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  1. Greeny1525229549

    80 Batches and still going strong

    Hey warthog I'm about 150. I stopped recording a while ago. Have 9 recipes in my beersmith that are winners so I'm happy with that. About batch 15 or so I got given a full size fridge from the brother in law. Biggest difference you can make for a brew. About brew 20 I started doing extract boils and about batch 30 I got my robobrew and started all grain. Biggest learning for me is temp control. A kit beer with temp control will beat an all grain beer without temp control. Unless it's a Saison
  2. Greeny1525229549

    Ferocious fermentation

    By the way. The yeast is repackaged S04. A very good yeast for darker type beers.
  3. Greeny1525229549


    If its every bottle then it wasnt finished fermenting in the first place. If its the odd rogue bottle in my experience its one of these 1. Too much priming sugar 2. Bottles not cleaned properly and there is a bottle infection. 3. If you dont bulk prime and its the final bottles filled then extra yeast in the bottle will cause more foaming.
  4. Greeny1525229549

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Im part of the no chill fraternity. Just saying cooling down in a sealed container without purging the air won't make any difference whatsoever overnight. Empirical evidence of doing it 50+ times is my back up. Long term I wouldn't do it but overnight to avoid wasting water. No problems whatsoever.
  5. Greeny1525229549


    Agree with Shamus. The recipe I did a couple of times with the old wheat kit and a can of wheat malt. Works good. WB-06 ain't a bad yeast though good luck with trying to get banana flavours out of it. Never threw it in my experience.
  6. Greeny1525229549

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Have to disagree with lusty on this one. As long as you have a sealable container to put it into then for one day to cool down you will not have a problem. Have done that for 50+ batches and zero issues. However I'm only doing it overnight. If your keeping it for more than that I wouldn't doing it. I don't expel the air either. Have read people saying that you will get oxidation but many batches and my bullshit meter ruled it out. If the yeast like oxygen in the wort why would it be a problem pre fermentation? In my experience fast chilling is great for clarity. I do it for my lagers because it stops chill haze. But that's the only reason I fast chill. Other than that it's a waste of water.
  7. Greeny1525229549

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Whats your take kelsey on oxygenation through the cylinder v just splashing the wort into the fermenter? Do you see a benefit?
  8. Greeny1525229549

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Doing a belgian golden strong today. About a year and a half since i have done one. 19L batch using the rainwater 5kg pilsener malt 1kg dextrose added in last 10 of the boil Mashed at 63c. 25IBU from perle @60 mins 5IBU from saaz added at 2 min and steeped for 15 after flameout 2.5L starter of WY1388 with Fermentation to begin at 17c with temp rising to 25c over 5 days. Should get about 8.5% abv in the keg with an expected 95% attenuation.
  9. Greeny1525229549


    My mutated chimay yeast Belgian strong. Actually really mellowing out. Head is like cream and sweetness has died down. I think this is 5 months now. Will keep going one every month or so. By the way i scored the glass at the markets for 2 bucks. Great pick up
  10. Greeny1525229549

    Water questions 2019

    I bought a pH meter early into my all grain brews and in my experience other than a slightly better efficiency it doesn't mean too much. What is more important by far is the mineral make up of the water.
  11. Greeny1525229549

    Serious Question: Why do dark ales and stout inprove

    Anything high alcohol improves with age. Belgian beers really need at least 3 months and up before consumption. Allows the alcohol to mellow into the beer.
  12. Greeny1525229549

    commercial yeast culture

    I’m a big fan of using slurry. So much easier than making a starter. BUT. With an ale you have to be careful with how much you pitch. It will make a difference to your brew if you throw the whole lot in. Your brew will ferment out great but will taste bland. The use of yeast calculators comes in here. I work with 1.5bn per ml of yeast and it’s been good to me. If it’s a lager yeast. Don’t worry about the calculations. Just pitch the lot. Some will disagree but IMO it’s impossible to over pitch a lager.
  13. Greeny1525229549

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Thanks mate. Will try your method and see how it goes. If not then will just wait it out i guess and bleed it every couple of days for a week or so.
  14. Greeny1525229549

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Ok guys. Best ways to degas a Disconnect and bleed the gas completely and leave it for a week or so was my only thought. Any others??
  15. Greeny1525229549

    Pellicle infection : Help brains trust

    Being finished id scrape off the layer then cold crash it. Should be ok if its just recent.