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  1. Thanks otto only a 2 mtr drop and 1,2 meter bouncing around together so not too much I suppose could of gone through the floor as well
  2. Just finished bottling and put the new brew on the shelves with all the others, I have just finished repairing and restocking the hundred odd bottles on the restrengthened shelves. Query How long if ever do I need to have all the sediment resettle and also will it resettle properly Thanks for whoever can answer this and I do hope its not from the same problem I now have
  3. For my 1 cents worth I use miltons anti bacterial and its great no need to rinse and no abnormal taste to the beer I simply add 5 ml to a pet bottle and fill and pour into next bottlle and fill the empty one and do that till finished obviously I have only had the first batch in for 3 weeks but drinking some daily.
  4. Thanks guys looks like Paul has me getting ruddy kegs and triple tap beer dispensers and , and,, and,,
  5. I am slowly getting through reading the forum and came across one regarding do not wash your beer glasses with dish washing liquid. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about my draught not carbonating and am wondering as my son had washed all those bottles 12 months ago and He would of used dish washing liquid as did I 2 days b4 bottling then the next day rinsed them and on bottling day soaked them for around 20 mins in sanitising solution all done before reading about the washing of glasses etc. After all that could it have stopped or slowed the carbonation as all that was used in those 375 ml bottles was 1 carbonation drop. Thanks if you do answer Paul
  6. You are right there Scottie as the mine was shut down 8 months ago and we are down to only 1 pub and around 1,300 population so the Pub rules and charges what it wants and stocks only what the pop are drinking and as I found out it was the drive in bottle dept attendant who makes sure He has the coopers pale ale as he drinks it so if he didn't I would not of got that and if I wanted to try the others I would of had to order from 1 carton to a 1/2 pallet depending on which one so looks like its a no go for me as being on the pension its to expensive for me to experiment on beers that I am not sure of the taste But saying that I am trying Lager (came with kit) and draught also my favorite which is Bitter and ended up with a couple cans of Ale but lets face it you have to have something for the free loaders to drink
  7. Thanks to all of you So went to the pub and got the choice of 1 only Coopers pale ale OK got home tried it and now have another question Why are commercial beers tasting like reused dishwasher fluid after trying my 6 day bottled draught last week which was flat as and I believe the word is green but has put me off commercial beers straight away and that was just the coopers draught ordinary one so now wondering about the Thomas Coopers one or OH my god what does all grain taste like and will that put me off everything else
  8. The sanitiser I use is miltons anti bacterial no rinse and I washed the bottles thoroughly 2 days before and then a light wash again the day before then filled and washed out the trough and rubbed the interior with some of the neat sanitiser then filled and added the sanitiser to the trough then the bottles and caps and soaked them for about 20 mins not sure there as I was then sanitising and getting everything ready for bottling and then I emptied the bottle added the carbonation drop and filled it capped it and put it in polystyrene box to keep them at a constant temp then grabbed another bottle and so on 62 times then when it was full it was put in the spare room that is kept dark and keeps the most constant temperature as its heated but being the dogs room does not have people going in and out stirring the air up. I thoroughly detailed it to help you rather than bore you all
  9. Congrats rossm looking forward to that day myself
  10. Him Lusty The neg temperatures where outside temps my home does not normally go below 12 overnight and the heaters start again at around 5 am. I have already ordered the heatbelts but they have not arrived and are due between 4th and 27th August I have the bottles stored in polystyrene boxes so they should be at a pretty constant temp as I do take notice of the advice you all give. As for the carbonation drops there are non present and there is also very little sediment around the same as comes with the coppers pale ale thats sold commercially as I got some to see if I liked it enough to brew and will save my money on that. Everything I did was under constant sanitisation including the bottles as they where soaking below sanitised water emptied and filled within seconds and capped so do not see any problem there and it looks,smalls and taste great except for being flat as I said in the previous post tastes better than commercial beers So if I do not drink them all I shall try for the month but do not have anything else to drink
  11. Hi guys They are kept pretty much at 18 C and I do get a gas noise on removal of cap but it was pretty much exactly the same as 6 days ago and I would of thought there would of been some increase since hen and of course we must remember its my very first so taste testing is a must patience comes with a bit more experience I reckon
  12. Hi everyone I brewed my first coopers draught on the 06/07/15 and bottled in 375 ml bottles with ione cardonation tablet ion the 14/07/15 and wrote about no carbonation and was told it was to early now 6 days later (12 since initially bottling) and its still the same. Query is should I take the caps off and recarbonate or just drink em flat
  13. Whats would be the best mix of Dextrose and multidrexin for Lagers and Ales presuming they maybe different
  14. It does and Beaver and I can help with your problem as the slippery feel is the early development stage of Algae so all you need do is put some alaecide in your water not chlorine as it dissipates overnight but they are available from Pool shops
  15. I have never tried a Pale Ale and my pension does not allow me to just go for it so could someone give me a couple of commercial Aussie brands. As I live in Queenstown Tasmania and we do not get much of a range to choose from with only 1 pub left
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