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  1. Maybe not @Pale Man. The duvel yeast is a true PITA. Took a few batches of dicking around to get a decent result to be honest. I use abbaye in a leffe clone and its awesome. It's a similar type yeast to WY1388 I think.
  2. Got to say abbaye makes an awesome pale belgian
  3. WY1388 or WLP570 are both duvel. Pitch low and raise. Had even better results pitching at 16c. The other thing. Oxygenate well. It will help avoid the alcohol burn and also the stall which happens a lot with this yeast.
  4. Very nice. Takes a few months for the Belgians to shine but shine they do.
  5. I have the same problem after 6 or 7 beers as well
  6. CCA is a great yeast. If I had a choice of but one yeast to brew with and one only it would be the yeast I choose because it is versatile. But from about 20 batches of experience with it it is a finicky yeast. Like you @iBooz2 I have had issues with fast ferments to 1030 then a chug away of 2 points per day till FG. It all comes down to the yeast pitch. I always overpitch this yeast now and it's done in about 5 or 6 days at 18c and gives that classic coopers taste. Too little yeast and you get pear esters. Too high a temp and you get pear esters.
  7. Rain water I wouldn't bother testing. It won't be 000000 like RO water but will be close enough to it. Ph will be ~ 5.5 unless you have a coal fired power station next door.
  8. Yeah I have a 2L grolsch style bottle. In my wisdom I filled it one time with a nice Belgian quad. When I came to drinking it I realised it was 13 or 14 standard drinks in one bottle and I'm the only one of my family friends who appreciate Belgians. Won't be filling it again with anything other than a normal strength beer.
  9. Nope. 5L is fine. I have a 1L and a 3L. I wish I got a 3L and 5L. 3L is good for ales doing 1.5L or so starters but for me too small for lagers where you want to be pitching as much yeast as you can get.
  10. Umm. I wouldn't add malt or hops in cider mate. Try 8L of apple juice ( No preservatives ) and 200gm of dextrose. Buy a cider yeast from your LHBS to ferment. Bottle carb as normal. I add a couple of drops of stevia to mine as well otherwise it's not sweet enough for the missus.
  11. Yeah mate. I go high nitrogen till I start to get the laterals. Then I switch to a nice dose of potassium for the cones
  12. Unlike some of the others I don't think it is that bad an idea. What you would essentially have is an imperial IPA. I'm a big believer in the IBU matching the ABV for IPA's so a 11% and 110 IBU ain't a bad combo. You would need to do a few things to it from my thinking though. A short boil of hops for more flavour and a big dry hop too. As the others have said you would need more yeast so making a starter the day before in a 2L coke bottle with one pack of the yeast and 200gm of the dry malt and then pitching the contents of the bottle with the other packet of yeast would get the job done. Purportedly the yeast in that kit is BRY97 which does up to 13% ABV.
  13. Yeah mate all the time for my Trappist recipes. Almost every one uses it. Blond and golden strong recipes tend to use dextrose or even straight sugar in some instances. Anyway candi sugar is so damn expensive so I did a fair bit of digging and all it really is is inverted sugar. You can make it yourself which I do as it's so much cheaper. Plenty of videos and instructions online. The only difference when I make it is I never take it to hard crack to keep it in liquid form as it's much easier to work with. The ratios for the colours I have found which are close are Clear candi - 100% white sugar. 5 mins inversion Light candi - 100% white sugar. 15 mins inversion Amber candi - 25% dark sugar 75% white sugar. 15 mins inversion Dark candi - 50% dark 50% white. 15 mins inversion When using the dark sugar use a bigger pot as it will froth up on you This is the dark sugar I use. Readily available at woolies or other supermarkets. https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/37736/csr-brown-sugar-dark
  14. Yeah I pitch low with every Belgian yeast. It's something I sort of worked out before I got the Brew like a Monk book but that confirmed it. Every brewery pitches low and rises. I think that's the secret to a good Belgian. High alcohol but you can't really taste it. And that comes from the low pitch temp. I cold crash this particular yeast WY1388 for a week at least. I don't bother with other Belgians as clarity isn't important like duvel and the yeast is a b*tch to drop out. You could get the same result doing it after bottle or keg carbonation I would think if you didn't have a cold crash facility.
  15. Attached. This is a 9.5L batch size so you will have to scale it. Simple recipe. Pilsener and dextrose. Be aware the fermentation schedule as well. Its important to start low and let it rise. If you start high you will get harsh solvent flavours. Also I've found you need to oxygenate well. I run my aquarium pump for 15 mins before pitching.
  16. Yeah my duvel clone does exactly the same thing. Two different yeasts though. This is WY3787 and the duvel is WY1388. In regards to head retention if you read the books it's proteins and dextrins and hops and staying away from sugars and dextrose etc. And that certainly has some merit but my best head retention beers have no dextrin malt, little hops and heaps of sugar. My duvel clone is 80% pilsener malt and 20% dextrose. They do have high carbonation though which for me in a glass with lots of nucleation points is key and the yeast has something to do with it to as well.
  17. Yeah mate about 9%. Got the day off tomorrow so it's all good
  18. Belgian Tripel with the westmalle yeast. Beautiful fluffy cappuccino head that just lasts forever.
  19. About June next year I will be digging mine up and cutting back the crown. You can have a few then if you want to give it a go. They are POR hops.
  20. You would be surprised mate. Been doing it for a few years now. First year in a half wine barrel. Got enough for 1 batch from memory. Planted in a raised garden bed enough for 2 to 3 batches. Hoping for 4 this year.
  21. Nice mate. Mine just starting to pop through as well. Time to give them a dose of urea to really get them pumping.
  22. Yeah you could make a starter out of 1 bottle even you would just have to step it up more. When I make a starter off coopers I usually do the same as you have suggested. Decant into the sanitised jar over a couple of days. Or as Shamus suggested just recap the bottle. You should have plenty of yeast in your 4 bottles but depending on age and the alcohol content of the saison it might not be that viable. I'd start with a smallish 400ml starter volume. Watch how quick she takes off. If its quick then you had a bit of viability there and can probably go from 400ml to 2L. If its slow you might have to go half way or so to 1L and then to the 2L to build up enough cells. Unfortunately without a microscope it's difficult to know how much you have in the first place.
  23. Buy mine at the local country brewer these days. Prices are a touch higher than the others around but seeing as it's 5 mins drive away if I factored in petrol and time or cost of freight it's no different. He stocks joe white, Simpson's and gladfield. Joe white reasonable at 66 a sack. Gladfield 79 and Simpson's MO like 100.
  24. Yep. That's big business for you @Bribie G 1. CEO has growth targets so he can get his bonus and buy his new yacht. Buys out the craft brewery 2. Synergies/ cost savings built into the buyout offer. Post acquisition CEO asks the business to find those savings. Cut here, cut there. Substitute this, Substitute that. 3. CEO gets another bonus for hitting those targets. Buys another yacht. 4. Punters stop drinking it because its changed. Market share drops. By this time the CEO has left to sail one of his yachts. 5. New CEO comes in and is left with a brand worth half of what they paid for it. Blames old CEO. 6. New CEO Buys another craft brewery and the cycle starts all over again.
  25. In my experience doing it it made no difference other than I had to use more and it costs a helluva lot more than sugar or dextrose.
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