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  1. Good luck! I've heard that is the best of the craft kits so fingers crossed you'll get a nice (and strong!) beer. I've just put down the Bridge the Gap ROTM, looks like a really good drop. It's my first shot at the Long Play IPA as well. I forgot to mention, the Mr Beer winter dark ale is a nice kit on its own, I'd forgotten about that one. Also the Churchill beer isn't bad too but you need to add some steeping grains or hops for that one to get best results.
  2. I've done this same recipe just with the teabag Galaxy, it's not gonna win any awards, but was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out!
  3. I'd say they would be, the alcohol content isn't so important as compared with how much you prime the beer (how much sugar/carb drops you put in the bottles) Most home brew stores sell the swing tops and they're very popular, haven't heard many stories of explosions. With a stout if you're wanting to age it for a while, like months, you can use less sugar/carb drops, for me, I usually just stick to 2 per tallie, ppl say that's overcarbed for a stout but I haven't noticed. Also I haven't tried aging any for that long anyhow.
  4. +1 about the Japanese lagers, for a replacement for megaswill couldn't think of anything better. And they're more consistent than the European ones. I've bought a few random (cheap) German lagers and every so often I'll find one that's just nasty and undrinkable. I'm looking at switching from my brew to Asahi for a while to build up some stubbies for bottling, looking forward to that! Need to get some swingtops too. Unfortunately ALDI doesn't sell alcohol in Queensland. Maybe online but not in store. Swingtops are available new from heaps of home brew stores as well.
  5. I'd definitely agree, there are real pros and cons with glass vs PET. At the moment the major difference for me is that I live across the street from a Big W and it's just so easy to run over there at the last minute and grab a box. I don't even bother rinsing them first time, never noticed any difference. On more than one occasion where I couldn't be bothered cleaning my bottles before an overdue bottling, I've just gone and bought enough for the whole batch. Also I can imagine capping would be a PITA and the ongoing cost of the caps. Still, that's probably balanced by the longer life of the glass bottles. I'm always chucking dud PET's. I've broken stubbies in the past just opening the bottles and ended up with a fistful of glass and one time, I didn't see it and cut my lip open on the busted neck. So I'm thinking wouldn't it be pretty easy to go too hard with the bench capper and smash the bottle? Questions questions. At this stage I'm wanting to move to glass so I can bottle in stubbies, but otherwise I'd probably stick with plastic.
  6. I think you probably could - from my experience a kilo of be3 or LDM doesn't change the flavour a lot - especially in the case of this beer because the hops will cover that up. I haven't put the brew on yet, it's on the list, but wondering why they chose BE3 instead of LDM. Guessing they are looking for a light, crisp flavour. Other thing I wonder about this ROTM is why the 2 packs of yeast? Surely one would be more than enough to ferment this. I'm thinking of saving the other one for a second batch.
  7. Turns out I had an issue with this brew as well in terms of fermentation, Fermented it temp control for about 12 days, that's a bit short of how long I normally do but I had to bottle it before going away for the weekend. Seemed like fermentation had finished and SG was about right. However, I was restocking my kitchen brew spot this morning and discovered the second box of ZB - something wrong. It's really overcarbed, so much so that the PET bottles almost can't stand up properly! I only used 2 carb drops per 750 ml and it doesn't taste infected. bit kombucha-ish but I put that down to the excessive Co2. Anyone have experience with K-97? The first 15 bottles were great and disappeared quickly. The only variable I'm not familiar with is this yeast but I can't see anything online about it needing extra fermentation time. I've put the whole box in the fridge to stop it getting any worse. Any ideas?
  8. I'm also thinking, wouldn't it be great to be able to wash the bottles in the dishwasher instead of soaking.. I know the detergent probably isn't the best but I figure I'll run it a second time with no detergent on a short cycle to get rid of any residue.
  9. Yeah you can just throw one of those teabags in anything that holds 500mls, steep it for 15-20 mins and throw the whole lot in the fermenter. Even just a couple days before bottling as Jda says. All home brew stores and plenty of online shops sell them, makes a MASSIVE difference to the end product.
  10. I had exactly the same reaction to Little Creatures a while back - definitely on the not buy list. I've made plenty of kits and bits beers that I liked just as much or more. Can't tell if the recipe changed or just my tastes? A while back I had a schooner of 150 lashes at the local, had been a while and I wanted to see if it tasted like real beer. Anyhow it was awful, much worse than I remembered. Tasted like XXXX with a teabag of finishing hops. Terrible! But it's still a really popular beer. I think that's what the big players are going for, they don't care about craft beer per se, they just want to hold onto their market share, and the best way to do that is to create megaswill versions of craft beer like Lashes and Fat Yak. In a way it makes sense, not many people are gonna be forking out $100 for a carton of novelty cherry and coconut brown ale, but they do want something a step up from the dodgy Aussies beers of old.
  11. It'll be at the old Navy yards near Apollo Rd, I'm betting. That whole huge block is slated for hipsterific redevelopment, lots of fancy apartments and so on. I suppose it's a bit out of the way in terms of Brisbane's go to spots, but it's enough of an attraction to lure people I'm sure. Should be able to get there on the ferry too. Trying to get home on the ferry might be a bit harder :P
  12. If you want to try a good craft tub recipe, go the the Red Eye IPA. Even my most critical mates think that one is as good as a commercial IPA!
  13. Did you just use the yeast for the tin for that brew? it'll probably be ok but it should be quite strong. if you can, I'd go buy a couple teabags of IPA style hops from the homebrew store to throw in that, they'd be able to recommend something nice. Otherwise I think you might find it's not amazing as is.
  14. Tommy I'd go 2 drops for those swingtops, in terms of a nice level of carbonation, however I've not used them myself so not sure whether you'd get explosions or not, someone else might know about this?
  15. thanks for the tips everyone, seems like Asahi might be the way to go for 330ml bottles then. I've seen some home brew stores sell them new online, probably good quality but it seems a bit sad spending $30 for 30 bottles when I could spend a bit more and get to drink them as well :P
  16. Hi Tommy, I've had the same problem with undercarbed beers - a lot of it comes back to personal taste I guess, but for me lagers and wheat beers and so on need to be nice and fizzy. Anyhow I've started using 3 carb drops per longneck for those styles and have been very impressed with the results. If you try that you'd need to use the plastic bottles though because I'm guessing with glass/swingtops you'd get some explosions. Some of the PET bottles had to go in the bin after my last batch because the increased pressure expanded the bottom - almost so much they wouldn't stand up! I'd probably try 2 drops with those swing top bottles, it'll definitely be undercarbed for a lager if you don't.
  17. Challenger that's a great idea! My fave brown IPA used a dark ale kit base and challenger.
  18. The first thought I had when I read this was 'oh so that's why PL has started showing up at my local BWS!' says it all I think. If it's easy to find then its bound to be owned by one of the big players. Personally while I prefer to support independents, you can hardly blame them for selling out in the Australian beer climate. Government taxing arrangements are such that I can hardly believe breweries like PL have managed to survive as long as they have without big player support. We've got a system that encourages the worst possible beer (big 30 can block of megaswill midstrength) while actively discouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and yet people's love for good beer is such that they're still managing to create interest. I don't rate Australian craft beer at all, because to me the massive cost disincentive for the consumer blows it out of the water. Warhog is a decent beer, but at $120 a carton, really? I could make 4 brews for that. If I don't have any home brew these days, I just buy a nice cleanskin Shiraz or some Bitburger. Only time I drink any local beers is if I'm out and its happy hour. I only buy craft beer from the bottle-o if I'm visiting the rellies in NZ. I'd like to say I'm hopeful for change, but I can't see the govt changing tack on the taxing arrangements with the health nazis around.
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