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  1. Yep. You can still make great beer without temp control when it comes to belgians and saisons. I could see not needing a fridge even with my method of starting low and finish high. Cube everything and put it in a tub of ice water and then let the yeast and ambient take it up once the yeast is pitched. Not giving up my fridge though.
  2. Yeah its definately a step up mitch. Also playing around with mash temperature will allow you to further refine it. Enjoy the journey mate.
  3. Just bought it from jaycar lusty. 20 bucks i think it was. You can fashion your own as shamus said. I just bought a connector from jaycar as well for 2 bucks or something and soldered it up. I can then use the adaptor elsewhere if need be.
  4. Yeah can do lots with it. I have gave it to the mother in law for the chooks. They love it but have to give it as a treat only. Grew oyster mushrooms in buckets with it. Mostly though i compost it either in the compost bin or throw it on the veggie patch and dig it in. As you said google is your best friend for what you can use it for in your circumstances.
  5. Yep no problems. Do it all the time with crazy krausen yeasts such as WY3787. Saves the blow off.
  6. Sorry to hear that mate. It may mature a bit more in the bottle. So it might come good. Just as the bombers might come good next year.
  7. Its not as fermentable so more is required for the same amount of carbonation.
  8. You would be surprised with big business. Often there are quite easy savings to be had by changing process but they get tied up in red tape till they give up so everything stays the same. Unlike big business I try a lot of the things I read and make up my own mind on it. With brulosophy. Most things come up statistically insignificant and who knows how many the testers have under there belt before they start testing samples. It gives me ideas to try but I almost don’t care about what the results come out. If I think it might have merit I will give it a go myself and decide.
  9. Other than the beer it looks very effin dry. Beer looks nice too BB ☺
  10. Yeah head retention is interesting. It should be fairly similar on the same recipe but i have had variability as well. My previous golden strong batch was a cappuccino head that lasted forever and the current one while lasting about 20 mins or so is nowhere near it despite being the same carb rate, recipe and using dextrose. Different bags of JW pilsener malt is the only difference.
  11. The same beer carbed to 4.0 volumes will definitely hold a head longer than one at 2.3. Coke wont give a head because its basically sugar and water. No protein in sugar. Megaswill doesn't hold a head because it doesn't have as much protein as they are full of sugar too
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