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  1. Popo

    Adding hops after bottling?

    I've read of people doing this - although I haven't done it myself. You've got to get the beer cold, drop a pellet in and recap super quick. I can't recall how long they said to leave it. I'd expect a pretty frothy pour when you open it up though! Well worth a try if it's bland and boring I reckon.
  2. Popo


    It's been very interesting to follow along. I'm loving the look and the sound of it. I really need to make time to brew more so I can try my hand at some of this stuff.
  3. Popo

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Yeah, man. Definitely worth a look if you're in the area.
  4. Popo

    Todays tastings

    Sweet looking can.
  5. Popo

    Melbourne Breweries

    We were actually deciding between those very two. Both look the goods. Cheers mate.
  6. Popo

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Picked up a 6 pack at Uncle Dan's for $18 the other day. BARGAIN.
  7. Popo

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    The last of the local beers I picked up the other day. Clean and crisp and clear. Nice amount of bitterness. Citra centennial and galaxy. Can't go too far wrong.
  8. Popo

    Melbourne Breweries

    Cheers @The Captain!! We've tried twice for this walk. The weather has always defeated us. Hopefully we'll get it in this time. I've done a couple of day walks down that and it has been beautiful. We try to get out for a couple of multi day walks a year. Sounds good. I dig Thai - just not coriander . I'm with you on the line up thing!
  9. Popo

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Good job mate. It's a long time between rebrews for me. I reckon I'd see a fair bit of improvement if I could do them back to back like that.
  10. Popo

    Melbourne Breweries

    Thanks for the suggestions. We'll be in the city then heading down towards Wilson's Promontory for a bit of a hike. I might make heading out Mornington way the wet weather back up plan.
  11. Popo

    Melbourne Breweries

    Cheers @Shamus O'Sean. We may well end up down around that way. I'll add it to the list.
  12. Popo


    Cheers Norris - that was my thinking too.
  13. Popo

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Ah, cool. I'll have another read. I'd seen the mention of ph and skimmed over it as i'm not quite up to that trickery yet.
  14. Popo

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    I saw it for $18 the other day and thought it looked like a good deal. It wasn't until I grabbed it out of the fridge and walked up to the counter that it was only a 4 pack. The markdown price you've got there would be perfect.
  15. Popo


    I'd actually read similar things @BlackSands and it made me wonder about whether I'd use it in this recipe. I've used it in a couple of beers - but just because it was in the recipe I was following. I couldn't really say if it added anything to the beers or not. Hey Christina - malted wheat and just quick oats from the supermarket. Yeah, I guess it's a session IPA kinda thing. It's a recipe I found for a mid strength XPA.