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  1. Yes most definitely from my tastes. Force carbed is crisper and makes the hops more prominent in my experience. Suits lagers, pales, IPA's. Basically anything not yeast driven. Naturally carbed suits yeast driven beers like wheat's, Belgians, saisons where esters are the go. Also suit high ABV beers from my perspective where the yeast in the bottle helps mellow the alcohol notes. Note you don't have to force carb a keg as well. You can naturally carb in the keg quite easily.
  2. Your taking chances throwing "a few months" slurry at a brew. Could be anything from 200bn cells to 10bn cells. I only use slurry pitches for lagers these days and if its over 3 weeks ill make a starter. I want to be sure I'll get a good ferment. As mitch says id leave till the morning. Don't see anything then pitch more.
  3. Abbaye yeast for me anyway is a medium attenuator. Medium for Belgians that is. Id expect it especially with the sugar in there to get under 1.010. I must buy a packet again as it makes a nice beer. Found it excellent for blonds.
  4. Yeah i figure Christmas might be the time. I am getting another glass fermenter when its near bottling. I want to split the yeast cake and have two on the go.
  5. Sounds lile the viability might be low. As bribie said it might be to do with the manufacture date. I have bought a few past use by/best before date. They all fired back up just took a little longer. One a year past use by date i fired up in a 500ml starter and stepped it up from there. The other thing was how has it been stored since it was manufactured? Was it always refridgerated or did it have a spell where it got warm. If it did that it would have an impact on viability.
  6. Was it from a new packet or from a previous starter or slurry?
  7. So i took a sample just now of my batch. Just over 2 months in. Shitloads of Brett but almost no sour. Ph of 4.0 and gravity at 1.012. Tastes funky but not rodenbachy. Leave it for another 2 months i guess.
  8. Ahhh. Censorship. Gestapo will be coming for you soon.
  9. His perogative if he doesn't stock them but not swapping a gas bottle is petty. Id tell him I'm taking my business elsewhere.
  10. Hey graham. I am assuming your a beginner? Dont know of any coopers recipe but euro lager plus 750gm of light dry malt plus 250gm dextrose will get you close. I believe estrella has rice in it but the above will be a good approximation. You need to do it colder. Try to keep it close to 12c if you can. The kit yeast really isnt enough as well. Buy a pack of W34/70 and use that and the kit yeast together. Cheers
  11. Yeah a longer boil is always better for clarity. I have found that especially for my Asian lagers which contain rice but doing it for others now have found the same thing.
  12. Pitch low and ramp i have found the best. I pitch at about 18c. Wait for the krausen and then 1c a day. Depends on the yeast and what flavour I want but I will stop the ramp anywhere between 24 and 28. The amount of yeast you pitch also makes a huge difference but one pack of t58 in a 10L should be right. I find blonds are slightly better overpitched. Your recipe looks good. Similar to my all grain recipe.
  13. Yeah have done that once when I forgot to overmake a starter and after that forgot to keep the trub. I read somewhere PB2 used to do the same thing with his yeast. It was like 40th generation or something.
  14. Looking to do a simple sour ale. Never done a sour before except for my flanders red which is 2 months in the fermenter. I have been looking around on the methods people use from the kettle sour to the cube sour to the use of acid or acid malt to sour. Seeing as I am going to use my oldest fermenter to bottle my flanders red in a few months and then not use it again for anything other than bacterial bottling I am thinking to just use it as a fermenter for bacterial as well. So the plan is to do a normal batch to 5 IBU. Fast chill to 35c. Pitch a 1lt starter of kviek and 4 IBS tablets ( lacto plantarum) and hold the ferment at 35c. Then a dry hop at the end. The things I am unsure about is 1. Will the kviek out compete the lacto and ill be waiting ages to get decent sour? 2. I'm not killing the lacto like the kettle sour or cube sour so will it continue to fermentin the bottle? Any help from experienced sour brewers would be great. Cheers
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