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  1. Brown ale. Chinook and Cascade. Pretty stoked with this one.
  2. I dunno, mate. I think in mine it just builds up from a little bit to a fair amount. The gutter was totally blocked a few days ago. When i kegged a beer just then, their was already a bit in one corner. I'll have to pay more attention and see if it comes and goes. It seems to be freezing up in the corners before it gets to the drain hole in the centre. I assume it's a drain hole.
  3. How often do you guys need to defrost your kegerator? I'm getting a build up of ice in the little gutter and against the back plate of my Series X pretty regularly. Normal?
  4. American Brown going into the keg. The sample was
  5. One of my more underwhelming brews. It's the Really Satisfies Stout from the Recipe of the month a couple (?) of years back. Still got a couple left. I get one out every now and then hoping it's a bit better. One more left. Half carbed this one for longer storage but it always stayed half carbed.
  6. Not the most glamorous or exciting photo. My American Brown in cold crash mode. I'm favouring the shorter and colder dry hop method these days. The last several I have done this way have all turned out really well. Could be other processes making the improvement but it hasn't made it worse so I think I'll stick with it. I dry hopped this with 50g each of Chinook and Cascade. Should be right to keg tomorrow.
  7. You could try a tincture in vodka. I have not done it but have heard of it being done this way. Split and scrape then enough vodka or neutral spirit to cover it. Leave it for a week or two or longer and then add before bottling/kegging time.
  8. Nothing yet, mate. Just like to have my dinner plans sorted.
  9. Oh yeah! Looks good, man. Laksa would be my death row last meal.
  10. Indeed! I'm often searching for stuff and it's Christina's posts with the info I'm after.
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