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  1. Drinking my VIC SECRET smash which is currenlty my total success! and I love this subtle.. very SEXY hop! well done australia! This is a keeper!
  2. Having lived there for a while...ambient temps of somewhere between ~40°C and ~30°C...ALL YEAR ROUND THAT IS
  3. caramalt is a crystal malt. Producers of crystal malts all have their own production techinques. I would refer here for subsitiutions http://www.brew.is/files/malt.html
  4. Awesome! Yes I've done this before and notice the fruity aroma from the FV airlock as well, however this was set @~17°C That would make it fairly similar to S-04 in regards to fruitiness @~20°C. I don't really mind it, but I will take your advice and try to ferment @~16°C. Thank you so much!
  5. What is old is new! Considering the long weekend and the chances of the LHBS closed on monday, I've gone ahead and bought an off the shelf OS Draught and intend on making a starter with 2 packets of this yeast, I'm doing a Vic Secret SMASH and quite honestly my palate isn't pedantic enough at this stage to discern any differences in yeast. I'm keen to do the brew on Monday so kit yeast should do just fine. For generic ales I generally go for US-05, but again, as above. NO IDEA! Cheers.
  6. I usually bottle 750ml bottles for sharing - the problem with bottle conditioning is that I'm holding the god damn thing at tipping point to void swishing back and unsettling the particulates. It really is a pain, which is why I have a stack of 375ml bottles and quite frankly would prefer to just bottle these and if someone hasn't got there glass ready I can get a bit agro. Drinking on my own, setting the > 1 glass bottle down will inevitably ruin any possiblity of the next pour being clear. But I don't care. The other problem is my latest batch was dry hopped and well, it's as cloudy as, so I probably won't worry as much and tell people to stfu and drink it. So in summary if you are upscaling to 1.5l bottles for convenience because bottling is such a PITA then just go keg and bottle whatever is left over in smaller bottles. Peace and hops!
  7. I made a really nice brew, but only 10liters!!!! So I sing
  8. Same, unfortunately I now prepare napisan in a jug and shake the hell outta it until everything is dissolved then into the beer soaking chamber (just a storage box with a small hole in the lid where I stick the hose to fill it). That not being the case in the past then just soaking in soapy water - was probably enough.
  9. Interesting, I think dextrose or ordinary sugar is still cheaper. I would flatten it out, or just boil it for 5mins. Interested in how your "Coke Beer" turns out! Edit: Chemicals in softdrinks include that which makes up flavouring, H2O, CO2, and sugar etc. Unless diet coke then aspartame - or that new stevia stuff. Surprise the universe is made up of chemicals! (don't tell that to a hippy though, they may explode).
  10. I'm about to adapt my stock pot with a thermowell - can these silicon seal/washers handle boil temps? Because I mash in the same pot I need accurate temps, just not sure when it comes to the boil. Thanks.
  11. Fair enough, not sure of headmasters motive. But I have a ~19kg reason. But yeah, rice is really dense and requires quite a bit of boiling (500g @5ltr 45mins - 1hour - Mahatma long grain brown rice) to make the starches soluable (and useful in the mash). The upside is it contributes a significant amount of sugar. Tried a budweiser on Tuesday - Not bad. Sapporo pretty much tastes like Sakè mixed with some malt.
  12. hey headmaster, 500g of rice produced 2.8kg of thick porridge. I split it up into quarters and froze it. Another 19.5kgs to go. Defrost and throw it into mash just to see how it goes.
  13. Seriously, on that website I saw a massive UNHCR - DONATE NOW banner and realise was in the realm void of rational thought. (Don't get me started on UNHCR!!!) It's not a case of cyclists verses BAD people in cars. IT IS ABOUT: 1) "Those that can maintain the speed limit" vs "Those that can't" 2) "Those that utilise roads for recreational purposes (which includes fitness!)" vs "Those that use roads for practical purposes." But I already covered that and every post of mine here goes ignored and thus unchallenged. Because these are the fundamentals. Social exceptions and privileges granted to those that insist that they some how deserve disproportionate rights compared to everyone else due righteous belief or - but more often that not - a superiority complex idealogy at it's foundation. I speak my mind and haven't even cracked a beer yet - such is they way of public forums. Peace.
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