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  1. I did a Mexican cerveza with huell melon hops. Was nice. Also nice with calypso hops as per the coopers recipe
  2. Stan's Real Ale v3 23L Coopers Real Ale tin 1kg LDME 50g special roasted malt steeped 15g fuggles @ 15min 15g fuggles @ 5min 15g fuggles @ 0 15g fuggles dry S-04 yeast
  3. if its like windsor try only using half the priming sugar
  4. I've had a few sessions on this beer now. Easy to smash. Malt driven. I like it. However the canned version is shit. Some how the can removed all the maltyness and all your left with is some watery crap devoid of flavour.
  5. Well to update this at first i thought this brew went bad and was going to tip it. Forgot about it for 2 weeks and it's not bad now so I'm gonna keg it just need to dry hop tomorrow.
  6. So due to external factors, sickness, weather, demotivation and lazyness I had a no chill brew sitting in the cube for *cough* 4 months *cough* will it be ok still? I put it in the FV today and it smelt real good.
  7. if you used a lager yeast it would take a bit longer than normal to carb up.
  8. https://www.craftbrewer.com.au have the small bottles in stock but seems the bigger bottles are out https://shop.beerbelly.com.au have the big bottles.
  9. you could pump the wort though the hop spider
  10. there is this: http://store.coopers.com.au/recipes/index/view/id/78/
  11. Sounds yum. Did you use the Briess Rye LME? If so' date=' have you got a pic of it in the glass? My current Chinook/Nelson Saison (using pale & wheat base) is drinking better as it ages. Next time I make one, I might look to sub a good whack of the Wheat malt for something like Rye. Cheers, Lusty.[/size'] its probably a bit dark but here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PCBswdVYEvAi-7z3TOchonkvqoXQ98FP
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