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  1. I haven't tried glass myself just due to the workload, and risk of explosions, and having to buy more caps all the time.. But a mate of mine swears that poor/low carbonation in non-kegged beer is often due to the PET bottles, so I'm keen to try to see if that improves my brews. Rowbrew, I'm keen to try bottling in stubbies, despite the big work load, just so I have a better idea of how much I'm drinking, but what stubbies do you use? Are they resused commercial ones? I was thinking with the thread for the twisties wouldn't that stop you capping them properly?
  2. mentioned this in the thread on Mr Beer, you can easily use the big tub instead of the small one if you intend to follow the same volumes, however the craft tins won't taste to style if you water them down to 23 litres. You'd likely need more than one tin and additional LDM/dex etc.
  3. I've often wondered if it might be a good idea for Coopers to pick up on some of the ideas Mr Beer run with, like some of their partial mash brews would be a great way for experienced beginners to push themselves a bit and produce some better brews in the process. Some of their recipes look great as well!
  4. You can, but you'd need to adjust the volumes to get the right style you're after. I've noticed on the Mr Beer site, instead of selling the Coopers 1.8kg tins we get here, they upscale the craft recipes to suit the 30l fermenter. So for example the Diablo IPA needs 3 of the cans for the 30L fermenter plus a bit of extra malt, can't recall how much. They also carry a broader range of beer tins for the small fermenter, including lower alcohol brews like the Coopers Lager we get here. Off the top of my head I'm not sure, but I reckon if you made a Craft tin up to 21 litres with a kilo of LDM you'd probably get a brew around 4 or 5%, probably light for the style but it might taste ok. If you want a really big heavy IPA like you can make in the craft tub Coopers sell here (thinking Red Eye recipe) made up to 22/23 etc litres, you'd be looking at 3 of the tins plus triple the hops I'd say.
  5. I didn't like it either, even after 6 weeks it still tasted like bad home brew. Not much of a flavour going on in there at all. What flavour there is was nasty! But as a recipe base it's OK. The school of hops cascade used that kit as a base and it produced a really decent beer. Friends loved it, disappeared really fast. What I've found surprising though is that I don't get the same bad results with K+K in the big fermenter. I've made a bunch of quite basic K+K's in the 23L tub (with temp control and extra yeast) and while they aren't amazing they are very drinkable and no hint of 'that' home brew taste.
  6. I haven't tried that particular recipe but I reckon Porschemad's idea with the extra malt and the hops would produce a pretty nice beer. I usually try to save money on hops so I wouldn't use that much but for me, with the craft fermenter, the hops are essential. I'd say this would go especially with the craft kits, I find without a hop boil and/or dry hops those kits are rough and nasty. I think the low dilution volume coupled with the high alcohol content and big flavour profile has something to do with it. Without additions I've found those kits produce beers that are noticeably kittish, marked 'home brew' flavour. Anyone else had that experience? That Ruby Roo ROTM produced a really nasty beer IMO
  7. Muddy you've solved my confusion - I borrowed a home brew book from the library and it was this old fart style English one, full of stuff I hadn't seen before and lots of tables and numbers and so on. Couldn't figure out what the hand pumped pressurised cask thing was but I think I get it now.
  8. I've been aging this one since the recipe pack came out a few months back, after 5/6 weeks I had a few which I didn't particularly love - everything went fine, more the style. I found it very sour and bitter and after a couple glasses I didn't feel like another one. Last week I did a big reorganisation of my cellar (Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs) and put some of these out in the ready to drink spot ... And damn if it isn't a fine beer! Really nice. Still has that sour flavour but it's aged nicely a bit smoother and chocolatey, really good drop. I'm gonna make another one to have ready for winter!
  9. Hi Don, Hops to contribute to the bitterness if you boil them for say, half an hour or more. Those tea bag ones hot steeped in a coffee plunger or something just add flavour. They aren't the most economical choice but for a really basic way to make a better beer they do the job!
  10. You can rehydrate if you want, personally I don't bother as two packs of yeast will definitely be enough to ferment out this brew. I'm planning to move on to some of those more advanced brewing methods at some point, but 1) I'm worried about infection and 2) if you're brewing all ROTM's, you end up with tonnes of leftover Coopers yeast, so if I'm worried I've got that to use anyway.
  11. Hey gringo, I'm not the best person to answer your more technical questions - but in terms of 'following instructions' - I'm almost exclusively brewing ROTM's at the moment, because I have both size fermenters and it's an easy way to get experience with different tastes, hops etc. My advice would be to just follow the instructions, Coopers know what they're doing and the end product is always good. There's probably minor alterations you could make for slightly better overall quality, but I doubt you'd notice the difference in the glass. Also with cold steep, I can't see any reason why it needs to go in the fridge. You're boiling it after anyway, I think it'd be fine on the shelf in the laundry or something. Paul
  12. Resurrecting another old thread, but wondering - anyone have any advice about adding extra carbonation? My brews with 2 carb drops per tallie are fine for me, but the other half likes the fizzy as f&*k Aussie bitter style beers and he thinks they're too flat. Would 3 carb drops do the trick there or would that risk over-sugaring the brew and/or volcanic foam on opening? I don't have a keg setup so can't force carb it. Any ideas would be appreciated! Paul
  13. There's plenty of reasons people don't vote too, everything from I forgot to didn't get a survey form - that happened to my mate's brother and he didn't get around to getting a replacement. It's my understanding that the more 'challenging' aspects of safe schools had been removed from the program. And in any case it hasn't been rolled out in most schools across the country. I've worked in a few LGBT rights organisations, including with uni students/young people - and I can tell you there is a definite need for something at a school level. It doesn't need to be hours of lectures about the ins and outs of brain chemistry and how hormones work, but some sort of bullying program is needed. It's really about normalisation, I think public schools have a responsibility to make sure that everyone feels included in the community. That includes disabled people and people from different religions and so on as well. Anyone who's not well understood by the mainstream of society. If we don't expose kids to difference then they'll become closed minded and tribal and stick to what they know and that's where prejudice comes from. I'm not sure how I feel about religious parents pulling their kids out of those classes. I suppose that's ok, I mean I would want the right to keep my kids out of things I didn't agree with. It's complicated I guess - you can't hide from reality but we also don't want a world where parents have no rights.
  14. You're probably right about the hops, just use what you've got. I was thinking you might need more to fight the bitterness but if you like stouts and stuff it probably won't matter. They'd be concentrated like everything else so probably still get a flavour hit out of them. I made the hop tea like it says on the pack but I threw the bag in as well. To be honest I don't know if it'll overflow - I'm thinking probably not but couldn't be sure. Can you control your temp? Keep it at the bottom of the suggested temp to brew at. I just had a look at mine - seems like 11 L still leaves a bit of headroom. I got the krausen collar the other day, free shipping cos I was spending over $100, anyhow it doesn't give you much extra space. I'd say 5 cms? So I don't know if it's worth it. If you're worried, you could brew it to 10 but I reckon it'd probably be fine.
  15. I haven't, but I bought the ROTM and I'm hoping that the yeast eats up all the sugar and just leaves a hint of pineapple. The closest thing I've done is the MJ's limited edition Grapefruit IPA, nice beer but the grapefruit cordial taste can be a bit much some days. I can't always tell if I like it or just tolerate it because the TV's on and it's what's in the glass
  16. For reference, that IBU is slightly higher/more bitter than the Diablo IPA and about the same as the original series Dark Ale, slightly less than the Stout. I don't find the Dark Ale exceptionally bitter brewed to instructions, so with the added hops I think that real ale might turn out ok. I want one now!
  17. I fiddled with the sums, looks like if you brewed the Real Ale to 11 litres in the craft tub with 500gms LDM (the Brigalow thing would be similar), and bottled with carb drops, you're looking at a beer that's 6.6% and about as bitter as a big IPA. Personally I think that sounds awesome but if you're not into bitter beers it might be hard work. I think with the teabags definitely double whatever hop it is. I've used the Brigalow galaxy ones in a brew before, 23L to instructions, and I was surprised what a nice hoppy flavour it gave considering the small quantity.
  18. I've been wondering about this myself. The smaller volume is gonna concentrate the brew (obviously) so I think you'd want to try to go for lower IBU kits so it doesn't end up having monster bitterness. Euro lager, cerveza, normal lager, APA would probably all be ok. There's a thread somewhere that lists all different cans statistics or you can use Ian H's spreadsheet. Those Brigalow hops are Galaxy teabag? I'd throw 2 lots of them in with the Euro lager can to 11 litres with the extra malt and I think you'll probably be pleasantly surprised with the results ;)
  19. Was wondering this to myself today so searched the trusty forum for answers. The issue for me with IanH's spreadsheet is 1) I'm crap with excel and 2) I'd like to be able to fiddle with kit recipes using the craft fermenter, and the craft kits + a bunch of others aren't in the spreadsheet and I can't add them in cos I haven't got the faintest idea what's in them beyond a guess. I'm thinking this would also be an issue with Beersmith? I don't mind doing full extract brews but I still want to keep the kits in the picture. Looking at extract recipes, if you want to sub out part of the recipe for a kit, it's hard to know what to do if you're not a brewing expert, and even then... Any ideas on this?
  20. The Morgan's GB kit confuses me a bit. Haven't tried it personally although I would trust it since they're owned by Coopers and their products review well. What confuses me is Coopers apparent troubles finding a GB recipe that they like, that is affordable to make etc, you'd think if the Morgans one is ok it'd be easy enough to just use that? Since they already own it? which makes me think they may not endorse it? I'm going to give this one a try though. I read another thread somewhere where the OP put a can of Brigalow GB into a dark ale kit - which sounds delicious. I'm thinking I would prefer the malt backbone, I've tried a bunch of commercial alcoholic GB's and I just don't like them as much as the non-alcoholic Bundaberg style. They always have a gritty ethanol kick to them that I just don't like, and the ginger flavour always focuses on bitterness and none of the sweetness comes through. Possibly that's because they're not using sweet, artificial ginger, who knows
  21. I just bought a new tap, and treated it with olive oil straight away - went into the fermenter zero friction. I'm starting to think this isn't just one of those optional things you can do to prolong the life of it, it's more of a necessity!
  22. This thread's a bit old now, but I've seen the craft kit at Aldi recently - don't know if it's a one off, but might be worth checking out ;) Paul
  23. This one looks good http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/113/ and I've read around the place that some brewers will try to jack the temp up even as high as 32 degrees, with allegedly great results, so it should turn out nice. I'm beginning to worry I fermented my saison ROTM too cold, since I read that.
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