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  1. Hi All Just a heads up - all Coopers cans and accessories at 20% off at Big W. Puts the Thomas Coopers range at $18.something.
  2. Howdy Wills I quite regularly make the dark ale with BE2 (just because that is what Drakes stock) and I add a hop tea made in a coffee plunger with 25g of challenger. Makes a very tasty easy drinking beer.
  3. Hi John , I was thinking about getting the smaller one Hope you enjoy the recipe kit - let us know how you get on with it.
  4. Drove past a bottleshop today, then spotted their sign stating "new craft beers in stock", so did a u-turn and walked into said bottleshop. Came out with : 1 x Big Shed Frankenbrown, 1 x Big Shed F Yeah, 1 x Big Shed Golden Stout Time, 1 x Brooklyn Lager, 1 x Brooklyn East IPA & 1 x Brooklyn Brown Ale. 6 beers for $37.50. Yum yum yum.
  5. Ask your local butcher if they use a no rinse sanitiser such as saniguard, if they do, see how cheaply you can get a jam jar Full !
  6. I'd hate to think they might stop making Feral's Boris Russian Imperial Stout - I better stock up just incase.
  7. I used one once , can't remember the brand but it was a porter and made a very nice beer. However, it was far from economical and no better than the extract porters I concoct for myself, so have never bothered to try another.
  8. Thanks for the input Blacksands. Yeah, like you, I would normally see fermentation all over in about 4 days - hence my concern with this one. I've got a couple of S-04 slurrys saved in the fridge so will go with your idea and chuck one of them in and see what happens. Does the brown sugar taste sound normal for this kit ?
  9. You could always cheat and take the easy route https://www.countrybrewer.com.au/categories/Beer-Brewing/Concentrates/DeCarb-%252d-Low-Carb-Beers/
  10. This was to have been a simple keg filler : Tam Coopers Brew A IPA, 1kg LDM, rehydrated kit yeast, 20 litres, 18 degrees (didn't take OG, never bother with a straightforward K&K). Now at day 15 and SG has been sitting at 1.020 since day 10, however there is still a healthy krausen and apparent activity though that is only as seen at the airlock. Sample doesn't taste bad but tastes distinctly of brown sugar (not sweet, just the taste if that makes sense). What do you reckon ? Raise the temperature and give it more time or does it sound like there is something more amiss with it ? Would appreciate some thoughts.
  11. Country Brewer has some good basic info sheets in the downloads section of their website, including grain and hops info. have a look here : https://www.countrybrewer.com.au/pages/brewing-downloads.html
  12. Beerlust started a thread on fast carbing which will tell you what you need to know on that score - can be found here : https://club.coopers.com.au/coopers-forum/topic/16878/ Manifold would be nice to have but is not necessary, just pull the connects off the other kegs while you are doing your fast carbing. From experience, I would recommend that you chuck away the beer/gas line that comes from Kegking and buy some good quality replacement. Will only cost a few dollars and will save a lot of grief.
  13. I've brewed a dozen or more from the recipes page and they have all been really enjoyable beers but the only recipe that has had me going back to do it again is the cascarillo - it's a topper !
  14. Howdy Nige Good starting point may be here : https://mangrovejacks.com/
  15. Another vote for Beerbelly. From Reynella you are not a long way from Country Brewer on South Road at Clovelly Park - more expensive than Beerbelly but lots of stuff to look at and get tempted by.
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