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  1. If you enjoy hop forward beers but can't drink the whole batch within ~6 weeks then you can refrigerate and keep away from light. Reducing temp will increase shelf life the same as many other products . This is why halo level breweries insist on cold transport and storage
  2. I have also had brews finish below this supposed threshold of 1.007 , even without the use of extra enzyme or Saison type yeast. Keen to see what literature or learnings can back this up
  3. If any of the forum members are interested to attend( Get me? ) I'll be easy to spot . Tall, Greek godlike stature and wearing rather unique headgear and a charming smile
  4. I got outvoted this time mate, take it up with your cycling mate
  5. It's up to the entrant to decide what style it is. Bjcp.org will get you the style guidelines , flavour and balance are the critical aspects, colour doesn't really matter much since its only 1.5% of the total score. Once you've decided what style it is you head to https://www.sabsosa.com.au/ to enter or register as a steward or judge All other info is on the web site as well.
  6. Hi guys and ladies, hopefully this doesn't upset admin team we are getting close to SABSOSA yet again for SA/ NT residents. This is shaping up to be our biggest ever comp and likely the biggest in Australia this year. Entries are open , and will be limited places. Judges( experience preferred) and stewards are still needed . Since we as a commitee decided to use BJCP styles instead of AABC there will be a lot more medals to go around but still quality feedback from experienced judges and pro brewers Good luck!! Mark C SABC events coordinator / SABSOSA committee
  7. Yesterday we brewed a 63 L Red IPA inspired by Red Pelt ( Fox hat brewing) 1.076 OG 88 IBUs Looking forward to tasting it
  8. Triple batch of rye ipa this afternoon. Better behave myself tonight since I'm judging club comp in the morning and remember how bad it was trying to fairly judge 12 DIPAs in a row with a hangover
  9. @MitchellScott 3.68 g / L works very well , ( 70 g of white sugar in corny)
  10. What do you think a whirlpool is for ? i start running the recirc / whirlpool pump with 10 mins left in boil to sterilise the pump and lines , the chiller / heat exchanger goes in at same time for same reasons and it doesn't usually get turned off until chilling is complete . Chilling will be far more efficient with wort moving than it is without . The actual whirlpool is once wort has reached ~70 C ill cut the coolant flow and add my whirlpool hop addition if it's required by the recipe . Once chilling is complete i turn off all pumps and coolant and allow to settle for 15-20 minutes before running off to fermentor .
  11. Yakima, HPA, Bintani and if I only need a small amount of a variety then Beerbelly . If needs be we split 10 kg foils between friends
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