2% crystal but there's plenty of spec malt. Big difference between crystal and spec malts
  2. Mark D Pirate

    It's Kegging Time!

    I use a series of check valves and location for lower carb beers. Low tech and all but it works well, if I'm serving a stout I keep keg at front of fridge so it's 1-2 ° warmer than kegs at back with 2 check valves, this works without touching the reg so everything else pours perfectly
  3. Mark D Pirate

    Looking at Kegging

    Soda stream is convenient but a very expensive way to buy gas. $80 brand new for a 2.6 kg bottle is better than paying same for 400 g. I do have a mini reg I use for back up or mobile use, takes the threaded 16 g or 25 g soda bulbs I get from pushbike stores or LHBS . I pay $60 for kegs off fleabay with free postage, I've bought 19 off them so far and while some had dents and I replace all seals and poppets as soon as I get them I've had no problems otherwise. Built up enough keg fridges and keezers for friends enough to know where to source the parts now
  4. Mark D Pirate

    Looking at Kegging

    Some items are buy once and cry once. Kegland are still doing BYO fridge keg packages . Brand new everything or you can delete the new kegs and buy second hand. If you're Radelaide based I can easily help you set one up, even have a spare fridge here already drilled for 2 taps and will fit 4 kegs
  5. Mark D Pirate


    I spend too much time with people with multiple letters behind their name.... What does PhD stand for anyway? They can't fix my warts and one young lass ran away crying when I showed her Back on subject, sometimes it hurts when I pee Oh sorry different conversation
  6. Blending beers can be good fun, I had a keg I'd just add any excess from batches to and at one point had stout, esb, red ipa and boring Carlton draught clone mixed Labelled that tap with a Nike swoosh and just drink it
  7. Mark D Pirate


    I make a rule not to ingest things I can't pronounce..... Banned all Dihydrogen monoxide after my anti vaxxer housemate sent me some YouTube links about the dangers. I no longer use tin foil for my hats either since " big foil " have changed the formula so that the weather controlling reptile / mole people can still control your thoughts , now use a home made hat of Himalayan rock salt I grew myself #MAGA #SHEEPLES #WokeAF
  8. Mark D Pirate

    Schooner malt

    I've only used a 1/4 of the sack I bought and had no change to my effiency so far ( 80-82% ) Did notice kernels are rather large and plump so widened gap on mill
  9. Mark D Pirate


    It drops out to the trub or bottom of keg . Even if you do ingest it it's completely harmless and will pass straight through
  10. Another upside to Kegging is you can blend beers in the glass or in the keg , you can do the same at home with bottles. Maybe if it's too intense for you add a bottle of your dark ale and a bottle of grolsch to a jug You get better value and swingtop bottles for reuse
  11. Mark D Pirate

    It's Kegging Time!

    6+ months for my winter stout and it was outstanding. Bjcp group scored it 42 in the bottle and I scored it 44 on tap Stored at 20 ° entire time in a spare fridge that doesn't chill properly anymore , natural carbing has a few upsides but mostly that yeast process any oxygen picked up during transfer
  12. Mark D Pirate

    It's Kegging Time!

    Considered natural carbing kegs for long term storage ?
  13. Mark D Pirate

    It's Kegging Time!

    I've built up a few now, prices are still very low at a certain off shoot company starting with K Most recent was a single tap to use D type kegs and since he already had a fridge only $275 Inc del
  14. Mark D Pirate

    Take THAT, BJCP style guidelines

    Appeance is only worth 3 points , I'd be sneaking it in as a British golden ale (12 a) if I remember your original recipe properly it had enough hops to slide in here well, I fiddled with it and didn't keep the original American hops are allowed , mild to moderate hop presence , low malt 20-45 ibu
  15. Mark D Pirate

    Goodbye us05

    Taste threshold for chlorophenols are measured in parts per billion.... We all have different levels where we can taste them and I know I'm sensitive to them so I brew with rainwater. I do rotate between starsan and iodine based sanitiser