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  1. Hi Otto, Cheers for the reply. I believe the ABV will be 6.5%. As for the timings, you're correct. It seemed to be only 30 minutes with 15 minutes of steeping. I'm not sure how much hop bitterness was imparted during that time, and coupled with the small boil volume I feel it should have been longer. Does that help with a calculation of IBU? I believe the hop schedule to be a 30min boil (keeping in mind the pale ale extract was pre-hopped: 30min 12.5g Magnum 10min 12.5g Magnum 10min 12.5g Crystal 0min Remove from heat & simmer
  2. Hi Guys, Long time no chat! I've had a bit of time off and recently thought i'd ease back into it by doing a partial mash. The instructions don't lend much assistance in the way of the specifics of the brew, and I've had trouble bunging the details into beer smith to find them. I'm hoping to get an estimate of the following: - IBU - EBC - ABV - Your opinion of the style Here are the details; - (seperate pot) 0.4kg Caramel Pils @ 70C for 40 minutes, "sparged" with 1L of warm water. - 0.5kg Dry Wheat Malt in 3L, brought to boil - 45min 12.5g Magnum (Somewhere around here I added the 3L of Caramel pils wort) - 25min 1.5kg Briess Golden Light Malt - 25min 12.5g Magnum - 25min 12.5g Crystal - 15min Remove from heat & simmer - 0min Added pots contents to fermenter with 1.7kg Black Rock Pale Ale extract and filled to 21L. OG: 1.055 - FG: 1.010 Fermented with Danstar BRY97 at 18C for 5 days, free rise to 22C Day 5 Dry Hop 12.5g Magnum, Crystal, Simcoe Day 7 Dry Hop 12.5g Magnum, 15g Simcoe, 25g Citra I was a bit out of practice and found it difficult to follow the oddly formatted steps! Help would be much appreciated!
  3. So as you can see from the picture I have myself an infected beer. What do you guys think this is? Is the FV still viable for brewing other than sours? If it is viable, how would you recommend cleaning it? I don't want any more failed batches! Cheers, tmcmah *EDIT: I should add that this is a Hefeweizen: ALL-GRAIN Final volume (at packaging): 10L Brewhouse efficiency: 70% OG: 1.046 FG: 1.011 IBUs: 12 ABV: 4.5% MALT/GRAIN BILL 1.45 kg JW WHEAT MALT 0.7 kg JW LIGHT MUNICH 13 DANSTAR MUNICH WHEAT 11g Tettnanger [4% AA] at 60 minutes
  4. If you can get a foam esky (or even a normal esky might do for the craft kit)' date=' stick it in there with frozen 1.25L bottles. My brew has sat dead on 18-20 with one frozen bottle. [/quote'] How long did it take you to get it down to 18-20, Paul?
  5. Hi Guys, I'm wondering whether it will affect my brew too much if, after 2 weeks at a steady 18oC I move the FV out of the wine fridge and into my cupboard. The temp will definitely be higher than 18oC, maybe 22oC (24oC max), but will only stay at that temp for 7 days. After this it'll be put into another fridge to cold crash, and then i'll bottle or keg. I want to do this because I only have one fridge with specific temperature control and don't want to buy a temperature control device for the second fridge to brew multiple batches. And just FYI, this will mainly be in conjunction with US-05 yeast. What are your thoughts? Cheers
  6. Ugh, I can't believe this... So after taking all your advice the beer turned out really nice, so I decided to brew it again (this time with ale yeast and controlled temp). However, on my way home from work I realised I didn't strain the 40 gram-15 minute hop boil into my FV like the instructions advised. So now there's 40 grams from the boil and 10 from the dry hop in the FV and will be until week three when I bottle it. Will this be much of a worry? I'm now pretty much expecting VERY grassy flavours :/ Cheers
  7. I was recording on a spreadsheet one of you guys suggested, then I was by chance reading through the user manual for the WilliamsWarn home brewing thing and found a pretty basic brewing template for recording info, so i've printed a bunch of these and now have it sitting next to my brews. Very easy to just fill in and transfer to excel when I get a chance! Here's the link, pages 75-76
  8. I've had a look around the web and I reckon that most likely the idiotic questions I ask on this forum could very well have also come from a similar named idiot.. I can also safely say that the only disservice [b.]i've[/b] done to the Aussie brewing community is produce a string of shite beer..
  9. Beauty - I'll leave it for now and maybe even buy a fridge in the mean time! As usual, thanks for the help Blotto
  10. Hi Guys, I've got myself a good tasting Stone & Wood Pacific Ale clone(ish), but its looking quite murky. I don't have a fridge large enough for my FV (unless someone is selling one in Melbourne? Preferably a Kegerator for cheap!) so I'm thinking of adding gelatin to take a bit of the cloud out. When is the best time to add it? Here is some info so you know where I'm currently sitting with the brew. - 11/12/2015 - OG 1040 (Pitched 25C) - 14/12/2015 - SG 1024 (18C) - 14/12/2015 - Dry Hopped 50g Galaxy pellets in a hop bag, which is currently sitting on top. - 15/12/2015 - SG 1012; a gravity drop of 12 in 24 hours may be as a result of warmer temp (21C) I'm happy to leave the brew in the FV for at least another 2+ weeks to clean itself up, but without CC'ing it I figure Gelatin may be a bonus? What are your thoughts guys? Tmcmah
  11. Just another quick question here Guys, I've just brewed using the Coopers Pale Ale can and substituted the can yeast for Nottingham Ale Yeast (11g). It seems as though i've made a trifecta of F ups and i'm now concerned! I didn't rehydrate it, pitched it at 25-26C, and stirred it in. I then read their manual on the website and it says "DO NOT STIR". See below for a picture. This was taken approx. 23 hours after the pitch and has remained at 18-19C. I feel like there should be more going on? Should I leave it or pitch more yeast and let it sit on top? Cheers again for the help, it makes a difference! Tmcmah
  12. Beauty! Before I read this I actually opened a bottle' date=' poured it into my pint glass and noticed the head retention has improved dramatically (see photo). The flavours seem less intrusive as well which may be because of the temperature, but hopefully its turning for the better! I'm going to be kegging this batch - do you have any tips for this?
  13. Hi Guys, Thank you very much for your responses! Bubblebrox - I had a feeling that the beer was under-done but wasn't exactly sure why. The whole lager yeast situations seems to be the main culprit! I do have a question re: lagering though; Now that they've been bottled (and have been for some time) do you recommend just leaving them in my wine fridge at 1 degree until I want to drink it? Or is there a process of cooling/heating I should try and follow? If not, what would be the best temperature to keep them at? I was under the impression that at such a low temperature the yeast would go dormant and very little would happen. I've actually experimented by leaving some bottles in my wine fridge at approx 18 degrees and taking others out and leaving them in my closet at about 20-22 degree's. Putting aside the different flavour profiles that I know were present before doing this experiment, the 18 degree batch were tasting better. Just FYI I've transferred my my latest brew (http://store.coopers.com.au/mr-beer-bewitched-amber-ale.html with ALE yeast) to my fridge for cold crashing at 2 degree's - after 20 days at a 20 degrees. Please tell me this sounds good!?! Thanks again for the assistance guys, Tmcmah
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