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  1. Greeny1525229549

    150 Lashes clone recipe

    This was my take a while ago now. While in the ballpark in a side by side the hop combo definately was not correct. I think i erred in the POR bittering. The malt bill on the other hand i think was spot on. I think a 75 to 25 is about right.
  2. Greeny1525229549


    After enduring a body destroying 20 hours in a plane i got to my hotel in New Jersey and have found a beautiful liquor store within 300m of my hotel. Craft city!!! Bought a six pack of this double IPA. 8.2% and 10.99 a six pack. Obviously less taxes than Australia. This one is from Lakewood NY. This is an awesome beer. Balance is perfect for the ABV
  3. Greeny1525229549

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    I hope not but i think i might have my first ever undrinkable batch. This one tasted friggin awesome until the last 10 points. Was fermented at 20c and ramped 1c per day to 25c then held till 10 points out from expected FG of 1002. When i took it out of the fridge it was very dupont like. When i tried the sample at 1002 it was dupont like at the start but the end taste was like rubber or something. Very wierd and offputting. It got up to 30c in the last 10 points in the ambient but nothing like this taste has happened before. Left it for 5 days hoping to clean up that taste but its probably got a touch worse. Anyway been cold crashing for 2 days and the taste is still there. Going to bottle it tomorrow night and see what the secondary ferment does to it. Anybody got a rubbery type flavour before?
  4. Greeny1525229549

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    If it’s taking 6 hours then you have to be doing a 2 hour mash and 2 hour boil or something. A standard 60 min mash and 60min boil and no chill should take no longer than 3.5 to 4 hours. 30 mins to get water up to mash temps. 60 mins mash 30 mins to get it up to the boil 60 min boil 30 min or so steep 30 min clean up 4 hours all up. If your not steeping even less.
  5. Greeny1525229549

    health aspects of home brewing

    Yeah i agree for some blokes it could be a friggin dangerous hobby. Its always there and as you say its just too easy especially in summer. I typically try to limit the beers to the weekends (friday night is part of the weekend) but have been failing miserably in the heat of this summer in sydney. Id anticipate i have been a 5 or 6 day a week drinker with an average of 2 during the weekdays. Saying that most heavy drinkers/alcoholics i know would not have the interest or patience to do it themselves.
  6. Greeny1525229549

    Priming Measuring Device

    Belgian ales 1.9 to 2.4??? I think whoever came up with that had too many belgian ales. Most are well over 3.0. Some go as high as 5.0.
  7. Greeny1525229549

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I get it with budvar a fair bit. As you say though. Worth every bit of that smell.
  8. Greeny1525229549

    One Teaspoon is one Carbonation drop?

    Still use one of these.
  9. Greeny1525229549

    BIAB Recipes.

    I wouldn't say it doesn't matter but the differences are slight. I use rain water for my pilseners and the water starts at 5.6 ph and goes down to 5.4ph without any help. If i use tap water which starts at 7.6 in my area i need acid malt to get it down to 5.4. Agree that starting out you shouldn't worry. Baby steps as they say.
  10. Greeny1525229549

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    Australian pale ale. Only one yeast for me. WLP009 or get the yeast from a 6 pack of coopers pale ale. Its an awesome yeast. Have a lookat the thread below.
  11. Greeny1525229549

    Plastic Vs Glass carb times

    As kelsey said. No difference. Note there will be a lag as well from a hard PET bottle till the CO2 is fully absorbed into the beer. If im bottling which is rare these days i usually try one at 2 weeks.
  12. Greeny1525229549

    Newbie to brewing questions and advice :)

    Yep its ok to do that. Its usually wise to keep 2L of chilled water in the fridge the day before to balance the temp.
  13. Greeny1525229549

    Beer Lao

    Ok. Better than a full jar for 17 when you don't need it all. Still dont understand why its so expensive when a kg of rice is 1 dollar from woolies. If you ever go to all grain here is some info on cereal mashing rice or other grains. http://beersmith.com/blog/2013/09/06/cereal-mash-steps-for-all-grain-beer-brewing/
  14. Greeny1525229549

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    Yeah never bin it i agree. Not a massive fan of the kit yeast but good in emergencies. I also use old ones in the last 15 mins of the boil. Some nutrients for the yeast to come.
  15. Greeny1525229549


    Hey mate. Yeah i often just keep slurry and use it in brews. Usually with lagers only as i just pitch the whole lot. Ales are a little bit different and i get somewhat scientific when pitching ale slurry. I use a calculator and pitch on the basis of 1.5bn cells per Ml. So for a 1045 OG 21 L batch i would pitch about 140ml of compacted slurry. I will do this without fear up to about a month old then i get nervous aboyt viability and fire it up again in another starter. Saying that the best results i have got with WB06 is a slight underpitch and a temp of around 24c so i encourage you to experiment. I wouldn't use WB06 in a barley only batch. Its meant for wheats.