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  1. Yeah got to be really really careful with slurry particulary if not using it in a timely manner. Its very variable in my experience to such an extent that i dont use it anymore for ales. Ill make a starter from the slurry so i have an idea of the number of cells going in. Lagers i still use slurry as i pitch the whole slurry. Overpitches wont affect lagers like they do ales
  2. Looks awesome Cap. Cant go wrong with centennial or amarillo
  3. Brew day going great. Robobrew chocka block with malt and rice. Dont usually bother measuring ph anymore but with not much specialty malt i decided to. Love the rain water. Only makes a 0.2 to 0.3 difference in mash ph but thats the difference between stuffing around with acid or not.
  4. Its coming up to Xmas so its time for me to put down some megaswill for the family for the party. Doing a 20L concentrate batch which will be split into 2 and topped up. I usually do a New clone but have a heap of saaz to get through so am doing an asian lager instead. One will be fermented with Budvar. The other Danish Lager. Should be about 4%ABV in the keg for each.
  5. English ale yeast to do a belgian blond? Sacrilege!!!
  6. Most of the yeast websites only go high, medium and low and for good reason. Its too variable. I do know the Wyeast website figures are not worth a pinch of shite with the belgian strains. I wouldn't trust it at all. Its just plain wrong and misleading. Wyeast 1214 - 74-78. Reality high 80s early 90s Wyeast 1388 - 74-78. Reality early to mid 90s Wyeast 3787 - 74-78. Reality high 80s early 90s My advice. Give it a rip and where it ends up it ends up.
  7. Belgian Golden Strong from my new batch. I dont make golden strongs as often as my othet belgians and made a change with this one and pitched at 1.0 v my usual 0.75. A touch muted compared to the 0.75 but im actually liking it better. Maybe its the weather. Zero alcohol taste as well despite the 8.5 ish ABV level.
  8. I did that a long way back but I never used t58 or s33. I used danstar abbaye. But i can tell you that every belgian yeast i have used has attenuated way further than the yeast specs suggest. From mid 80s to mid 90s. They are not even close in there specs. Thats due to most of them being diastaticus strains and they will ferment out sugars the US05s and S04s wont touch. Ill have a 50 on you will ferement lower than 1010.
  9. Thats a big whack of foam. I sacrificed a stubby holder for my fermenters. Works a treat.
  10. From a side by side taste i wouldn't touch anything bar the dry hop. Everything else tastes ok. Id go 25g each of the hops as a dry hop.
  11. After making the vintage 19 i say go 25g of each with the dry hop. At 12.5 each its lacking.
  12. Looks great mate. Nice krausen. Take it easy when you start drinking it
  13. I think inversion does make a difference. I have tried straight sugar in a tripel and it left a slight flavour difference. My recipe for dark candi syrup is a 50 50 ratio of white sugar and CSR dark brown sugar. Amber 75 25 and clear 100 white. I cant tell the diff between it and candi sugar once its inverted.
  14. Ditto to the above guys. If you want a very hazy beer and a slightly offputting bitter taste then dont use it. Like otto i have forgot a couple of times to use irish moss and like him make damn sure i dont forget again.
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