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  1. Thanks ben10 but I don't have the crystal or any of the others. Just wondering if it was possible to make adunkleweizen with what I have listed. I also have dextrose be2, small amount of various hops, ldme
  2. I am trying to make a dunkelweizen, I have a can of cooper's wheat beer, 300g of choc grain (not choc wheat the local didn't have it), a can of wheat malt. So what can I do? I was thinking somewhere along the lines of the wheat beer plus steeped grains plus half a can of wheat malt.
  3. I took a chance over the christmas holidays, putting down a lager (my first lager) before heading away on holidays. I told my sister who was looking after the house what to do with regards to temperature, but apart from that, nothing was looked at or done to the brew. It was a simple brew, a can of heritage lager and malt, bit of sugar. Anyway, I came back today, super excited to see how the beer went. Tested the SG which came in at 1.011 - YAY. I then took a sample of the beer, without thinking I took a swig. Oh god, what had I done, the flavours of vomit, off milk, rotting meat filled my mouth and nose. I tried spitting it out, tried rinsing my mouth with beer, gargle and a few other things but I can still taste it after a few hours. If anyone has any questions about whether your beer is infected or not... trust me you will know.
  4. How about if you just do a flash every 10 minutes or whatever to reduce the length of time the light is on
  5. I pulled the tamper rings off before putting them on the bottles. In all situations 1 packet of yeast has either been dry pitched or rehydrated and pitched. I have held up the bottles and pressed them whilst near my ear, I can't hear a leak. The recipes that I have done are: bewitched amber ale, fruit salad ale, west side pale ale
  6. I seem to be having an issue with under carbonation. I use 2 drops in 750ml pet bottles and the first batch has been sitting for close to 2 months in ~20 degrees. I don't get much of a head and it disappears quickly, the beer has bubbles but still feels under carbonated. When feeling the bottles they have a bit of give to them when pressed. As an experiment I put 3 carb drops in a half full bottle and its rock hard after 1 week. Will crack it tonight to see what it's like.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on using BE2 as a starter instead of malt or in a primer instead of sugar? I have a couple of boxes I need to use up.
  8. Tried a different browser mats?
  9. So in the next week I am going to be putting down my next lager. Going to do a simple heritage lager with half a can and 600g of ldm. I don't have lme and I brew in a craft kit so that's why the qty looks weird. Anyway. I picked up a sachet of 34/70 today and I'm going to rehydrate it before use. Is there anything else I should look out for/be wary of?
  10. Then buy another. Common Ruddager, don't let yourself down.
  11. NB. You might have to press the "quote" button on this comment so that the tabs are preserved when you copy/paste it' date=' otherwise it'll all be plopped into one column.[/quote'] Thanks, Added and reupped original link
  12. So 80 degrees is the limit for isomerised, what is this 45 degree figure for? I feel an exbeererment coming on
  13. I think I read somewhere you should halve the time pit into the spreadsheet for steeped hops, to a maximum of 15 minutes. Steeping is a bit hard to calculate though because it all depends on how fast the temp drops off the boil. If you have a small amount of water in a large pot in cool weather, the temp will drop quickly and you will get less bitterness
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