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  1. As others have said it does make a difference but the degree of difference depends on the style. Generally light beers soft water. Dark beers hard water. Also you don't necessarily need RO water either. I have both rain water and sydney water. I really only need the rain water for pilsener. Everything else sydney water plus additions gets the job done. Get a water report from your town water before you spend anything is my advice.
  2. Looks pretty darn good to me mate. Me thinks that keg isn't going to last too long. Is there much difference you think between the lambic blend and the roselare?
  3. What else do you do there? Go fora run in the snow? Typical of the world we live in these days
  4. https://beerandbrewing.com/brasserie-de-la-sennes-yvan-de-baets-explains-saisons-greatest-myth-the/ Interesting article for people who like saisons. After using every saison yeast on the market it makes a lot of sense that they are really only 3 different yeasts. The dry ones from Lallemand, Fermentis and MJ are all extremely similar.
  5. Great stuff mate. What was the yeast you are using for the IPA anyway?
  6. Belgian Golden strong. Always pours with a cappuccino like head being so highly carbonated. Didn't use gelatin on this one as I didn't bother doing any cold crash and paid the penalty with clarity. Still very tasty though.
  7. Wattle yeast beer is going along great. Have taken out of the ferm fridge to free it up for a couple of lagers and it's on the heat belt and temp controller at 23c. Looks no different to a sacc yeast fermentation.
  8. Hoppy beers drink early. Within the first 3 or so months in my opinion. Malty beers and high alcohol beers do better with age. I've had some Belgians almost 2 years old and they are still good but peaked about the 1 year mark. It is variable though based on storage conditions. Mine is at ambient. Cellar temps I'm sure they would last longer. If you are ageing you need glass. Plastic will seep in oxygen over time and ruin it eventually.
  9. Cheers mate. But I think its this one which is native to WA but apparently spreads like a weed and is in everywhere in SAF so says Google. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acacia_saligna&ved=2ahUKEwjPodnf4IDyAhX1zjgGHYRPAekQFjATegQIRhAF&usg=AOvVaw1O7BIFjH-rRSZqsZWHRU0_
  10. 4L batch is down using the yeast I got from wattle flowers. In a 5L glass demijohn. Sitting in the ferm fridge at 22c. Quick stovetop job in an 8L pot. Really keen to see what this throws especially when the starter taste was pretty tasty.
  11. How's it look mate? Can you see heaps of white cells in your last starter? Another option if you no chill is something i have done a few times which is decant off a few litres after the boil into the erlenmeyer. Cool it down and pitch the starter into it. Put it into the ferm fridge at your fermenting temp and the next morning when the main wort is cooled down tip into the fermenter and the starter which will be at high krausen and the cells in the starter would have increased massively. I don't like to do that as I prefer somewhat accurate cell pitches but it will ensure you have enough cells.
  12. How long did you have the roselare in the fermenter for the first pitch mate? How did it go/how does it taste versus the lambic blend you had previously?
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