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  1. Thanks mate. I think I will do it at 20c. Interesting you say it was slow. Will build a starter i think off the packet.
  2. Thanks mate. What temp did you do it at? From what I have read it's like an English yeast which says 20c to me but interested to know your thoughts.
  3. Going to do a partial wort today and combine with 2 tins of Brew A IPA. 4Kgs of pilsener and a 60 min boil with 60gm centennial whirlpool at flameout. 1 batch will be a 40gm centennial dry hop while the other will be a 30gm galaxy dry hop. For yeast im going to do one with my favourite IPA yeast New World Strong. The other im going to do with Verdant IPA. Never used it before but its supposed to be tropical and fruity which may go nice with the galaxy one. Anybody used Verdant before? Any thoughts on it?
  4. Yep. As I have said a few times before its a risk with slurry if its beyond a few weeks old. You don't how many cells are alive. Kelsey showed in his viability thread with the microscope 20% cell death in 2 months but I believe that was a unhopped starter at 1.035 ish. With a hopped 1.055 ish slurry that could be 60 or 70%. With a 1.080 ish belgian its probably 90%. If you are going to use slurry which i certainly do for lagers make sure its fresh.
  5. The answer is it depends. Slurry won't last as long as an unhopped starter. The higher the ABV of the fluid above the yeast the quicker the cells will die. I have pitched slurry up to a couple of months and been fine. I also pitched one around a month and had a really long lag time and a stall. So its very variable. For a retained starter I have fired up one which is well over a year old. Now I don't risk it. Anything over a month I will redo a starter. @Otto Von Blotto did a cell death thread on a starter which would be an interesting read for you.
  6. If your not too much worried about measuring the OG the you dont need to mix it. The partials i do for my dad I just pour it in the fermenter followed by the chilled wort and top it up. Only warm water is to clean out the tin. Yeast will find it. Eat it and mix it.
  7. Wont make much difference mate. Maybe leave it an extra day in the cleanup phase and it will clean up any diacetyl anyway.
  8. I do the same. Change the temp controller to 18c and let it free rise up. I usually do that when its about 8 points from FG.
  9. 3L duvel glass??? Just for shits n giggles I did the calc. If its filled with duvel which is 8.5% you would have 21 standard drinks in one glass. And you wouldn't function for a few days if you tried to drink it.
  10. I used notty a few times. Similar characteristics definately. Not quite sure its the same but I am relying on 3 years of memories. I have to play around a little more with Kviek yeasts. I have Kvieking from imperial which is a blend of 3. That gave ok results but I wasn't too impressed. It worked very well in a sour I did though. Will have to give Voss a go.
  11. Yeah but then you got to ask why are they doing that? Is it just because the farmer is a tightarse OR are they doing that so they can at least make some money and feed there kids because they are competing against "free trade" imports. You get the best produce in the world from here but you wouldn't be a farmer for quids. The hand is stacked against you.
  12. I wouldn't use them together. One is an English ale and the other a lager yeast. As far as whether they will work being out of date I'd say dont risk using just the packet. If you are doing a kit and kilo type brew get a empty 2litre bottle like a coke bottle. Thoroughly wash and sanitise. On the stove boil 180gm of your BE1,2,3 etc in 1.8L of water. Cool it in the sink with water and ice cubes down to ~20c. Funnel it into the coke bottle and put the packet in there after it. Loosely cap it to let the co2 escape. Do this 24hr before you are doing your full batch and pitch the whole contents of the coke bottle into the batch. You will have plenty of cells by doing this. This is for the S04. For the S23 do the same but with 2 coke bottles and splitting the packet in half to put into each bottle.
  13. Just as clean as US05 if not cleaner. Ferments faster. Flocullates quicker. Suits my taste buds better but thats for me, everyone is different. Give it a try next IPA or pale ale you make. I especially like it for IPAs.
  14. Personally I have found better options than US05. MJ new world strong is a great yeast.
  15. Fermentis i think have been over taken by MJ and Lallemand anyway. While MJ and Lallemand launch new yeasts I don't think they have launched a new one since WB06. If they went out of business I'd probably only get upset losing S04 and W34/70. With the rest of the yeasts there are better dry options IMO
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