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  1. Popo

    Advent Calander

    Cheers @joolbag. I'd found that post but couldn't find the others. I just had another go and figured it out.
  2. Popo

    Advent Calander

    Did anyone get the expert calendar from Beer Cartel - or know the beers that were in it?
  3. Popo


    It's a hard one to describe for sure. Funky seems to be the most appropriate word. I couldn't imagine what was meant by funky flavour until I tasted it. Kinda made sense once I did. I'm not really a fan of it on it's own. It's a bit too much but I don't mind it with a bit of hop flavour in there too. I made the boerderij. My megaswill mates wouldn't go near it haha.
  4. Popo

    Heat pad vs belt

    I use a belt and just dangle/hang it in the fridge. Seems to keep the temperature pretty stable and is not in contact with anything.
  5. Popo

    Newbie to brewing questions and advice :)

    Ah, just beaten haha
  6. Popo

    Newbie to brewing questions and advice :)

    Recipe of the Month https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipes/
  7. Popo

    Advent Calander

    Great name haha
  8. Popo

    Half Sized Batches in Full Fermenter

    No problem at all to do half batches. Not sure about the kegging though.
  9. Popo

    Grain Mills

    That is certainly great customer service. I bought from them once before and had a good experience. That's a step above though. Good deal!
  10. Popo

    Grain Mills

    7kg+ of free grain?!
  11. Popo

    Home Brew on Holidays

    Hahaha. There is the cool factor I suppose!
  12. Popo

    Home Brew on Holidays

    I was thinking the same thing. Surely that would be cheaper and easier?
  13. Popo

    Recommendations for Beers while in England

    I was over there at this time of year a couple of years ago (time flies!). I'd forgotten about the Christmas beers. It was fun trying each pub's offering. Even in the small town I stayed in, there was a good variety. Looks like you're getting stuck in! Have fun
  14. Popo

    Recommendations for Beers while in England

    Brewdog. Enjoy your trip!
  15. Popo

    Bottle wash question

    I reckon you try and find a more convenient way than boiling the bottles @PeterC1525230181. That would get old pretty quickly.