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  1. The Brewart posters were politely asked by PB2 to move to a new forum. Which is pretty much dead.
  2. Looks like this shows the size of the capsule: https://www.slashgear.com/lg-homebrew-capsule-based-system-to-make-beer-lovers-dreams-come-true-10557552/ Seems a bit restrictive, once you drink that gallon I guess you have to wait another 2 weeks before you can have more?
  3. I had one of those picnic taps, but it broke pretty easily. I use a pluto gun now and it is much better and doesn't drip anywhere nearly as bad as the picnic tap did. Do you think 5L would be enough for a camping trip?
  4. It took me a while to sign in too but all good now, The only problem is the new url is blocked at work! How dare they!
  5. I got three cans from Big W at lunch today - $12.80 each - Aus Pale Ale - exp 06/07/19 - Canadian Blonde - exp 25/05/19 - Mexican Cerveza - exp 14/06/19 So still well within use by dates
  6. $39.95 with free shipping for the Bock in Black! Are you sure you priced that right Coopers? Ingredients: 1 x 1.3kg Mr Beer Winter Dark Ale - $15.26 1 x 250g Mr Beer Unhopped Malt Extract - Pale $3.05 1 x 250g Mr Beer Unhopped Malt Extract - Smooth $3.05 1 x 11.5g Saflager W-34/70 Dry Yeast 1 x 72g Mr Beer Carbonation Drops $2.79 Coopers store price total = $24.15 + yeast, maybe $4-5 from LHBS, so at most this would cost $29.15. Maybe that 3 is meant to be a 2, or maybe it comes in a really nice box?
  7. Is this the one where they dip their rear wheel in the water in WA and then their front wheel in the water in Sydney? Oh crap, I just opened the link and now am immediately obsessed watching these dots move!
  8. I have most of those ingredients too! Except no temperature control on my large fermenter - I might split the mix and do half lager in my beerdroid and half ale or saison yeast at room temp and see what I wind up with
  9. interesting recipe a nice English Golden Ale, never tried those hops before... bugger I probably would have bought that one, maybe they will rename it and re-release it.
  10. oooooh conspiracy! What was it called?
  11. only a craft ROTM? Funnily enough I have almost everything in stock for that one, i might give it a go! Hoping a full size one pops up too though.
  12. I'm on the coast too and know exactly what you are going through. Even my ambient bottle conditioning has been having issues with this consistent temperature. I am brewing this weekend so will follow your lead and put some water in the fridge tonight.
  13. I am very impressed with my Beer Droid, I would definitely buy a bigger one if one came out. I would still continue to use my smaller one though
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