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  1. Hi Guys, Today I thought it would be a good idea to make another wheat beer but I could not get Wheat Spray Malt at my local HBS, and the guy told me you can not get it anymore. As it turns out I could not find any anywhere. What's the story ? Is this true ? Has anyone of you some info or a source where to get it ? Happy brewing Carl
  2. Hi, Plenty experience with gout but my best friend is Apple Cider Vinegar .....
  3. HI Youngie I just wonder what temp controller you are using. I use one from Mangrove Jacks (1 powerpoint Modell) and it did this to me a few weeks ago. Put a brew down and got ready to go to Hervey Bay for an extended weekend. Then noticed the temp was at 22 deg. ( 18 set ) and did not kick in. Panic set in but kept cool, turned everything off reset a couple of times and then it worked. I am sure there is something wrong with the controller, will have a good look next brew this weekend and buy a new one if need be. Has anyone else had problems with M'Jacks controllers?? Carl. Sunny Coast
  4. Hi Ritchie, I am using the Mangrove Jacks NO RINSE and it says in their instructions on the back: For best results allow wet surfaces to stand for at least 10 Minutes. ( Sodium Percarbonate is the ingredient ) Been using this stuff for years, never had a problem. cheers carl
  5. Hi I usually leave it in the FV for 13 or 14 days. Works every time. I am still bottling so I wait about 3 weeks and start to enjoy. I find this an extremely trouble free and tasty beer to make. Apart from that it beats paying $ 5,40 for a 500ml bottle at Dan's.
  6. Hi Chris, Yes I agree 20 - 22 deg. is probably ok. I always use WB-06 at 23 - 24 deg. to get a good "Banani" Hefeweizen.
  7. Yes Scottie, Next will be a lager in the fridge at 12 deg. Last night we probably had outside temps. down to about 12 deg. My fermenter temp this morning was 18.6 deg. That's just a bit under my set 19 deg. and I can live with that. By the way here is something I found interesting. I downloaded the spec sheet from Fermentis and they state ideal fermentation at 18 - 28 deg. That's why I set my controller to 19 deg. BUT on the yeast packet ( Safale US-05 / red packet ) they state Temperature Range: 12 - 25 deg. and ideally 15 - 22 deg. What would you go by with your expertise?
  8. Hi Banga, I am also on the sunny coast (Caloundra) but I am fermenting with a fridge. I have now a Bootmakers pale ale in there since last Saturday using US 05 yeast at 19 degrees and it's bubbling nicely. The fridge is hardly working due to the ambient temp. at the moment so that would be a good one for you. My next one will be a lager but for that one you should have a fridge because as we get more int "winter" here there can be quite some variations in temps day to night. Carl
  9. HI, I made a Coopers wheat beer a few month ago and it was pretty close to let's say a Erdinger or Franziskaner. (And I was born in Munich) The cloudiness was very authentic. Poured in a proper wheat beer glass. I used the Coopers wheat bear kit with Safbrew WB-06, 1 KG dextrose, and 0.5 KG Wheat Spray Malt. Fermented at 23 deg. and bottled after 14 days. Oh yes I forgot, I used about 9 litres of ALDI bottled water, the rest tap water. I will make another batch this weekend and hope it turns out as good. I seem to have more luck with stouts and wheat beers than with lager. carl
  10. Just a short hint, I found and bought at ALDI this above mentioned thermometer for $ 25,-- It's a little ripper .... My stick on thermometer on my fermenter is about 2 deg. out ! I think it's ideal for us home brewers. ( I do not work for ALDI ) Carl
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