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  1. yab

    Cooling following hop boil

    Thanks all - looks like I might need to by some ice.
  2. Hi all, Recipes routinely refer to placing a pot used to boil hops into cold water or ice to bring down the temperature quickly before adding to the fermenter with the remaining ingredients. Is there any reason why you need to cool this liquid quickly? Would there be a problem if you did the boil and then let the pot cool overnight, before adding to the fermenter? Mark
  3. yab

    Toucan Stout

    I have always started at around 15 litres and topped up to 23 after a few days. My fermenter doesn't have a collar and it has blown out the air lock on one occasion. You can definitely see when this one is active.
  4. yab

    Toucan Stout

    Really don't think it is necessary - original recipe makes a great beer as is.
  5. yab

    Toucan Stout

    Yep - this one gets better with age, but I have drunk it at that age before and it is very tasty.
  6. yab

    Toucan Stout

    I have made this as per the recipe with the kit yeasts - love it (and so does my wife). Made one last spring for this winter.
  7. yab

    Location of brewing fridge

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but would I need a heat pad in addition to the temperature controller? I live in Canberra, so it does drop well below zero regularly in winter...
  8. Hi all, I might be upgrading my fridge and will potentially look at converting my current fridge to a brew fridge with temperature control. The most likely place I could locate this fridge is very hot in summer and very cold in winter, at least over night. Will this have any impact on the potential to use this fridge as a brew fridge or power consumption in doing so?
  9. Hi all, I am planning on making the Fruit Salad Ale with the addition of 250g light crystal steeped. My question is whether the addition of steeped grains means that I have to add more yeast? I was planning on brewing this with the 7g of yeast that comes with the APA can.... Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks guys - sounds like Zargonb's theory might have been on the money. I went out this morning for a few hours and got back to see a slightly bigger krausen and have just heard the sweet sound of the airlock kicking over again. Is there a term for 'yeast anxiety'? There should be... Anyone up for the challenge of coming up with an appropriate word? ie. I have just experienced a few hours of...
  11. Hi all, I am a fairly new brewer. Yesterday I had a go at SteveL's original porter recipe (you can find it on the forum). I used US 05 yeast which was pitched at about 23 degrees and the OG reading was 1040. I noticed that the air lock was bubbling away every minute or so after only about an hour, but stopped completely 3 or 4 hours later. There is no sign of it having started up again over night - there is the tiniest hint of krausen, but I would say that is from the original action yesterday. It is currently sitting at 22 degrees. I have swirled the fermenter (without opening it up). What else should I do? Sit tight? Pitch a new packet of yeast? Should I start taking hydrometer readings to see whether there is anything going on? What kind of intervals should I take these at? Mark