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  1. Hi I have never tested my FG in 5 yrs If the carb drops are the cause, its odd as its never happened in 5 yrs, and only some of the over 1200 bottles stored have exploded, and only started yesty when it hit 49 deg Steve
  2. HI, All brews are identical. Coopers Pale Ale. Liberty Jack Yeast. Stored in Corona stubbies. Brews are brewed in my kitchen, tile floor, temp 22-25 deg. When bottled, bottles are stored in my garden shed, that gets a lot of shade. I use carbonation drops, and is not possible to over carb, as we have 2 people that inspect each bottle, plus being Corona bottles, i give another check as I cap. Def no infection. I have sampled the beer from the explosion batches, and they are perfect. 3 dif brews have had some explosions. There are approx 25 brews in my shed. I brew 7 vats continually, so not a novice. Steve
  3. Hi Marty. No temp control. Bottles are stored in a shed on shelves with an open door. Def no infection, i have tasted the beer from the brews that have some explosion, and the beer is perfect. It was 49 deg here yesty, so im sure that had something to do with it
  4. Hi Guys With this recent hot weather, ive had about 20 explosions, across 3 dif brews. First time this has ever happened in 5 yrs of brewing. Only change ive made is ive started using a specific yeast, rather than the generic yeast. I have tasted the beer from the brews that have exploded bottles, and they are perfect, so no infection. I have plenty of other brews that have no explosions, so im at a loss what is causing this. In my log book, i note all brews that have explosions, were bottled after 10 or 11 days. The brews with no explosions, were bottled after 13 or 14 days. Is it that simple, that i bottled to early, with this new yeast, in too hot a temp ? Any feed back would help, cause sitting out back watching the cricket with a cold beer is bliss, until i hear that dreaded BOOOOOOOOOM Steve
  5. Thanks mate Moving the bottles into the spare room, gets nice and warm in there. Will cover with a blanket, and retry in a month Steve
  6. Thanks Otto Just leave them for a few more weeks, and they be good, or throw out ? Steve
  7. Hi Guys Ive been brewing for 4 yrs, and 99% of my brews are Coopers Pale ale, enhanser#2 and Willmanette hops. I love it. Procedure rarely changes, 10-12 days in the vat, 4 weeks in the bottle. I brew 6 vats continuously. I have recently changed from the generic yeast found under the cap, to Mangrove Jacks Craft Series - M36 Liberty Bell Ale Yeast Well the 1st of that brew hit 4 weeks yesterday. I notice a very thin film of sediment in the bottle, and very little noise when i cracked the lid. The taste was ok, but def felt flat. No bubbles hitting the back of my throat. Anyone know if the yeast i used, doesnt like cold temps ? Its been a cold winter here in Penrith NSW, and I store my cartons on shelves in the back shed. Temps be 1-14 degrees most days. Another beer brewed at the same time, but with the generic yeast, is showing a thick layer of sediment, as i would normally expect. Did i use a summer yeast in winter ? Do i just leave them for longer ? Any help be handy Regards Steve
  8. Tap water is putrid, i care not where u live. Find a reliable water supplier. My guys says, he uses 30 ltires of Sydney tap water to get 15 liters of spring water. Ive brewed with both. The brew done with tap water is offered to visitors.
  9. Wow' date=' you drink more than me.[/quote'] LOl, I bottle 240 stubbies every 2nd sat, and brew 4 vats every 2nd Sunday. On the off weekend, i brew a surprise. So I have 5 vats, (hoping to get to 8 soon) all beer is brewed with 100% spring water. I did one brew with tap water during xmas, was putrid. The Citra hop was my game changer, and now ive delved into grains, the world is my oyster Steve
  10. I brew 4 new Vats every 2 weeks. I like beer. An absolute brew every time is this brew with 18g of citra hops. If I cant get citra , i dont brew this beer. These Hops are made in heaven for this brew. imo
  11. Are u using a Coopers Vat, with the K collar ? Steve
  12. Hi, I have been brewing with hopes for some time now, but i have always used the 12gram satchel. I would place the satchel in some hot water for 10 mins, then add to the FV just before the yeast. Now my question is, i have now had to buy my hops in bulk. I have scales, so its easy to get 12 grams out. Do i still place my hops in hot water, then place the "mash" into the FV, or do i need to purchase a tea infuser or simillar ? Steve
  13. PB2 Hi, Yes, i sent them an email. 3 weeks ago. Still waiting for a reply Steve
  14. Took the tap apart twice, soaked in undiluted bleach for 24 hours. I have just sampled the brew, from the bogus FV, and its perfect. Culprit was the tap, which is as poor a design i have ever seen. And Coopers silence is deafening Steve
  15. So, after the tap had been in bleach for 24 hours, a far bit of "stuff" came off. Gave it a really good rinse, and scrub with an old tooth brush. Figured it need another clean, so took the tap apart, soaked it for another 24 hours in undiluted bleach. To my shock, the next day, i looked into the container, and saw what looked like dirt on the surface. I thought something had be spilled in the area........ Upon closer inspection, it was RUST from the spring. Now why it didnt come off after the 1st 24 hour clean i have no idea. I think Coopers owe me a new tap, plus 4 brews ive tipped out. plus plus plus Steve
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