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  1. Yep. That would be perfect. A bit higher is fine, too.
  2. A touch above 18°c. Though anything above that will work. It should carbonate within a couple of weeks. After that, depending on style, keep it cool.
  3. Boozebud Day 7 - Sauce Brewing - Beer Selfie Oat Cream IPA I've only had a few of this style before and this was as good as the others I've tried. Idaho7 and Sabro hops. Might give that combo a crack sometime. Worked in this one. It hid the 7% incredibly well.
  4. Boozebud Day 6 - Temple Brewing - Okinawa Splice A take on the Splice icecream. Not quite a Splice but I can see what they were going for. A really interesting sour. Low on the sour/funky/yeasty flavour. A fuller mouth feel than a regular sour. Citrusy. I enjoyed it. So did my partner and she doesn't really like sours. I'd happily buy this one every now and then.
  5. @jennyss This info is good What we know about dry hopping Lots of info in there but if you scroll down to Dry Hop Contact Time, it talks about contact time specifically. Short contact time seems to work for me. For the last little while, I've been combining the dry hop with the cold crash. I've been pretty happy with the results. Do you contain your hops in a hop sock?
  6. Yeah, it hit the spot. Sounds about perfect @Brauhaus Fritz.
  7. Boozebud Day 5 - Mismatch Brewing - Lager Very clean and easy drinking. Could happily knock back a few of these.
  8. The Reschs wasn't too bad. I saw a guy walk out of the bottlo with a case and thought I'd get some too. The Hop Nation was ok. A different hops profile to what I was expecting. Says Simcoe, Galaxy and Vic Secret but didn't really taste what I'd expect that to be like. Not bad. Not great.
  9. Boozebud Day 4 Local Brewing Co - Pine Time West Coast IPA The first of the beers specifically brewed for the calendar. This one was a real surprise. The can suggests pine - which it has - but also has loads of pineapple. The most pineapple I've tasted in a beer before. Not something I'd do a big session on, but it was a really nice beer.
  10. Boozebud Day 3 Mountain Culture - Scenic Route Session Hazy Juicy. Hazy. Good.
  11. Boozebud Day 2 Ballistic Brewing Hawaiian Haze IPA. Just the thing for @Classic Brewing Co I think maybe different hops to the regular Hawaiian Haze. I'm a fan.
  12. I hope you don't mind me tagging along, @Shamus O'Sean. Boozebud Day 1 Deeds XPA - exactly what I want if I'm after an XPA.
  13. Yeah, mate. Just referencing the lack of a glass but it is probably a good general description anyway haha
  14. A few from the last little while. I'll have to get a glass one of these days. Modus Pale. This one was close to use by. Still a good beer. Young Henry's Motorcycle Oil - a Hoppy porter @ 5.5%. I really liked this one. As it says, a delicious hoppy porter. Hopped with Chinook, Centennial, Cascade and Citra. I get the first 3 but didn't really pick up the Citra. Still, would highly recommend if hoppy porter sounds like your thing. 4 Pines Ultra Low. Surprisingly good. Reasonable amount of flavour for a zero alc beer. Had this one at a staff meeting - no real beer allowed. Definitely a low alc beer but would buy again.
  15. Hey @loafing_about, Best wishes, mate. Sounds pretty lousy. Ask away anytime. In addition to the ones you've tried, One Drop is ok too. Similar to Heaps Normal so may not be what you are after. There are some mixed packs available here. You might find something you like in amongst those. Variety if nothing else. They have a pretty big range of low alc.
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