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  1. A few years old, this one. It's the Barley Crush ROTM from a few(?) years back. I've been having one every six months to a year. This was the last one and it'd been a fair while since I'd had the last. The cap was all rusted. I wasn't sure what I'd be in for. I shouldn't have worried. Has aged brilliantly. Nice beer. For sipping (9.9%). Strong flavours. Almost like a port/beer cross. Kinda. Taste is still a bit off after being crook but the orangey/marmalade notes given in the description are accurate. Lots going on. Need to do an AG barley wine someday.
  2. First crack at a eye sourdough. 50/50 rye and plain.
  3. Hey @iBooz2, Out of curiosity, what software do you use? I used the Grainfather app. I used the same - 80° for 20 mins. AA both 12ish. It's interesting they come out quite differently. I got 10.8 IBU. From experience, I reckon it would be a bit higher. I usually err on the side of it being a touch more bitter than the prediction so your software may be more accurate.
  4. Hey @TheChadxxx Ballpark 10 - 15 IBUs. A few variables in there. Do you use any programs or apps to build your recipes? 30 of each would be a nice beer in the style you are after.
  5. Yep, you can. No dramas. Not a stupid question at all. It comes up quite often.
  6. G'day @Brew Bro There are a couple of Cooper's recipes that include honey that might be a good guide. The Beekeper uses a bit more than 300g. There's also the Honey Kolsh. It uses 300g. BYO says "The National Honey Board has done research into the effects of honey on beer. Their recommendations for amounts of honey added to a batch of beer (as a percent of total fermentables) are: 3 to 10 percent honey produces a subtle, floral flavor and delicate aroma; 11 to 30 percent produces a robust honey flavor that should be balanced by strong hop flavors, spices, or darker specialty malts; above 30 percent produces beer dominated by honey flavor, which verges on being what medieval brewers called “braggot.” Some more good info in there if you are interested Link You are probably on the money with that amount. Both add the honey at the start of fermentation. Good luck with the brew
  7. I'm not sure it's affordable, but KegLand do offer a water testing service. Not affiliated in any way, nor have I used it. I did look at it once to see what was happening with my tank water but never went ahead. https://www.kegland.com.au/water-testing-service.html
  8. Definitely could make life easier. If it was easily moveable, like on lockable castors, it would mean you didn't always have to brew in to the one location like you would be if you had a fixed pulley mounted to a wall. How would you swing the malt pipe or grain bag away from over the top of the Brewzilla after it had drained? It will be lighter once fully drained but might still be tough on the back if you have to lean right over and lift.
  9. Yeah - I was pretty excited to try it from the can. Missed the mark a bit for me though. In saying that, I ended up coming down crook the next day - taste and perception may have been affected. I shouldn't judge too harshly. Haven't been able to have a beer since. The calendar is on a short hiatus.
  10. Boozebud Day 20 - Moon Dog - Orange Zap - Orange Sherbet Ale This one is a bit of a miss for me. It is orange-y and kinda sherbet-y but not that great. It's 5.8% and it tastes like a strong beer. I reckon it would have been more enjoyable a couple of % lower. I didn't finish the can and I'm usually up for something a bit different. You would never drink again if you were hungover on this stuff.
  11. Boozebud Day 19 - Bad Shepherd Brewing Co - Hazelnut Brown I like brown ales. One of my favourite styles and this one was good. Didn't scream hazelnut like I thought it would but it was there. Would be interesting to do a side by side with and without the hazelnut.
  12. Boozebud Day 18 - Hawke's Brewing Co - Hawke's Lager Can says "subtle citrus aroma, light bitterness and a gentle dry finish". Was about right.
  13. Boozebud Day 17 - New Belgium Brewing - Hazy India Pale Ale Really bright hoppy flavours. Something about this really stood out from your standard hazy. I've read varying opinions on this one but I liked it.
  14. Boozebud Day 16 - Stockade Brew Co - Splicer XPA Massive grapefruit! Really bright and vibrant with lots of grapefruit flavour. Probably wouldn't have more than one in a session - but a cool beer to mix it up.
  15. Fell a bit behind posting. May have these out of order. Boozebud Day 15 - Akasha - Hopsmith IPA Amarillo, Simcoe and Centennial IPA. Exactly as you would expect. Nice West Coast IPA.
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