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  1. Hey Captain - big thanks for going to the trouble of punching that in. Your input is greatly accepted. I'm just comparing both of the recipes now. I have somehow managed to lose/delete the majority of my Beer Smith recipes. I'm glad I put in a rough description above. I had assumed I'd need to tinker, just thought I'd be a bit closer with the first attempt. Hop amounts are about the same but are different amounts at different places - FWH as opposed to 60 mins, 10 min opposed to Whirlpool, further steep vs no steep and cube additions. I ended up with 95g dry hop. Hopefully I can get my head around additions and timing. Not quite there. I understand the premise but obviously not putting it into practice properly just yet. I haven't delved into ph or water chemistry just yet. It is filtered tank water here. I'll have another look and a read through the comments in this post and try to put something together to get closer to the mark.
  2. Popo

    my first beer!

    It won't disturb the fermentation. It could if you try and lift it and drop it all over the floor though. If it's easy to get it there, go for it. If not, just try your towels. If you do move it, do it gently though and try not to splash it around.
  3. Popo

    my first beer!

    I'd be trying for 18-20°C. Maybe try putting the FV in the laundry sink filled with water? I used to fill it up and drop frozen water bottles in the water around the FV as needed to try and keep the temperature in that range. The bigger mass of water helps to keep the temperature more stable too.
  4. Popo

    my first beer!

    You could well be right Worthog. I've got a mate who uses the BE1 and his beer has a "thin" and "ciderish" quality. Whether this is the same thing as described above, I'm not sure.
  5. Popo

    my first beer!

    If it's flat, it hasn't carbonated properly. The bottles may not have been getting warm enough for carbonation to occur or they just need a bit longer. I need to put mine in a temp controlled environment this time of year or I have difficulty carbonating. The cider flavour is probably a result of temp as Worthog suggested and/or the ingredients. BE1?
  6. Another few tasting has revealed just an OK beer. It's not as bad as I first thought but it's nowhere near what I had tried to create. There's a hop flavour presence there but it's not as prominent or distinguishable as I'd hoped. I think I'll significantly up the cube hop in the next one. The bitterness seems just about what I was after. I'm not sure about the wheat. I might dial it back a touch and see how it is for comparison. It's definitely not a pretty beer - I expected cloudiness from the wheat. Muddy almost. One thing I didn't mention previously is that I forgot the Whirlfloc. Would an absence of Whirlfloc that have any effect on taste? It did get a decent whirlpool and I tried not to get any junk in the cube. I also used M44 as I had it in the fridge. I usually use US05 so I'm not sure what effect that had in terms of what I was expecting.
  7. Popo

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Yeah, I was pretty happy @headmaster. I had thought there was a good chance they wouldn't do anything. The one that has started to poke its head up is Cascade. That rhizome was much bigger than the Columbus ones I also planted. Hopefully they get up too. So you trim back to only the strongest looking bines?
  8. Haha - in my case it was. I had bottles balancing and propped up all over the place. I can't figure out how to quote it properly, but @Graculus posted this handy method for rinsing PET bottles without the neck slipping over the spout. A PET cap with a couple of holes drilled in it for drainage. A washer does sound easy though!
  9. Popo

    Barefoot Rattler (Radler)

    I tried this for the first time recently and was surprised at how lemony it was. If you were after that taste but didn't want to add fruit, Hairy's suggestion could work.
  10. Ah, cool. Did it make your bottling easier? My first few batches without them were almost comical thinking back on it now.
  11. Hey Silmaril - they are bottle vinators. Most home brew shops will have them. They make bottling much easier. I use one of these and then dry on a bottle tree - another good investment if you don't have one. Rinsing depends on what sanitiser you use. I use a no rinse sanitiser so they get sprayed and left to drain. No rinse. While I was writing this I was thinking about where I had first seen a vinator. I'm almost certain it was one of the earlier @King Ruddager Fast Homebrew videos. Cheers man!
  12. Popo

    I got eddies in my FV

    I've got an older style opaque one. I have never seen the rave party!
  13. Popo

    Hop suggestions...

    Amarillo is a good buddy to Cascade - but so are many others. Here's a link to a recipe that uses the Pale Ale can and both of those hops. It's a winner. Fruit Salad
  14. Popo

    Buying another FV

    Same as Gully. I just go through the hinge side too. Nice and easy and it still makes a good seal. My temps are stable.