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  1. I have two fermenters sitting inside the house in southern Sydney and whilst its getting down to 7-9 degrees outside overnight the temp in the house/fermenters is fairly stable at around 18. I do occasionally sit them on a heat pad for a few hours if the temp drops below about 17.
  2. I gradually built up a stock of 14 dozen crown seal stubbies by collecting them from a local music venue on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Fortunately they sell lots of James Squire/Matilda Bay/Fat Yak/Sierra Nevada etc in bottles so I just asked the barman if I could take the empties and he gladly showed me where they put them out the back and told me to help myself. It was a bit of a ritual to soak the labels off and clean them but now I have plenty of stock that cost $0.
  3. Aircraft Engineer, have been working for a large commercial airline for the past 38 years. No longer "on the tools" but still enjoy being around aeroplanes. The job has taken me to many interesting places around the world where I have been able to sample lots of different beers (after work of course). Some people think it's a long time to be in the one job but I've had many different roles within the engineering realm and to be honest there's not a lot of scope to go elsewhere when we only have 2 major airlines in Australia.
  4. Anyone here thinking of attending the Australian National Homebrew Conference in Adelaide this October? Would appreciate some feedback from anyone who has been to one of these events in the past? http://www.anhc.com.au/
  5. Looks like there's a couple of craft breweries and brew pubs. Check out http://www.ratebeer.com/places/city/ho-chi-minh-city/0/218/ The Pasteur brewery looks like it has a good range.
  6. 34g Perle @ 60 18g Saaz @ 10
  7. I brewed the recipe below a few weeks ago and the beer is very sweet. I'll probably still drink it but might have to mix it with another ale to tone it down a bit. Any clues why it should be so sweet? I'm thinking of using Munich 1 and Caramel Crystal 10L next time.. 3.9 kg Joe White traditional ale 1.25kg Weyermann Munich 2 550g caramel crystal 20L Mangrove Jacks M44 yeast OG 1.052 FG 1.014
  8. 1961 model, live in the south of Sydney, I was a 10 pound Pom at the age of 9 best move my parents ever made cannot thank them enough for taking a big punt and moving to the "land of milk & honey" started an apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer in '78 and have been with a big Aussie airline ever since. Have worked all over the world and whilst no longer on the tools am still with the same company 38 years later. Started brewing in the early 80's when I was sharing a house with a bunch of blokes, we used to make the Coopers kits that came in a box the size of an apple box, used to buy them at Coles and just add 4 litres of hot water and pitch yeast. We had never heard of temp control or letting the wort condition but turned out drinkable beer. What a pity we didn't have all of this wonderful information back then, the Internet was still several years away. After a 35 year break, and a fan of the craft beer movement I stumbled across a recipe on the Internet for a USA craft beer I was keen on and thought bugger it I'm going out next week and buying the equipment & essentials for the partial grain recipe. Made that brew and due to reading about a billion words online and watching countless brewing videos whilst my first batch was in the fermenter I wanted to develop my skills and see where it would take me. I then moved straight to all grain after building an esky mash tun, converting a keg for a boil kettle and making a reverse flow wort chiller. My setup is still pretty basic but it makes great beer. Edit re sporting pursuits Still in pretty good shape for a 55yo. after racing motocross as a teenager I discovered a vintage motocross club about 6 years ago, they only race bikes made before 1985 so it's basically a bunch of old blokes racing the bikes they rode as kids, trying to recapture their youth. Just Like brewing I was instantly hooked and now have 5 bikes. Nothing better than sitting around a campfire after racing talking bullsh!t with mates, knocking back a few home brews.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows why there are some differences between the amount of sugar that Coopers recipies require for priming. Most Coopers ale recipes state 8 grams per litre, however the the amounts recommended using calculators on other sites (Northern Brewer, Brewers Friend) are a bit lower for a similar ale at say 2.3 vol's CO2. For example if I have 21 litres to bottle Coopers suggests that I need to add 168 grams although Northern Brewer recommends 129 grams.
  10. Have to agree it would be nice to know where people are from so that we could perhaps organise some local get togethers/beer sharing nights. I think I'm becoming an insufferable know it all re brewing and it's hard to find people in the flesh who share the same interest and will put up with Brewers ramblings. Hope the King's company gets a run at it and can include these enhancements. Perhaps we could start a thread or a "room" based on locations as a starter??
  11. I'm also a shift worker so I have at least 2 AFDs per week. I've also been giving the 5:2 diet a go (it works) where 2 days per week you don't have more than 600 calories, so that means another 2 days of no drinking.. But on the other days I like to have at least 3 sometimes 4 stubies in a session.
  12. Hi Barron Von Blotto, The Hangman has a very fruity hop finish. We were at Harts for a mates pre marriage session (2nd time around) that was the beer we started on and was perfect for a hot summer afternoon. Moved on to the Boxer after that which is similar to Karl Strauss' Red Trolley but not quite as sweet. After that we had a couple of the 7.5% double IPAs and the rest as they say..........well let's leave it at that.
  13. I recently had a couple of nice brews at Harts pub in The Rocks area of Sydney. One was Hangman Pale Ale the other was The Boxer Red Ale. They are both made by Rocks Brewing Co http://rocksbrewing.com/rocksbrewing/Our-Beers Is anyone familiar with these brews and does anyone have (or could suggest) a recipe for either?
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