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  1. In what? The water? ive had lots of success with us05 in the past - done hundreds of brews with it no problem - and the recent one wasn’t us05 but bry97. I have moved house recently- that’s the only change I can think of - but only a couple of miles down the road so I’m sure the water is the same
  2. I brew in a fridge with temp controller so they have been held at about 18-20c yeast has been reliable us05 or last one was bry97 plus can yeast. Recipe was can (dark ale) plus Amber ME then hop boil of cascade and centennial dry hop; nothing out of the ordinary really
  3. Hi all long time since I’ve posted, haven’t been brewing a lot as I needed to drop a bit of weight. anyway, just been getting back into it a bit and had 3 failed brews in a row due to off flavours - a nasty chemical type almost medicinal flavour..... yuck! Just bottled a brown ale I brewed a couple of weeks ago and sampled a little - and same off flavour again! So annoyed as it wasn’t a cheap brew given all the ingredients. Thought the previous ones might be due to poor hygiene so sanitised the hell out of everything before I made it. I know my fermenter is getting a bit old but also happened with a smaller fermenter I used for a small batch which hadn’t been used much and I did do a FWK recently which came our fine - so can’t be the fermenter. Doing everything else the same as I always have before Any ideas or suggestions before I throw it all away and give up would be most welcome thanks
  4. Hi all A quick question if I may..... I doing a few small batch brews as my LHBS is selling out of the small Mr Beer kits that are used in the craft recipes. I recently did the full sized Shark Attack XPA using the Mexican Cerveza and I had the leftover yeast from the tin and said to my LHBS guys that I would use that together with the one on the Mr Beer kit to ferment the IPA I am doing rather than buy another US05 as the respite suggests. he then said to me "No, you shouldn't ever mix yeast strains or it wont come out as intended" to which I replied but many of the Coopers recipes instruct you to use a certain yeast PLUS the yeast packet attached to the kit. This was met with rolled eyes and suggestions that this is bad advice. Now I admit that the whole yeast thing is the part of brewing I understand the least and just generally buy whatever is on the recipe for each brew - but is there any reason I couldn't use the one on the Mr Beer kit plus the old Cerveza one to use them up? Would it make that much of a difference compared to using US05? isn't most of the yeasts on the kits a sort of generic yeast anyway? Interested in your thoughts Cheers Payno
  5. Well hiya all, Hope all is well on the brewing front .....and personally aswell. Been a while since I posted - stopped brewing for a bit and was enjoying all the latest craft beers out there, then any brews I did were lazy FWK's - hardly worth posting about even tho some were tasty. Just started back again - drinking 2 FWKs at present and a Robust Porter which I make regularly. Just put down the Shark Attack XPA ROTM and then going to do a small batch IPA from the Mr Beer pale ale kit picked up at the same time. Planned to go all grain (and still do) - but just time poor, (hence the FWK's!) Will get there one day with a Robobrew or similar but in the meantime Ill do a few partials to get me back into it. Cheers and beers Payno
  6. Hi Guys been a while just been doing some fresh wort kits recently as Ive been very time poor. Just cracked the first one of the Citra pale Ale - very nice. had a go at the Milk Stout that was the ROTM recently - need to stock up on a dark. have to admit I really notice the difference with the fresh wort kits, just don't have the time to go all grain just at the moment. Happy brewing to you all Cheers Payno
  7. Did another Devils brew Porter yesterday for when the colder weather eventually hits, really enjoyed it the first time around so good to get another batch in the FV.
  8. Knocked back a few of Lusty's Mosaic Amber Ale yesterday afternoon - delicious!
  9. Checked my brew when I got home from the gym last night and krausen completely gone.....didn't have time to take a gravity reading but looks as though the Safale S-04 ripped through the brew in a mere 36 hours! ....never seen a ferment finish that fast before. Didn't think it was possible.
  10. Don't apologise mate - we all learnt and the experienced brewers on helped everyone at one stage or another. You can use metal tea strainers, or a chux cloth - or throw them in loose (commando). there is no right or wrong just personal choice. I use chux cloths - if they are pulled straight form the packet then no need to sterilize them. just put the hops in, tie it together and drop it in the FV......simples! Also easy to fish out when you bottle and straight in the bin (no cleaning) which suits my lazy ass!
  11. Still depends on where you live - no point in recommending my LHBS in Boronia if you live in Essendon I use keg King in Springvale and The Brewers Den in Boronia - the owner there Peter is a good guy and very helpful. For hops keg King is much cheaper though
  12. Finally got down Lusty's Amber Ale last night: 1.5kg Coopers LME Light Dry Malt Extract 500gms Munich Malt grain 500gms Medium Crystal grain 350gms Chocolate Malt grain (1200) 100gms CaraHell 200gms Mashed/steeped @ 68°C for 60-75mins 5 litre hop boil: Centennial 20gms @ 60mins Mosaic 10gms @ 20mins Mosaic 5gms @ 10mins Mosaic 10gms @ flameout (30min post boil steep) Mosaic 20gms dry hopped after 4-5 days. Safale S-04, rehydrated Brewed to 21 litres My first partial mash and seemed to work out well - just used a pot on the stove and transferred to a heat pad with an old sleeping bag wrapped around it which maintained the temp nicely. Was doing it while watching the tennis - so took a bit longer than I thought and was 9.30 pm before I was pitching the yeast! The temp was a bit high at 23c - but pitched anyway and then straight in the brew fridge to get the temp down, so hopefully was all ok. yeast was well hydrated beforehand. Had a look this morning before heading to work and no visible signs of fermentation yet - which was a bit of a surprise as I usually see some signs of the yeast getting going the next morning, but its been less than 12 hours so will check when I get home tonight and hoplefully it will be away and going. The brew smelt and tasted fantastic - so Im really looking forward to this one. Cheers Lusty
  13. Given the small volume' date=' you could actually do this on the stovetop. Add your grains at the appropriate strike temp, turn the burner off & wrap the pot in a sleeping bag/quilt or something similar. King Ruddager uses this sleeping bag/quilt wrap method with his urn process, & an ol' Coopers forum contributor "Gash Slugg" also has his own YouTube home brewing channel with videos where he uses the same process if you need additional info about how to go about it. [img']wink[/img] At the end of the day which yeast you use is your choice. Of those you mention' date=' I would use either the Windsor, or the S-04 & make sure to ferment @ 20°C. The Nottingham will attenuate higher than the other two yeasts which for a deliberately sweet malted beer style like an Amber Ale, is not a desired outcome here (IMHO). I'm ultimately biased & think it is a lovely beer, but in my defence, a number of others on the forum have also brewed the recipe (or something close to it) & enjoyed the end result. [img']happy[/img] Above everything else, good luck with the brew & let us know how you get on. Cheers, Lusty. Thanks Lusty, really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. I love a nice Amber Ale, and I think Mosaic is a delicious hop so I've wanted to do your brew ever since I first saw it posted, just hadn't got around to it. I have watched KR's clips (who of us hasn't ? -.too entertaining not to!) and seen the insulation with the quilt/sleeping bag trick but never thought about doing that in top the stove. might give that a try, better check the original thread to see the volume you used... I was thinking about 5 litres. Thanks for the pointer on the yeast - I'll def go with your suggestion and use one of those two. I've used S-04 before but not Winsor so maybe try that...... no idea on yeasts I have to admit it oh by the way - I assume the Munich in the recipe is "light" - at least that's what I ordered when they asked as I assume all the colour and sweetness comes from the other grains. Looking forward to it - I've read the other posts on your recipe and know if I do it half right I should end up with a tasty brew cheers chris
  14. Going to have a crack at Lusty's Mosaic Amber Ale this weekend - just ordered the grains. I have wanted to do it ever since I saw the original thread and haven't had an Amber Ale in stock for a long time so thought I'd give it a crack. First mini-mash too - not sure how I'll do it. My oven is Gas so not sure I can manage the temp aswell as what Lusty does (his looks far more modern!) - or I might try a small esky and a couple of heat-pads. Will do an experiment with both and see which holds the temp better. Don't think my LHBS has Wyeast 1318 London Ale III - so might have to try another. perhaps Nottingham or Windsor Ale yeast or Safale S-04? I don't know yeasts very well so would be interested in thoughts.
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