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  1. If I don't give it a good stir after my mash and sparge I get some strange readings - both above and below predictions.
  2. Sounds really nice on the grill
  3. Love it. Looks great @RepSpec I need the Sergeant right about now too. Who'd work, eh?
  4. Yeah, I'd be up for something like that too. It's always cool sharing and trying beer. As a bit of an aside, I've been thinking about approaching my LHBS to see if they'd be interested in hosting a bit of a case swap this Christmas. Everyone brings in a carton of their beer and it gets divvied up into separate cartons to share back out. I should get on to that.
  5. Sick day brewdays are very rewarding.
  6. I'd let it go a bit longer. It might be done but I am always pretty cautious. I'll have to check the FG of the last one I made. I'm confident it was under 1.008 though.
  7. What do you do again?
  8. Yeah maybe... Who knows what had been in them.
  9. Hahaha. Quite right @karlos_1984!
  10. Yeah, that's pretty standard. I sometimes discard that first sample as it's not always accurate either. It sounds like yours is fine though. Give it a go haha I like to try each sample. I reckon you learn a lot by tasting it along the way. The samples themselves will clear up if you keep them long enough too.
  11. Pond water haha. Like murky? The first pour from the tap can be a bit like that. I'd expect subsequent samples to be less pond like. It will clear up. Did you taste it? Make sure you give the yeast plenty of time and it has definitely stopped over a few days. It can go low.
  12. It helps you to check if you have really reached final gravity. You can do it when you think you have a stuck ferment. You can also do it at the start of your ferment to get an idea of where the whole batch will finish. Take a sample of your wort/beer and pitch a heap of new yeast in it. If it doesn't budge after a day or two, that's probably as far as it will go. If it comes down further, it is probably worth pitching yeast into the whole batch and see if you can get it moving. These guys explain it a little better: https://www.maltosefalcons.com/tech/forced-ferment-test
  13. You could try a forced ferment test if you are worried about the final gravity @PaddyBrew2
  14. Maybe drop the brewery an email and see if they can give you some advice? If it was me, I'd probably try and get more of your IBUs from later additions and go a fair bit bigger than 50 for the dry hop. BUT, I've never tried the beer before, nor heard of it so I'm not really sure how useful that advice is.
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