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  1. Greeny1525229549

    Is it worth starting the kit stout for this winter?

    As Ben and the captain said a stout is always worth making. Don't stress too much about the redundancy mate. One door closes another opens. What industry are you in? If you don't mind me asking.
  2. Greeny1525229549

    To Keg Or Not To Keg - that is the question

    Very hotly debated I agree. I have force carbed a Saison and while it wasn't bad it wasn't as good as a bottled or naturally carbed keg version IMO. And I would never force carb another one again. Horses for courses!!!
  3. Greeny1525229549

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Thank you guys. Will give it a shot with the beta glucan rest and the 90 min mash and boil and report back.
  4. Greeny1525229549

    To Keg Or Not To Keg - that is the question

    I keg most of my beers but still bottle some batches. Saisons, Belgians and stouts i predominantly bottle. Bottling does have its advantages especially in serving temperature. Belgians and stouts are better a little warmer than the normal 3 or 4 degree lagers. I love my kegging system. It does save a massive amount of time. But bottling still has its place in my brewery and always will.
  5. Greeny1525229549

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Hi lusty. I usually do mine in two steps. I will bring the strike water in a pot on the stove up to 78c then add the kilo of rice and about 200gm of pale malt. Lid goes on the pot and its held there for 20 mins. Aftet then take it up to the boil and boil it for 20 mins. In that time ive prepared my robobrew with the other base malt and usually 100gm of melanoiden. I start to mash the grain at 60c and then add the cereal mash back in. Usually takes it ip to 65 or 66 then hold at 65c for the Mash for 60 mins and boil for 60. Then fast chilled Efficiency is usually very high with rice. Early 80s brewhouse. Next one i will take your advice and mash and boil for 90. See if it makes any difference. Thanks for your comments mate.
  6. Greeny1525229549

    Stalled Ferment

    Most definitely. That is certainly the issue with WY1388 and the dupont saison strain which are notorious for stalls. The yeast drops out of suspension. A light stir taking care not to oxygenate hasn't failed yet when i have used those strains.
  7. Greeny1525229549

    Gravities finishing high

    Very much depends on the yeast where it ends. S04 is one that does finish high. Stated attenuation figures are rubbish. WY1214 has a stated attenuation of high 70s on the wyeast website but it regularly finishes in the mid 90s. Only through using the yeasts will you get a good feel for it.
  8. Greeny1525229549

    Stalled Ferment

    Have a couple of methods that have worked. WY 1388 stalls everytime around 1030. A stir and a couple of extra degrees of heat and it kicks it off again. Had a CCA stall on my toucan stout the other day mid 1020s. A slurry of S04 and it was down to 1014 in a couple of days. Id go the stir first as in most cases that will kick it off again.
  9. Greeny1525229549


    English IPA. Ony 12 days to glass. For all those who bag S04 yeast it is a very good yeast and makes an awesome english style beer. Quick fermentation and doesn't need a cold crash to clear. Awesome yeast.
  10. Greeny1525229549

    Second Yeast?

    As captain said you can use an enzyme if you really want to dry the beer out. Usually this is added with the initial yeast though. Other option is using a higher attenuating yeast. Some yeats particularly saisons will ferment an all malt brew down to to 1002. You might not like the taste though. They are an acquired taste.
  11. Greeny1525229549

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Have done filtering twice with the 1 micron. Its a total pain in the ass but im going to dust mine off with my asian lagers in summar as i cant get them clear despite the fast chill and gelatine and cold crash treatment. It depends on the yeast as well.
  12. Greeny1525229549

    BRB, just popping off down the rabbit hole

    By the way. First thing id do is check the temp on the display v a thermometer. My robobrew is 2c out. And it makes a big difference depending on style.
  13. Greeny1525229549

    Clearing beer after dry hopping

    Fast chill is by far the best way to kill chill haze in my experience. I never really care with ales but lagers i fast chill every one.
  14. Greeny1525229549

    The English Bitter Thread!

    Ill try it in about 2 months. Belgain chalice and non nucleated ikea glass.
  15. Greeny1525229549

    The English Bitter Thread!

    You dont think the same beer carbed to 4.0 volume will keep a head any more than a 2.3 one?? Im mashing a belgian dark strong right now. Ill sacrifice a bottle to prove you wrong