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  1. My last cube. I'm moving house shortly and trying to deplete all the stocks. This was the bottom of the pile and about a year old. It's a NZ blonde With Wakatu and Waimea. I had a pouch of kveik left so thought I'd pitch that. Fermenting at the middle of it's suggested temp range.
  2. Ideally, you'd want to get pretty close to 25 litres if it's a 25 litre cube. The cube will probably take more than the 25 litres of hot wort as it expands due to the heat. I use a 15 or 20 litres cubes and fit a couple of litres extra in each of them. You can (should) squeeze the air out by pushing in the sides before capping. Use a towel or something to insulate your hands or knees. It gets hot. Try to get all of the air out. You may find squeezing out that much air difficult if you only fill with 20 litres. Pump it into the cube when it is still hot. If it cools before you cube it, you risk infection.
  3. You could try a keg hop to try and spice it up a bit? Another little experiment.
  4. Not bad @Mickep! You've always got some pretty good food happening.
  5. Cheers Mr @Classic Brewing Co. It's funny you say that. The original version is modelled after your favourite beer . A hop change this time though.
  6. Amarillo/Galaxy/Vic Secret hazy. Fermenting with Bluestone New England yeast. Just added a dry hop of 60g of each. Came in about 8 points below. Not quite sure why as I have brewed a couple of variations of this before and got expected numbers. A bit of a session beer.
  7. Can you cold crash? That usually settles most things out. I've never had an issue in the keg after dry hopping commando and cold crashing. Not to say it doesn't happen at all, it just hasn't been my experience. If you can't cold crash, I'd probably contain them.
  8. If you do add it and decide to mix it with water, make sure the water is boiled then cooled and you use a sanitised bowl and spoon to mix it.
  9. Ah, so there is. I was looking for the RDWHAHB thread and just clicked on the first one. I don't think I ever really left the 90s so anything past that is the future for me.
  10. 2 minute noodle omelette haha
  11. Sneaky taste of my Mandarina Bavaria & Huell Melon pale ale. Different. Delicious.
  12. It will settle out in the fridge. No extra water needed. Pour off most of the liquid. Leave enough to swirl it all back into suspension and tip it into the wort.
  13. Intense labelling.
  14. Hey @Classic Brewing Co, I do it from time to time but not that often. I usually leave some beer in the bottom. Maybe a litre or so. Swirl, then 2/3 fill a PET bottle. I would definitely foil cap the top of your beaker. There are varied answers for how long it can be kept. I've waited up to a couple of weeks and it has still seemed quite viable going by fermentation and end product. It can be kept heaps longer if you make a starter. How much to use? Pour off most of the beer left on top and pitch. Usually left with a cup or so. But I'm not real scientific about it. Here's a thread worth a read Reusing yeast slurry
  15. Dark Saison from a mate.
  16. A Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon pale ale. I'm moving soon so dry hopped with a rather large amount of the same hops to try and clear out the freezer.
  17. Cheers @Aussiekraut. That's what I had figured/hoped would be the case.
  18. I've got a dedicated soda water keg and tap in the kegerator. If I change that out for beer, will it leave a taste in the lines when I go back to a water keg?
  19. Not bad, @Hairy. Enjoy the trip!
  20. Thanks, Greeny. Really appreciate that, mate
  21. Goes pretty good. Would recommend.
  22. Hopefully. Usually gets a pretty decent dry hop too. I've used Verdant and the Lal New England. I reckon the Verdant was better. I was gunna use that again but I've got a pouch of Bluestone New England that probably needs using.
  23. I reckon this is one of the best ways to have chillies. Good work @jennyss. That cutting and scraping can get pretty laborious! I don't mind it when I start but after an hour at the bench, I'm a bit over it.
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