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  1. The DIPA I brewed on Sunday went ballistic, made a mess after blowing the blow off tube straight out within a day
  2. Our club is running System Wars tommorow, looks like its 6 different systems running at once. I'm doing a double IPA on my little rig and a triple batch rye IPA on the hosts 3V . DIPA is just Coopers ale malt and a small dose of dextrose for gravity boost hopped with Columbus, Simcoe and Chinook. Bitter, dank and piney. Had planned on using a few kilos of flowers in my mash tun as a hopback but not had time to source the hops
  3. It's certainly a unique beast, a Pacific ale would be a good fit. Perversely it doesn't like low OG worts much but you can convince it to ferment out 1.085 in 48 hours
  4. Actually it was just tongue in cheek dig at Lusty, I do still occasionally brew kits with the newer brewers I teach or just too time poor to do an AG brew
  5. I wouldn't post or comment on anyone's brewing if I used a stove top and kits My 23¢ worth
  6. Why not " everybody stout now " ? As for going OTT with extra types of malt why not just add things for a reason? Just because i COULD run naked through Hindley st means that I SHOULD but Defs bitter with magnum
  7. 25 kg of malt... Maxed out an 80 L mash tun bahahaha
  8. 50 litre batch of RIS today OG 1.105 85 ibu Now if I can just make it there without my yeast pitch making another mess
  9. Having friends with wholesaler accounts is wonderful , try your LHBS on bulk pricing or team up with a few friends and talk to Bintani or HPA but be aware many varieties are in 5 kg foils so it can get expensive in a hurry Yakima is pretty good too,
  10. Cooper own strain will ferment concrete slurry. It's a beast
  11. Correct, even nitrogen flushed sealed bags can oxidise at higher temps and become cheesy. Since it's just a guess what portion of the AA are still in the pellets/ flowers I just cop it in the wallet and bin them. @Beerlust Never heard of an infection from hops, mould yes but hop acids are pretty well antimicrobial
  12. Fridge turned itself into a heater, literally hot to the touch and smelled cheesy. Bin it, mostly old stock anyway
  13. Not my mistake but keg fridge died over the weekend, no idea whether or not the yeast slants that were in it are still viable. Few kilos of hops straight in the bin
  14. A little cold break into the FV actually helps clarity and feeds the yeast. It'll drop clear , don't worry
  15. Those are generic instructions, even if that vial is 3 months old it's still more than enough cells with Kveik . I know of pro brewers using 2 smackpack / vials on bbl ( 119 L) batches and having no problems at all.
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