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  1. Greeny1525229549

    thomas coopers wheat can yeast ?????

    I'm with lusty to slightly underpitch for wheats but 7gm is probably a little underdone IMO. But at those temps it will probably get through it. Note that the kit yeast is a true wheat yeast. I'm guessing Munich. Never used it but it will make a nice wheat I'm sure. Good luck with it.
  2. Greeny1525229549

    Now here's an idea I like

    Or ship it to KR and he does a YouTube video. But with all the entries he might be falling over half way through the video methinks..
  3. Greeny1525229549

    Now here's an idea I like

    I'd be in it too!!!
  4. Greeny1525229549

    Forgive me for this surely has been covered...

    In order for head retention purposes 1. Carbonation - Low carbonation equals a crappy head. Allowing enough time for CO2 to be absorbed into the beer is the major problem in my experience. 2. Bad glasses - I used to be like titan and never wash my glasses. But have found that either a dishwasher or handwash is fine. BUT!!! You must rinse thoroughly and I mean thoroughly afterward. Nucleation points in the glass also make a big difference. 3. Recipe - Carapils and wheat do make a difference in head and head retention. As an example my best beers for head retention are Belgian golden strong. They look like a cappuccino and hold the head all the way to the bottom and they are just Pilsener malt and sugar with a touch of Carapils.
  5. Greeny1525229549

    Lower ABV Saison - Coopers Recipe

    Good luck with the saison 1 mate. Its the same as 3724 apparently. Let me know when it stalls on you.
  6. Greeny1525229549

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Mine is a DIY job. Fan from an old computer. Magnet from an old hard drive and a box from scrap wood. The key is a variable voltage power source such as the link below. It allows you to control the speed of your stir bar and thats very important for different sizes of flasks and stir bars. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Multi-Function-Adjustable-Voltage-Power-Supply-Adapter-3V-12V-30W-Converter-NT5X-/132729153716
  7. Greeny1525229549

    Lower ABV Saison - Coopers Recipe

    Think it was belle saison. Its a good yeast with good flavor and doesn't stuff you around. Have a split batch with 2 10L batches on the go at the moment. The belle saison has taken my brew down to 1005 in 5 days while the 3724 dupont yeast has shit itself at 1030 again. Open fermented this one so so much for the theory about pressure causing it to stall. Am stirring up some belle saison to finish it off. Not patient enough to wait a month for it to finish. Let me know how the saison 2 works.
  8. Greeny1525229549

    Larger Beer

    You had one job!!! They said to the proof reader as he was marched out the door.
  9. Greeny1525229549

    Lower ABV Saison - Coopers Recipe

    What yeast are you going to throw at those saisons Captain?
  10. Greeny1525229549

    Brewing evolution

    For the 5 or 6 extract boils I did i used just the local HBS brand. Just make sure its the one with the most use by on it and you will be sweet. In a way it gives you a good introduction and pathway to all grain but if i had my time again i would have just skipped to all grain like Kelsey. Having control of the malt base makes a big difference again.
  11. Greeny1525229549

    Help me make my next brew better!

    +1. The ale kit yeast aint that bad a yeast but agree dont think its suited to this style. Id choose one of S04, Mangrove Jack Liberty Bell. They both make a nice beer.
  12. Greeny1525229549

    Brewing evolution

    For me yep. Gives you full control from a hops point of view. You are obviously still limited in your recipe with the malts that get used but I found over a few batches that it gave me a fresher and nicer tasting beer particularly if the LME was nice and fresh.
  13. Greeny1525229549

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Stupid. Totally out of style. And he most likely wouldnt get to 14% anyway. The yeast probably wont handle that ABV.
  14. Greeny1525229549

    Co2 Refills?

    There should be a tare weight on the bottle. Weigh it on the bathroom scales. Should tell you how much is in it. The dial means jack until its almost done.
  15. Greeny1525229549

    Lower ABV Saison - Coopers Recipe

    Agree. All of my saisons are just as good at 3 months as they are at 1 month to my taste buds. Have found only two instances in my brewing experience where I bother to age it. Stouts which I "try" to leave for at least 3 months or the high ABV beers where it takes the edge off the alcohol over time. Interesting article below with there guide. https://vinepair.com/articles/beer-aging-guide/ Beer ABV Years Belgian Dubbel 6.5-7.5% 1-3 Belgian Tripel 7.5-9.5% 1-4 English or American strong/old ale 7-9% 1-5 Belgian strong dark ales 8.5-11% 2-12 Imperial pale/brown/red, etc. 7.5-10% 1-7 Barley wine 8.5-12% 3-20 Imperial stout 8.5-12% 3-20 Ultra-strong ales 16-26% 5-100