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  1. I'm currently in the process of building a keezer, not far off done so I'll post some pics up when its finished
  2. Thanks Kelsey, my google searches didn't turn up much I must have been looking for the wrong thing?
  3. Hi beer baron, I'm in the process of making some hard word tap handles. Did your father in law use threaded inserts in the handles to attach screw on to the taps and if so, do you know what size and where he got them? Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi James, I brew all grain with no chill. In summer in Victoria it seems to take about 12 hours to get to whatever the ambient temp is overnight. I then put them in the fridge to get to pitch temps. With cubes I use two 10 litre cubes for a 23 litre batch. I find they cool faster than a single 20 little sized cube and are much easier to handle. I can easily fit 23 litres into two 10 litre cubes and the same for a 23 litre cube. You'll be surprised how much more than stated a cube can hold. Hope this helps Cheers, Tom
  5. Yep, manually with a jug two or three times. I don't sparge, just give the bag a really good squeeze after its finished draining.
  6. Hi Sam, I use the crown urn you've linked for biab. Only difference is I've put a three piece ball valve on mine as its a better tap, easy to add on. Haven't used a robo or anything else for that matter but I love the urn, it's super simple to brew all grain in whilst also being enough hands on which I enjoy. Regarding recirculation, I generally don't bother as its not really needed but on the off chance I'm doing a heavier beer I'll do a manual recirc during mash out which is really easy and seems to help with efficiency a little. Good luck!
  7. Ahh, yes that makes sense. That's the reason I don't have two batches fermenting in the fridge with overlapping schedules lol
  8. Hey KR, how come you don't want to cold crash? I dry hop commando and with cold crashing they settle out really well. I don't get any hop debris in my bottles doing it this way.
  9. Hi solidute, I've never built a keggle but I think the drainage outlet on my 40 litre crown urn is about an inch to an inch and a half from the bottom. Don't quote me on that though, but I can check tonight if you like. Cheers, Tom
  10. Hi Wobbly, Interested to hear how your NEIPA turns out. I've had a few commercial examples of the style and really like it, prefer it to the west coast style IPAs. I don't know anything about the Melbourne Ale strain but most recipes I've seen for this style use The Yeast Bays Vermont Ale (Conan strain) or Wyeasts 1318 London Ale III. Any reason you went with the Melbourne Ale yeast?
  11. Been wondering about this lately as I use sodium perc to clean my cubes and not to keen on all the waste water used in brewing. I usually just pour into the washing machine for the next wash anyway, maybe you could try that as a way to get rid of it.
  12. I'm in Geelong as well Gag, Belmont to be more precise
  13. Like swill bill, life sometimes gets in the way for me. I've had ales at cold crash temps for up to 2 weeks with no issues
  14. I think its pretty common practice to have a valve of some sort on your boiling vessel to run the wort off to cube, fv etc. I've been using a three piece ball valve on my crown urn with no issues so far. I just take it apart and give it a clean every 4-5 batches which is an easy job. Cheers, Tom
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