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  1. Hi I put dow a Pacific Summer Ale two days ago when i put the yeast in it was 22° but the next morning/all day it got up to 26° max. So i put it in my esky with a wet Towel to get it down to 18 My question is should it be ok? SG was 1.026
  2. Hahaha yes but if i can control it dose it make a difference to the end result?
  3. Hi I read a few times on here with boiling hops it shouldn't be boiled in a pot less then 6L is that true? If so what happens if i boil them in my 3L pot with LDM? cheer
  4. Cheers guys Will bottle it tonight.
  5. Hi guys 2nd time posted long time reader, On 23/12/15 I put down my 2nd brew 24 letters 1.7kg APA Brew enhancer 2 light dry malt 500g 15g amarillo, 10g cascade I'm sure everyones seen this before ???? I dry hoped it 5 days later it has sat in the FV @ between 18°-22° My question is it has a little sour taste & smell to it when i check the FG. I've read a few stuff on here that says don't tose it give it time is that "time" in the FV or in the bottles or doesn't matter? Cheers
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