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  1. Out in the garden planting the veggies for spring and rehydrating with a mosaic and galaxy pale ale which was fermented with S04. Not my best but a nice and refeshing drop.
  2. Very much depends on the yeast. A 48 hour CC is usually good enough for S-04. A 48 hour CC won't do anything for US-05. Haven't used notty in a few years but it was more like the S-04 in terms of flocculation so I suggest 2 or 3 days will be enough.
  3. Id add an extra 80g to the brew. Once fermented i would naturally carb it. 80g of sugar into the keg and dump the beer on top. Close it up and wait a couple of weeks.
  4. Dupont on its own is a major PITA. No matter what you do it will stall/go slow. Closed ferment. Open ferment. Expect a 21 day ferment. Depends on your taste Cap but blending 3724 with belle is my favourite. Mid way between extreme funk and mild funk. With no stall problems. A sub 7 day finish and a ~1002 ish end OG.
  5. Nice work KR. Just a question. How did you go getting the hop sock out of the cube after the hops expanded?
  6. Have not found a difference with attenuation. From a massive overpitch. Pace of fermentation yes. Blander flavour for ales yes and slower floculation yes. For lagers i thoroughly recommend going overs on the pitch. It finishes quicker with no difference to flavour.
  7. Ales yes. Lagers no. Simple as that.
  8. Hey @RDT2. As Cap and Kelsey say its not as good for hoppy styles. I use straight rain water for my pilsners as well and they turn out great. Hoppy styles just the town water and gypsum mostly as Cap says. For some beers i use the rain water and build up the water profile through additions. Sometimes you cant do that with the tap water as too much of the minerals are already present. Rain water is a great asset to have as it allows you to mimic any profile without buying the water or getting expensive RO systems. Congrats on the pilsener. Looks great.
  9. Yeah good point lusty re the sweetness. You scared me away from the invert sugar route. Going to buy some more dex and go with the kilo. Really like the sound of the hop combo. Dont know why i have never tried it before seeing as i have had cascade and mosaic together many times.
  10. Gonna put this down this weekend seeing as i have pretty much everything bar the english bitter tin in one form or another. The differences will be i will be mashing 1kg malted wheat and 1kg pale ale malt plus the 300g crystal. I also only have 500gm dex so im going to invert 500gm sugar instead for the other half. Hopefully it turns out great
  11. Yeah im with you @Ben 10. I cant fathom how galaxy and chestnut would go together but that is actually the hops they use apparently. I wont be rushing out to buy one but if it suits your taste buds @Yuley then go for it mate.
  12. If your worried about oxidisation then the easiest way is to ferment in the keg. 0% chance of any oxygen. Beer is carbed when its finished. Chuck it on a tap. First schooner is yeast then your good after that. Seriously though you have to be trying to oxidise your beers. If your bottling you have to be splashing the crap out of it to put enough oxygen in it for the secondary ferment not to clean it up and if your kegging as kelsey says you just purge the headspace after you fill it.
  13. I was of the opinion a little oxygen would get eaten through the referment process. I certainly haven't had any issues with oxygenation when bottling.
  14. As captain said. I have used it in a megaswill clone and while it made an ok beer thought it was better without. Come summer though im gonna do an asian lager and use it again to try to get an asahi type.
  15. Good stuff mate. Love a hefeweizen every now and then. Have you got the fermenter sitting on a glass shelf?
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