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  1. Have you read through Larsblog ? Very good source of knowledge about brewing with Kveik. In my own experiences with dozens of batches it does everything it claims. Ferment is fast but not a huge krausen producer, if using a screw top fermenter then a blow off tube is needed since it'll blow an airlock dry. If using the Coopers FV you should be fine without the collar. Lag times are often under a few hours, I pitch at 1/3 of my standard ale rate so 0.25 mill / mL /P° @ 39° C and set temp in fridge to that for 3 days and then ramp temp down to CC after swapping back to an airlock . Due to Voss Ester production and increased perceived bitterness I'll reduce early hops by 10-15% .
  2. It's a handy tool for brewers but not perfect for many beers due to the Ester production. Increased pitching rate will encourage slightly lower esters but not as much as a lower ferment temp will. Which strain are you using?
  3. Hmmm, original mixed culture for the Voss.... Doesn't say the package size or cell count though I only have a few pure strains, so far they've proved unbreakable.
  4. Where are you getting sachets of Kveik from? I've only ever seen it as liquid culture or home dried flakes of slurry. As per pitching rate it does tolerate stupid low cell counts but needs quite a lot of nutrients
  5. Been called worse by better men annnnd better ( actual) brewers
  6. Not everyone does, actually saves a lot of water that way. I also have ball valves on pump outlets to control flow rates
  7. I use a ball valve on outlet of my CFC to choke flow until I'm hitting required temp straight into FV. In summer I may have to buy an extra pump and pump iced salted water through coolant side
  8. One thing worth considering is how hard a fridge will have to work in a shed that's extremely hot, a newer ( more expensive) fridge will use less energy than a hard rubbish roadside special in 50 ° ambient shed temps
  9. Even in high summer you can brew at ambient... Just stick to Saison or Kveik yeast .
  10. UN malted grains lack the enzymes to convert, this may be what you read
  11. Do you like the taste of DMS ? Delicate styles are not suited to no chilling in my experience
  12. Simple Berliner wiess has gone well for my white wine drinking friends. Light lactic tartness with very low bitterness, raspberry versions have been extremely popular. ABV% of 3.5 is very licence friendly as well. There's so much choice is current beer market that I'd almost bet my left nut you can find something you and the boss both enjoy
  13. Indeed it is, about 100 of us by now and despite the fact we come from broadly different backgrounds we all get along. What we share is a love of beer and fun times , we help each to make better beer
  14. Group brewday at Left barrel brewing in the Adelaide hills organised by our local brewing club 300 litre batch of amber ale for 15 of us to take home for cold side magic. So far I lifted a bucket.... So I earned a beer I think
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