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  1. Thanks Hoppy I have taken your advice, I thought after it had finished fermenting so it would not upset the ferment but I,ll see what happens
  2. Thanks smashed crabs and Titan, I have to add hops at day 5 I will add a liter then.
  3. As mentioned by others I hang a heat belt in the fridge works great , but now in this heat I don't need it .
  4. I have out down the rotm K9 quencher session ale it should be 24 liters but I was not paying attention again, and only made it up to 23 ltr its been down 2 days is it still possible to add another ltr of water now or will it effect the taste . Thanks
  5. I have reduced the serving pressure Because 10-14psi will froth everywhere and I have constant pressure on the keg when serving as for the line length and diameter that has got me stumped I will next brew try longer lines and diff diameters and see what happens . Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks Norris, I pour the same way, I have just finished watching on utube an American mob called smartypints they only had about 3 ft if that of beer line and it poured great so I think I am just not doing something right . I don't think I will be getting a kegerator though .
  7. yeah I will try and work that out A picnic tap on the end of 5 ft beer line I must admit I didn't go into it that far I
  8. I have used Lustys method, I still was,nt real happy I am still stuffing it up
  9. thanks OVB When I am drinking the beer the gas is hooked up at serving pressure it,s after I have filled the keg and gassed it that it goes in the fridge and if there,s any left in the keg that it goes back in the fridge gassed but not hooked up.
  10. I forgot to mention that my gas line is not hooked up to the keg I just pump gas into it and then bung the keg into the fridge theres not enough room for both
  11. Thanks for your reply Beer Baron, the beer line is 5ft the fridge temp I cant really say I don't have the stc1000 hooked up I only use it when fermenting but it was down 4deg whenI cold crashed it I couldn't get any lower fridge, is in the shed and outside temps were in the 40s. If I poured higher than 2psi I got froth I came up with that pressure by turning pouring pressure back to 0 and holding the tap on and then turning up pressure at 2psi it started pouring without frothing up I don't recon I would get anything but froth at 10-12. I have seen on tube about the length and reasons of beer lines and then I see kegs with taps on the kegs and no beer lines at all so I am still abit mystified . I don't have a kegerator or keezer I intend if I ever get it right,chuck the keg into a tub of ice and take to where it will be drank. I have a keg in the fridge now it has been there for 7 days and it,s cold I have gassed the keg to 40psi and I was going to degass when I tap in2days time but as OVB says it my be over carbonated sitting that long with 40psi init
  12. I am not sure as I said I believe I amdoing everything right, obviously I,m not but the beer is either flat good head but no life in the beer,or over carbed I have purged the keg I have crash chilled the beer before adding to the keg I have left it in the fridge after purging and adding 35 psi for 2 days I cut the pressure back to pouring pressure about 2psi when I pour and although it pours ok not great but ok the beer is flat.
  13. Thanks for all your replies, The only reason I am going to carb the kegs is because I am having nothing but trouble carbing them with CO2.I have watched just about every thing on utube and as far as I can tell Iam doing things correctly but it,s just not working so I thought I would try priming the kegs instead I then might get a beer that's better than the flat /overcarbed piss I am getting now.
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