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  1. Sounds like an interesting hop. Good luck with the tweaking
  2. American Brown Ale. I used WY1450 for this. It does what it says and has made a beer that is full bodied but still kinda crisp. It's good.
  3. That's the hope. The only worry I can see is that it will be too sour. The raspberry and passionfruit mix was pretty sour on its own - but it is diluted by a lot of beer, albeit sour beer. I think it will be fine - but it did make me pause a bit when tasting it before I added it in.. I went mid range on the additions of raspberry and passionfruit but a bit higher on the coconut to try and get a nice blend. I went with 22°C with the Philly. I think (not a great note taker) that was the temp I ran with when I made the previous one with pineapple and coconut. Seemed to hit the right spot for me between sour and drinkable. I'm not sure how the 22 would be with no other additions. I'd probably want it a bit higher too.
  4. It's good stuff. The last one I made was coconut and pineapple. Was a ripper. We'll, I thought so. It's interesting giving a sour beer to people who have never had one before. The feedback is varied haha
  5. Cold crashing will drop a bit out. I've got a little mesh filter on the end of the floating dip tube. It does a pretty good job of keeping everything out. It'll probably be a little bit of a headache as the outside will clog a bit but a burst of CO2 clears it out. Mostly. I think it will be fine but I also have my fingers crossed.
  6. Coconut, passionfruit and raspberry sour. Philly Sour yeast. Going for a pavlova kinda vibe. We'll see.
  7. I had Little Bang's Chipotle Panther Porter a couple of years back as part of an advent calendar. I love chipotle and I like porter but this thing was undrinkable.
  8. I've had the same experience. Up around 20 and you'll be good to go @Classic Brewing Co
  9. A week is fine. I've try to keep a stockpile and roll through them. Some are several months old at the moment and I've done them after 6 months. No problems after a number of years doing this.
  10. There are a few yeasts that are happy at warmer temps if you wanted to keep brewing as it warms up. Kveik being one of them.
  11. Good stuff @Journeyman. It's been a while since I have had it too. Worthy of a clone attempt. You can't go too wrong with that mix of hops even if it is not quite the same thing.
  12. I saw recently that KegLand have testing available on their website. You send a bottle in and get a report. I have not used this service but it did get me interested to get my own tank water tested.
  13. Off topic a bit, but how is that one going for you? I had it a few years back and thought it was pretty good. You've been at that one for a while. I've only ever rebrewed a small handful of recipes over the years. Getting any closer?
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