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  1. I've only ever heard good things about Perlick taps but if I'm being honest probably a bit out of my price range. I probably should of worded my question a little better, I guess what I wanted to know if the Flow Control on any tap is worth the extra cost compared to standard taps.
  2. Thanks Paul, food for thought. Think I'll go for Intertap seems to be good quality taps at a good price point. Cheers
  3. Hi all, so at the moment I have a single tap intertap pc font. Looking to upgrade to a triple tap font. I really like how my intertap has worked so far so I'm thinking of either the SS standard type or possibly the Flow control type. Obviously the flow control taps are more expensive, was wondering if anyone had experience with these and if they are really worth the extra dollars? As beer line length isn't an issue for me. Cheers !
  4. Haha, Name has nothing to do with Larry Bird, Great basketball player though. Cheers.
  5. Well this beer has been kegged now for about 10 days and is excellent. The only two things I might change is using a lighter crystal (only had caramuinch iii at the time) and increasing the dry hop from 55g to probably more like 75g. All in all I'm happy with the results and have a great beer on tap! Cheers all
  6. I boil my priming sugar in 250ml of water for a few minutes while stirring until fully dissolved. Cool, pour into bottling fv, syphon beer on top of priming solution. This obviously is not always consistent. Going to try Headmaster & Ottos suggestions next time I bottle, cheers.
  7. I've actually been wondering this my self lately had bottles carbed perfect and others near flat. I get the nice whirlpool motion when transferring but maybe a gentle stir wouldn't go astray.
  8. I have a pretty decent collection of beer glasses. My favourite beer glass by far is my Spiegelau IPA glass it might not be the most "pretty" glass but it does what it says, I use it for all my hoppy beers. Cheers.
  9. It sounds like it just needs more time mate. I would bet it'll be a different beer in a couple more weeks, what your describing just sounds like green beer. Hope this helps
  10. I have the Red IPA rotm that I did on sunday in the fv. I modified the recipe to bring the volume up to 10 liters. OG was 1.060 so should have a decent malt back bone for the high IBU's. Also going to up the dry hop. Looking foward to this one!
  11. Thanks for going to the trouble of putting that info into the spreadsheet Lusty much appreciated. Yes a XPA style is what I was sort of going for. Duly noted on the dry hop I might double the amounts. Hey Norris, I never used to be into hoppy/bitter beer until I started homebrewing
  12. Perth, Western Australia! Go Eagles!
  13. Hi all, Having never brewed with Coopers pale ale tin (Green) I was looking at pimping out a kit. Something with hop influence and added crystal for body/flavour. So here's what I have so far. 1.7kg Coopers Pale Ale brew Can 1.5kg Coopers Light LME 300g LDME 225g Caramuinch iii US-05 Yeast + Kit Yeast Made to 21 liters Steep grains for 30 minutes @ 67c Strain and top up to 5 liters in brew pot add LDME and a little LME 15g Simcoe @ 15 minutes 15g Centennial @ 10 minutes 15g Falconers Flight @ 5 minutes Cool wort, Strain, Top up to 21 liters, Pitch rehydrated yeast Ferment 18c 14 days Dry hop 15g each of the above hops for 5 days... Thoughts?
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