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  1. I think they're trying to keep the two product streams totally separate. I got the impression that the Beer droid thing and the Brewprints are aimed at people who would be put off by the cheap tins of goo and assume that you couldn't make good beer that way. Which lets face it, is most people until they've tried brewing themselves.
  2. Thanks Otto that makes sense. Perhaps the gassiness is a byproduct of that yeast strain, I'm not familiar with its properties in terms of home brewing.
  3. Yeah I guess the worst that can happen is I have to open them over the sink and let them sit for a while. Been there before and I survived!
  4. Fermenting, not carbonating in that second pgraph.
  5. Hi all, Still having problems with this brew, looking for some advice. The freezing hasn't ruined the flavour and I've left it at about 18 degrees for another week or so due to being too busy to bottle it and not wanting to risk cold crashing it again (only just got a new temp controller). I've gone to bottle it today and for all intents and purposes it's acting like it is already mildly carbonated. It tastes ok and I don't believe it's infected, but I'm getting it gushing when I drop the carb drops in - not a lot, but a little. It was behaving a bit similar to this after a week or so when it had finished carbonating, so I don't think it's a new issue. It's the first time I've used recultured Cooper's yeast so I'm wondering if it's an overpitch, although I only used the yeast from 4 stubbies of session ale. Decided to bottle it anyway in PETs to avoid bottle bombs but I got no idea what's going on here. I used a can of real ale, 1kg brewing sugar and 500gms LDM brewed to 23 litres.
  6. Hi Lusty, I've mostly been brewing Cooper's ROTM's and a few all extract small batch beers, plus some basic K+K's. Most of the beers brewed with US-05 use a kit base, plus some steeped crystal, extra LDM or LME. Some of the dry hopped beers have had better head retention. I'm carbonating them usually with carb drops or the loose sugar equivalent (per bottle, not bulk primed). Sometimes I think this is in my head, or it could be an effect of kit taste or something. However I have had better results using other yeast strains. cheers!
  7. I know what you mean about the carb drops. I'm wondering if my mix of fermentables is to blame, or the yeast... because when I have contacted Coopers about it they swear black and blue that Coopers Green is carbed to the same levels as if they used a carb drop and that there is no reason that my brews shouldn't turn out the same. However I've found that all mine are low carbed to style (for my tastes) except the Saisons, lagers. I'm experimenting with the Coopers commercial yeast at the moment, because I find the US-05 might be the culprit re the low carb levels. All the beers I make with US05 seem to be low carbed and lack head retention.
  8. Good luck everyone! Am so looking forward to trying the winning product. Hoping it's someone on this forum, but you never know I suppose.
  9. Thanks everyone. Damn! I tried a really basic k+k to test the Coopers yeast, Real Ale + 1kg brewing sugar & 500gm LDM, it tasted very decent straight out of the fermenter. Hope I haven't killed it. EDIT - had a taste test. Definitely not as good, tasted a bit washed out. But still quite nice. I'll bottle it and see how she goes.
  10. Hi all, looking for some help - my temp controller died the other day and had a brew on at the time, managed to keep it in the target temp range by turning the fridge on for a couple hours before bed then turning it off again - did this for a week. Went away for 5 days over the last weekend and decided to cold crash - it's an old fridge and it completely froze the brew! When I got back it was a giant beerberg. I've defrosted it up to about 10 degrees now and looking to bottle over the next few days. I'm wondering if being frozen for a few days will have affected the yeast to the point where it won't be able to bottle carb? I was planning on reusing the yeast with a classy pitch onto yeast cake for my next brew as well and wondering if the freezing will affect it's viability? Should I disturb the sediment and give the whole thing a stir and leave it at 20 degrees for a couple days? I was using reactivated Cooper's commercial yeast, first time it's been used. Thanks in advance.
  11. From memory it's very amber-y for a pale ale, quite reddish. That recipe should still turn out nice though.
  12. They've got both at my Big W, I wonder if they're just providing an easier way for more experienced brewers to replace some of their gear without having to pay shipping. Personally I reckon they should ship it with a nicer kit. Nothing wrong with the Lager I actually quite like its flavour, just that lawn mower beer is bland and ordinary and if you don't know any better, which lets face it many people won't, they'll drink that and believe all the stories they've heard about how nasty home brew is. Bootmaker and a boc of BE3 and LDM, for the win! Only issue is it'd make it heavier. And more expensive I guess
  13. It is a nice kit.. I wonder, does anyone know if it's based on a commercial beer they no longer produce? I wonder that with some of their kits.
  14. Depends what you're looking for? In terms of style, the APA is a light, dry pale ale based on Cooper's Green. IMO it doesn't taste any good without the Cooper's reactivated yeast. The Bootmaker I like much better, it's more of a big bold more flavoursome US style pale ale. It reminds me a bit of 4 Pines, if 4 Pines came out of a can and lacked body and hop profile. Good news is you can put those back in. If what you mean is you're gonna try to make an APA recipe with the bootmaker kit I don't think it will turn out what you're looking for.
  15. Let's see... I've used Safale K-97 for one - manufacturer says its German ale yeast, low esters, good for Belgian wheat. Not much yeast flavour in that one although it had lots of Cascade so it was more like a wannabe Belgian pale ale. Done two with T-58 - this might be the one you're looking for? "Specialty yeast selected for its estery somewhat peppery and spicy flavor development (POF+), producing clovelike aroma. Yeast with a medium sedimentation: forms no clumps but a powdery haze when resuspended in the beer." These two were a lot nicer in terms of yeast flavour. One of the brews I did was a basic toucan, Hefe wheat & Canadian Blonde pitched directly onto the yeast cake from the prior brew, and it was delicious with no additions - bit low on body and bit soft drink like but the pronounced yeast flavours were great. I've used the kit yeast which has a bit more neutral flavour so I'm not sure what strain that is. I'm guessing it might be K-97 because Coopers tends to pair the wheat kit with that yeast strain in their recipes. I'm not familiar with the liquid yeasts since I'm still a bit of a beginner. But I would definitely give T-58 a go. As far as European beers go I like lagers or big flavoursome beers like Saisons so I enjoyed the pronounced estery flavour of the T-58.
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