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  1. Yeah thats low if you did it exactly per the recipe. Did you mix it well before you took the reading? If you dont you will often get a bad reading for the OG. If you did it as per recipe i would be expecting it would come out as the coopers recipe says. Closer to 9.5% ABV. Id take another reading tomorrow and if it is still at 1014 id bottle it and let it mature. High ABV brews like that need time in the bottle.
  2. Question away mate. Its what this place is for. Hope your having an awesome Aussie day.
  3. Nice one LR. Did that recipe a couple of times in my early days and it was a nice beer. Yes any belgian its all about the yeasts. Hops and malts are supporting actors. Temperature of ferment and pitch rate are also levers that will give different flavours to the end beer when it comes to belgians.
  4. Yeah mine was not as dark as yours cap but probably my best beer of 2019. Amazing what you find when you explore.
  5. Its either love it or hate it mate. Guess you will find out.
  6. Make it the way with the bottles and sugars in each of the bottles. Once they get active put it into another solution of about 1.8L (preferably malt based) in the 2L bottle. There you have a stepped starter and will be plenty enough yeast.
  7. I’d go more paddy for anything over a 1050 OG brew. The other and better way I think is get a sanitised 2L water or coke bottle and make a starter in it.
  8. Ok I’ve said this a few times but I’ll say it again. While I love coopers beers and there commitment to home brew I must marvel at how stupid there marketing/sales people must be to put the worst tin and a BE1 in the kit. Do they purposely want first timers to try once then stop? I know marketing and sales people want to maximise there margins on the kit probably to get there KPIs but haven’t they thought of the extra volume they would get on the kits and bits if they chucked a decent one in and a BE2 or BE3. Or is it just me and the kit with rubbish in it is the right way to go?
  9. Nice video Christina. Interesting what they say about ales only putting pressure on at the end. I certainly didn’t do that. Will be very interested to hear your views on the lager. I have two Lagers going now while I am overseas so will have some nice slurry when they are done to try one myself at ambient. I think I will do the same recipe as one of them actually so I can get a side by side tasting.
  10. Yeah in the keg. No I didn’t use a floating dip tube. The first pour was absolute rubbish but cleared up after that fine. Just don’t move the keg. I wouldn’t do the method if it’s staying in the keg for a long time though.
  11. Depends if you want to spend the extra time to do it. Flakes you can just add to the mash. Store rice you have to cereal mash it. I say save some money and go the 1.20 per kg rice from woolies mate. Have a read of this. It’s pretty simple once you do it. Only thing I do is wash the rice before hand and I don’t bother milling it. I find it makes no difference to over all efficiency http://beersmith.com/blog/2013/09/06/cereal-mash-steps-for-all-grain-beer-brewing/ only other thing I do is a 90 min mash and 90 min boil. I think it was captain who suggested when I had clarity issues. Works a treat. I do mine on the stove and add it to the strike water to bring it up to the required temp then add the grains. Works well.
  12. Jury is still out for me mate. I have yet to do a lager. My two were both ales. The saison I did turned out with extreme funk which was weird seeing as it is supposed to ferment cleaner. The other ale was no different to my normal in a bucket ferment. At this stage I can’t see an advantage but will do a lager like Christina shortly to see what happens. Will be very interested in Christina’s take on it when it comes to the glass. The spunding valve only cost 30 bucks so no big deal if it doesn’t get much use.
  13. Hey Christina. First time i did it like you and relied on the ferment to bring up the pressure. Took a while to build up pressure then i left it for like 10 hours and it was at the max range of my spunding valve which is 15psi. No idea what the real psi was in there so i then dialled it back down to 12psi and i left it from there. Second time i gave it a shot of gas to bring it up to about 20psi and then let the gas out through the spunding valve down to the 12psi and i find thats a much better way of dialing it in.
  14. Good stuff mate. Will be a nice brew. Quick one. Did you hand mill it?
  15. Yeah they will work quick in there own ferment but a diastatic infection from remnants of the yeast in another ferment would likely only show once bottled as it will be very slow with only a few yeast cells working. I have never had a diastatic batch but i have had random bottles overcarbonate from time to time. Not often though.
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