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  1. Thanks @John304 . Let us know how it turns out.
  2. Hey @Donnyd03, The dishwasher is probably not the best method. I give them a good rinse and shake straight away with warm water. Then I put a small amount of unscented napisan or sodium percarbonate into the bottle, fill it up and let it soak for a while. Rinse well again, sanitise with star San (or similar), leave to dry and they are ready to go again. You can save the sanitising until just before re-use if you like. Some people forgo parts of that process but I have found it works well for me. At the very least I'd give them a good rinse and sanitise.
  3. I primed with salt instead of sugar. Someone topped up the unlabelled sugar jar with salt. We don't add sugar to stuff usually so I hadn't noticed. I opened some kombucha I made a couple of weeks ago and it tasted salty. Undrinkabley salty. I couldn't figure it out. Penny dropped. It tasted just like my MOTB beer I made that I thought I'd added too much gypsum to. I used sugar instead of carb drops for that one as well. At least this was just a small batch of kombucha. Problem solved. Fail thread added to. Maybe I win?
  4. So, I knew it would be, but kegging sure is easier than bottling. I won't speak too soon about dispensing but packaging was a breeze. I've never really minded bottling but I doubt I'll do it much anymore unless I have a specific reason to.
  5. Not bad at all. Mine is not as elaborate or portable. Just an unused fridge in a mate's shed.
  6. Thanks @Red devil 44. You're a champ. I'll give that a go and see how I fair. It'll be for a BBQ but I might take backups just in case I can't figure it out on the day.
  7. I freeze them. I also vac seal them after I've opened them and continue to store the rest in the freezer.
  8. G'day All, gunna try and keg my first batch tonight if time permits. I'd like to try and have it ready for Saturday if that's possible. Am I right in thinking I can set it to 40 psi for 24 hours, release the pressure and set to 12 psi to serve? Also, I'm going to be using a picnic tap. I have carbonated water and didn't take any measurements or calculations on line length for that. Do I need to find a specific length for the beer if using the picnic tap? I've heard yes and no. Cheers
  9. Nah, mate. Just the one. Well, as far as my one use knowledge knows.
  10. Yeah, mate. I did another brew day the next day without it and I wished I had kept it haha. It's not a major pain taking a hydrometer sample but it's definitely quicker and cleaner with the refractometer. Edit: sorry @PaddyBrew2. Your name's stuck there. I can't get rid of it haha
  11. Cheers for the info Paddy. This one wasn't mine - a mate brought it along for a brew day today. I'm actually not sure if he did this but the numbers matched up with what I was expecting. Hopefully they were correct. I have one on my shopping list now. Great little tool.
  12. I used a refractometer for the first time today pre and post boil. I can't believe I have not used one before. It is so much more convenient than taking a hydrometer sample.
  13. Shamus is on the money. I've done this many times before as well without issue.
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