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  1. Any update on when the new Coopers Ginger Beer will be release? It's been a while since the old one was discontinued so would like to try the new one as soon as it is released. I also heard a rumour that BrewArt might be releasing a Ginger Beer BrewPrint so I will be happy if they do. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  2. 1. Usually start just before dinner so about 5pm unless there is some sport on which I like to drink while I watch. 2. Greater than 5% 3. Six 4. Four since I don't drink during the week unless I have something on which is quite rare 5. Last drinks usually at 10pm or when I start getting tired and falling asleep 6. I prefer lagers but they are harder to brew without temperature control and take longer to ferment so I end up brewing more ales which I don't mind either
  3. Great to see Coopers and BrewArt setting up a dedicated forum for BrewArt.
  4. I haven't had any issues with returning the BeerDroids to HN either and Brewart organised it for me to make it even easier. I haven't heard of too many BrewFlo's failing. It comes with a year warranty so you have plenty of time to test it out. The main issues I have heard are with the scales not working to show how much beer is left even when recalibrated and the cooling not working well enough. So if you want to try these 2 things with an empty keg that may give you some piece of mind. You could simply fill a keg with water and place in the BrewFlo to turn it on and check that the beer level is full and that the water in the keg gets cold after leaving it in there a while. The other thing that might have an issue is the air line so I think you could put the plug in there and see if the compressor turns on and air comes out. I'm not sure what tablets they use in the spray solution but I am guessing they are something like Milton which is use for sterilising baby bottles. I use StarSan for sterilising the kegging kit which I mix with water and soak for an hour in a pot but you could also use this with a spray. Yeah it is a bit daunting placing an order when you not sure if it will break down again. Both times I have placed an order my BeerDroid has broken down soon after so that's a bit of bad luck. I am just glad that the service and support has been really good from Brewart which has made me confident enough to stick with the system. Although I guess if you were to return them for a refund you could easily sell the ingredients and accessories on eBay or Facebook as there seems to be heaps of people with the units now.
  5. Cool thanks I will try 10g per 10L. I think I can get 100g of hops for $12 so will work out to be $1.20 per brew which is a lot cheaper than paying $7 for the liquid hops per brew.
  6. I've been doing a bit of research trying to figure out what each of the hop packs are. This is what I have come up with: H1 - Amarillo H2 - Centennial H3 - Hallertau H4 - Saaz H5 - Hersbrucker H6 - Galaxy H7 - Challenger H8 - Bitter Orange Peel and Coriander Seed H9 - Cascade Not sure if this is 100% correct so feel free to discuss and let me know what you think they are. My research involved looking at the hop flavor description and also the BrewPrints they are used in and then comparing this with different types of hops. The only one I couldn't find was H8 but this isn't currently used in any BrewPrint and it is not in stock on the Brewart site but I think it will be used for a witbier that is similar to Hoegaarden which I hope they bring out soon as this is one beer I really want to try. Looking at the description of it, I think it will be a flavor extract rather than hop extract. This list will come in handy if you decide to use real hops for dry hopping brews instead of using the hop packets which may give a better result.
  7. This is the first time I have heard of an electronic fault with the Beerdroid so I don't think it is that common. It's good that you got a replacement sorted out now and hopefully that one will work properly. I know it's is a bit frustrating when something like that happens and not being able to use it. At least I got a couple of free BrewPrints to help make It a bit better as well as great service and support from Brewart.
  8. Yeah a bigger BeerDroid would be good since 10L doesn't last long. I have seen some people on the Facebook page have got 2 BeerDroids for this reason and it helps with brewing more Lagers which take a bit longer to ferment.
  9. Just had a look at the videos and looks like you have an issue with your BeerDroid I'm sure you have already left voice messages but I have found it best to contact Brewart via the website at https://store.brewart.com/contact/ They have gotten back to me by the next day. Not sure why they not answering tho, maybe they are busy or not many staff available during the holidays. My experience with them was great and they organised the replacements really quick. Also if your BeerDroid is connected to wifi then Brewart can log on to it via the internet and have a look at any problems with it.
  10. I couldn't view the videos on YouTube since they were set to private. I have had 2 BeerDroids fail on me so far due to a leaking sprigot so I was a bit unlucky. These things happen and although it is inconvenient, Brewart did look after me and sorted out the replacement both times. I have to say the service and support from Brewart has been excellent and they even compensated me by sending out 2 Brewprints and a pack of keg liners and beer lines each time I had to replace the BeerDroid which is good that they stand behind the product and want to resolve any issues that there customers have
  11. Thanks for the update, can't wait for the new one to get released and to give it a try especially if it's an improvement from the old one.
  12. I haven't tried bottling from the Beerdroid since I use kegs. I just tried to see if the Coopers bottling valve will fit but it doesn't since the tap is a slightly different nozzle size. I read in the FAQ on the Brewart site that you can bottle straight from the tap without the bottling valve if you put the bottle on a slight angle on the nozzle and fill slowly. I don't think the bottling kit is worth it especially if you got heaps of bottles already and you can still fill the bottles without it.
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