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  1. Greeny1525229549

    thomas coopers wheat can yeast ?????

    Dont quote me but if i had a bet id say its Munich yeast not WB06.
  2. Greeny1525229549

    Coopers Maltings

    The local country brewer did a sell job on me the other day. Will buy a sack when i run out of the BB sack.
  3. Greeny1525229549

    House of Malt

    Not hard to compete on taste @Ben 10
  4. Greeny1525229549

    House of Malt

    If be in for a couple of sacks of base malt..happily pay a little extra for the little guy. Always wonder why supermarkets dont have an Aussie Aisle. If they did id shop there exclusively for that aisle.
  5. Greeny1525229549

    House of Malt

    Interesting. I thought they would have zero chance of competing with the big boys such as Joe White. Barrett Burston etc.. might have to try some of this myself.
  6. Greeny1525229549

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2018

    Naturally carbonated a keg while i was away last week. Decided to keg hop it and get it in the keg fridge. 5 mins later im outside and there is beer coming out the keg fridge all over the deck. Did the exact same thing about a year ago when i forgot to cool the keg down first before hopping. Took off the pressure and took the keg hop out. Lost probably 4 or 5 beers im thinking.
  7. Greeny1525229549

    No chill

    Yeah robobrew does. At least mine did anyway. Great piece of kit to have especially for lagers where i want great clarity.
  8. Greeny1525229549

    No chill

    Any beer i want to dry hop that will be kegged gets keg hopped. For me keg hopping s%its all over dry hopping then kegging. The hop presence lingers far longer than a traditional dry hop. A chiller is good and so is a cube. I recommend both methods depending on what you are doing but each to there own.
  9. Greeny1525229549

    thomas coopers wheat can yeast ?????

    Good luck BB. Used WB06 many timed and never got serious funk. If your after funk go the wyeast wheat yeast.
  10. Greeny1525229549

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    On looks its a winner
  11. Greeny1525229549

    No chill

    Use no chill for all my ales but i fast chill for my lagers where i want clarity. Fast chill is by far the best chill haze stopping technique. Well in my opinion anyway.
  12. Greeny1525229549

    high Finished SG - what should I do

    Live and learn mate. It will be drinkable still but maybe not what you are expecting. Do what norris suggested. Raise the temp and give it a stir. 99 times out of 100 it will wake them up again and will finish the batch off. Be aware though for the future that the majority of the flavour of the beer especially with yeast driven beers such as wheats are set after the first 2 or 3 days of active fermentation. So you want it in the right range from the getgo.
  13. Greeny1525229549

    high Finished SG - what should I do

    Your ferment temps were way too low. Wheats should be done in the early 20s to enable the flavors to come through.
  14. Greeny1525229549

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    I still do a pale ale tin with a can of light malt extract and CCA yeast when I need to get stocks up. 50gm dry hop or keg hop. Quickest easiest drinker you can find. Hops are not blowing your head off but they are noticeable.
  15. Greeny1525229549

    When should I be worried about yeast

    This time tomorrow night id be worried.