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  1. Mark D Pirate

    what is saison?

    Yeah, very different to normal pub beer. Very refreshing in warm weather, you get pepper, cloves with a very dry finish . Some really dial up the funky, barnyard / horse blanket that's nicer than it sounds
  2. Mark D Pirate

    Coopers glasses

    I saw some recently in an op shop . I doubt I'll bother putting my steins back in circulation, standard 425 ml pub glasses are my go to and I've got a few dozen
  3. Mark D Pirate

    Finances and homebrew

    600 g is fine, it's when you double it that it just gets silly, wasteful and you regret it
  4. Mark D Pirate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Yup.... I'm normally fitting a blow off tube within a few hours
  5. Mark D Pirate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Ferment temp ? 35°C would be my recommendation
  6. Mark D Pirate

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Which strain ? How old ? How much ? I like Kveik, grain to glass in 7 days
  7. Mark D Pirate

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Co-brew 46 litre batch of RIS OG 1.100 80 IBU Half is destined for a JD bourbon barrel with a few other locals, om nom nom
  8. Mark D Pirate

    Kegerator - which way to go

    I've built up a few for friends, I like upright fridges since they're cheap and plentiful. Taps straight through the door, no need for font fans or coolant that way. Easy access and a working freezer for glasses and hop storage . Recently set up a single tap system using commercial kegs for $275 with a 6kg bottle ( minus keg and fridge)
  9. Mark D Pirate

    Finances and homebrew

    23 litres @Beerlust . After losses I barely got a full keg. And no people.... Don't do it, massive waste of hops and green hop bite isn't pleasant
  10. Mark D Pirate

    Finances and homebrew

    I have been know to go a little over the top with hops. I buy in bulk as often as I can which drops price to $60 a kg, buying local 100 g bags works out to up to $140 a kg depending on supply and price. (Single batch) 600-800 g is what I usually use, brewed one using 1400 g and it was a bit harsh for a month and finally came good.... On upside I could smell the fridge from 6 metres away and a glass from 3 ....it was juicey!
  11. Mark D Pirate

    Finances and homebrew

    Cost never really factored into it, it is a massive bonus though to be able to produce commercial quality beer at a fraction of the cost . It's also great having complete control over what I have available, I've got my core range I brew regularly and try to keep on tap. The more invested you get with equipment the cheaper it can become to brew, Coopers pale is popular with my friends and I can produce it for around $0.75 a litre, helps me be a lot more generous with random visitors when it costs 0.35¢ a pint and even hop bombs come in at $1.20-40 a pint compared to $12-14 over the bar
  12. Mark D Pirate

    To do ...

    Move house ( grrrrrr) Tropical cider Czech pils Pick up my barrel aged RIS ( Mmmmmm) Series of increasingly darker beers to get me through our horrible winter. Tanning booth session *spring * Remember I like people and come out of hibernation, get less stabby and talk to people again. Brew all my comp beers and then go silly for the summer. See you next year
  13. Mark D Pirate

    "Our abilities are not as good as we think"

    Judges are just people too , any assertion that the course/exam will improve your palate are false. It will however help you learn how to pick through the layers and describe flavours, flaws and grade it accordingly to a standardised guideline . In most comps there's a maximum 7 points difference between all judges on a table ( usually 2-3 naturally ) the conversation afterwards can get quite animated .
  14. Mark D Pirate


    We had a glitter beer entered in last year's state cup, I wasn't on that table but saw the mess from mine. One of the challenges here is that your adding trillions of nucleation points to a liquid with dissolved gas , over time any glitter is going to flocculate . Once carbed and chilled and then poured I suspect you'll have jugs full of foam and flat beer in glasses due to C0² instantly coming out of solution.
  15. Mark D Pirate


    Definitely suggest a review of your sanitation practices , the taps on those FVs are a weak point and all but impossible to clean / sanitise properly. I replace mine regularly and call it cheap insurance.