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  1. Cheers Otto, It's bee at about 10-12c for the entire time....?
  2. Hiya. I put down a Czech Pils from the Coopers recipes while i was living with th'olds, and have since moved the family to our own place. As it was too early to bottle, i opted to leave the FV and the brew fridge there, and get back to it when it was ready. Turns out i haven't had the time to get down there (2 hour drive from the new place, and leaving for a weekend to bottle wasn't high up on the priority SWMBO's list of unpacking into the new house) and this friday it will be 4 weeks in the fermenter.... I remember reading that largers and pils should/could be fermented for at least 3 weeks...? Would 4 weeks be ok too? Also, as I didn't leave a hydrometer behind for the old man to check FG (also, he has no idea what to do anyway...) I find my self in the position of having to drive down, check it one day, stay over, check it again, and hope it's ready to go I suppose the questions i have are: How long is too long for it to be in the FV?; In order to speed things up, is there a point it's safe to assume it could be bottled with out needing to test with the hydrometer over 2 days...? or, more specifically, do the tests, but have it be ok - maybe leave it a little longer still...? Many thanks!
  3. Here's my own Christmas Card for this year, which i thought i'd add here for all you punters on the forum It's been a great few months on board, and i'd like to thank you all for your wisdom, insight and enthusiasm for home-brew. Please, i'm getting all misty over here.... Wishing you all a brilliant Christmas and most excellent New Year of brewing and ridiculousness!!
  4. Thanks everyone - all excellent advice once again! (love this place ) Here are the finished bottles:
  5. Thanks Ben. They're all just recipes followed from the Coopers site' date=' and a couple of the ROTM's too. I'm too new to this to fiddle with things i don't fully understand yet, so I'm sticking to the recipes for now... I might extend the dates for the darker or stronger ones a little, just to be sure [img']annoyed[/img]
  6. Hi all. I've been going mental brewing over the last little while to get a varied selection ready for christmas prezzies, and have 7 brews done, plus ginger beer. I have one left in the craft fermenter due for bottling christmas day I'm putting together some labels to stick on the ones i'm giving away, and I hope to put a "best after" date on them so my muppet family don't drink them all before they're at their best.... I'm looking for advice about how long bottling conditioning improves the flavour or different styles, so i can have that on the labels. I was thinking about just making it at least 8 weeks after bottling, but I know there are some styles that would benefit from more time. So i have: Pale Ale IPA (x2) Nut Brown Ale Amber Ale Dark Ale Kolsh Saison and the Ginger Beer... Any thoughts greatly appreciated! (it' will also be great to box a few away to be pulled out in time for my 40th in August )
  7. I've done 8 beers and 1 ginger beer since I started down this dodgy road 2.5 months ago..... ????
  8. I'd love to try the pale ale, but would be happy with any/all of them
  9. That's a very interesting resource, there, Anti. Thanks! (Or TAVIRTAT)
  10. The new cans are in the online store. $5 more per can - Ouch! I suppose that new designer has just earned his pay-packet, though.... I'm going to head down to the LHBS and get a bunch of the old TC collection while I still can!
  11. The store seems to break around these ROTM releases....
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